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Student Life and Lessons Learned with Karthik Thandavan (Video)

I sat down with Karthik in my new home studio to talk about this student experience.

His full name is LONG. Really Long – Srinivasa Karthik Thandavan Vidhya Sekeran.


  • M.S. Mechanical Engineering
  • Missouri Institute of Science and Technology, Rolla

Here is a quick overview about topics covered

  • Research Experience
  • Financial Aid
  • Part Time Jobs and Salary
  • MS vs PhD
  • Thesis vs Non-Thesis
  • Courses
  • Student Schedule
  • Roommates
  • Cooking
  • Shopping
  • Taking Care your health
  • Lessons learned


  • What do you think about this interview with Karthik?
  • Do you like to see more such videos with students?
  • Post your question for Karthik in comments.


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  1. Unable to watch the video, I get error after few seconds of starting the video. Youtube would be better !

  2. I dont know is it just me or somebody else. I just cant see where the video is. I tried watching impact of plagiarism… and worked well. But this one in particular-which i’m more interested in because I’m considered the same option too; seems no where to be found, I couldn’t even locate where to click for video. Could a possible solution be to upload in youtube as other users said.

  3. Hi Ragu, Thank you very much for your response to do the correction in Audio level. I am also happy to note that you are from Chennai, I already told it to my you must be from south, because we people always to do everything differently. wish you all the best go ahead.

  4. Hello Karthik & Raghu
    Thank you for the informative video.

    Raghu, while I respect and appreciate what you have done here ( happyschools blog in general), i feel that you shouldn’t make the second part of this particular video a pay-only option.
    This is the only site in the world which provides such comprehensive knowledge and information about studying in the US. I understand that you are also in this to earn money, anyone would, but that the same time please let these core sources/experiences be open to the public. Crucial first hand experiences like this are very rare and will be helpful to students.

    Once again you are doing a great job and please continue to do so.

    1. People always want free stuff. There will be new membership program for unique contents and it will be under pay wall.

      People complain if the quality if the blog posts are not good and they complain when I charge for exclusive content.

      1. Firstly.. thank you for all that you do… I’m a big fan of your work..
        Now onto some tough love…
        You already get commission from the universities you promote.. from the books and GRE prep courses you promote ( Example Magoosh )
        I know people in general are not satisfied no mater how much money they make…. But if you really do this blog for the pure satisfaction of helping out students(As you many times say in your videos) , then on behalf of all HSB folks ,it’s my humble request to you to keep all your invaluable videos and blogs FREE… and please PUT A PAYPAL badge somewhere on the website so that people can donate to you if they really feel that you’ve been helpful..
        And I’m sure once students reach the US, they will be more than happy to donate to the website that held their hand and walked them through the entire US Grad School Admissions Journey….

  5. Good topic . but audio performance is very its affect the interest hear and see. Try to correct Pls.

  6. I had the volume all the way up but wasn’t able to hear most of what Karthik said. I gave up after about six minutes. It’s important for the speaker to face the camera, speak into it and enunciate clearly. I am surprised that so many of you have had no problem hearing the conversation.

  7. nice job .
    love to see more such videos .It would be nice if you could videos collect questions over a week or month and then answer the most commonly asked question in the video , hope it make sense . That would help to create a video database too . the length of video is good , but i’m not sure about sound quality , not sure if its only me .
    thanks for posting such valuable videos .
    keep posting !

      1. please upload it soon .Part 2. These video interviews are excellent and are more engaging and conveys more info compared to posts.Keep posting more videos.

  8. Dear Raghu please try to upload the same video @ Youtube immediately so that it can be seen there. Also the JW player doesn’t work in mobile platforms(At least for me).

  9. Thank you so much for the wonderful Video. This will be very helpful for my son who is studying. Great job keep it up.

  10. Thanks for such a nice initiative. Karthik looks really honest while delivering his talk.He seems to be confident with what he is suggesting. Thanks to Karthik for sharing practical insights about the tough situations any MS or PhD student can phase.I think it is the extension of the video what Raghu streamed about not so sexy part of doing MS.
    I would like to ask Karthik one question .He in the beginning mentioned about not pursuing PhD .I know it is his personal opinion but I am really anxious to know on what criteria he decided not to pursue Phd. Is pursuing Phd really very tough.How would he compare pursuing PhD from India.

    The length of the interview is good and questions asked were really excellent.Will wait for the second part.It would be good if you invite speaker who is PhD and would like to share the cons and pros of purusing Phd from USA.

    My regards
    A Chausalkar

  11. Hi Raghu,

    This interview was really good and somehow better than webcam based interviews, as long as organization and format of presentation, in terms of professional manner is concerned. Look like a miniature of TV show. I’d suggest you to create an youtube profile and upload all the videos there. The reasons are:

    1. Anybody can look up wherever and/or whenever he wants. Because buffering is a real problem in many countries outside USA, especially in India.

    2. It can help interviewees to improve their online profile.

  12. Great job raghu!! Please do more video interviews regarding problems students faced during their initial year of masters
    Thanks a lot for the video

  13. Thanks for this Interview.

    What if, there is a option for a live interview/webinar wherein all the blog readers can ask question to the person sharing experience.

    May be you could give a Brief Profile about the person sharing his experience a couple of days in advance, so that people can prepare questions in advance.


  14. Hello Karthi & Raghu,

    You guys are Rocking!!!. Good one!!!.

    Senthil kumar Rajan

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