Number of Backlogs = Number of Attempts or Number of Fail Grades in Subjects

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I am a big fan of Happy School, I would like to thank you for  providing very valuable information. i have a doubt in counting the number of backlogs (I referred to lots of sites but finally got confused).

No of backlogs = No of attempts or No of Failed subjects.

Please send me a reply or post it. After referring a lot of sites I feel that maybe others could have the same doubt.

What is  Backlog (related to the exam)

Backlogs refers to a failed exam in a semester. Its equivalent grade is “F” in the US Education system. Other terms used that refers to backlogs are

  • Arrears
  • KTs
  • F Grade

Correct answer to your question:

  • Number of Backlogs = Number of Failed Subjects.


  • Fail Grade in two subjects and took 3 attempts per subject to pass the exam. So, total backlogs will count as 2. Not 6.
  • Subject Failed 3 (Attempt 1 for Subject 1, Attempt 2 for Subject 2, Attempts 3 for Subject 3). Total Backlogs is still 3.

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  1. hello HSB,

    Sir, I have one important question…and please do reply to it.

    in my univ, M.D.U. rohtak, they don't mention about backlogs. I mean one you clear ur semester, you can calculate the no of backlogs just by checking out the transcript, though I have 9 backlogs till sem 5th. but it is not mentioned in my trancripts(no F's no *'s) so how do US univs find it????

    please reply.

    I am in great confusion about it.

      1. if anyone reappear for exam ,then he or she will get new result and in this new result new (exam appeared ) date is mentioned.

  2. HSB are you sure about this…it’s cause i have enquired the same from an Infosys HR personell, and he told me if at the time of appointment/admission you should not have any subjects left uncleared…

    well, what you said is the case, then tell me, isnt this really outrageous, that i was down with chickenpox during my 1st sem exams and had to miss 3 of the theory and all the practicals, after that sem ive cleared all with a good percentage… now why should those be considered backlogs, even when i had nothing to do with it!!

    1. I think backlog means which u failed .not absent .U can say I doesnt have backlog .but I was absent so I have appeared later on to clear .
      U can frame this true sentence in more positive way .

      1. For visa interview one can say I had so and so backlogs ,but i had cleared all of them or i had cleared with good score ,or there are many other convinciable answer that u can say .

        One of my cousin was asked by VO that ‘u have less toefl score (around 78/120)’,she replied but I have good academic score ‘ and she got visa .

        Similarly , there are many thing which u are good in that .u can focus on that and say to visa officer or can convince to VO.

  3. Hello

    I have failed in 3 subjects in regular exam and i have passed in my 2 subjects in supplementary.Is that they consider for 4 backlogs with supplementary.

  4. I’m a passed out student bacth2008-2011 ..but i have arrear ,but my doubt is can i clear tat paper in supplementary exam 2012….

  5. Hi

    I have completed my MCA.
    I failed in 2 subjects, one in 3rd semester and one in 4th semester but i have completed in next successive attempt.
    So as i have cleared all my subjects and got first class with distinction in my provisional certification.
    so does this mean i have backlog.
    Please clarify my doubt as i have to attend in interview and they are asking for no backlogs.

  6. i had a arrear in 4th sem. But i cleared it now. I have applied for one one. Ther are asking the people who have not back log papers. Please help me whether i am eligible or not

  7. hey admin!!

    so does backlog means number of backs you have uncleared till date or number of backs you had whether you cleared it or not??

    *Backs means subject you failed in!!

    1. Author

      Total number of failed subjects including passed or failed. (not attempts).

      1. If you absent in Exams will it count backlog?
        In Memo its mentioned ABS—- Resukt —-F

        What’s your answer sir?

  8. I had an arrear in my first semester. I cleared it in my final semester. May I know the number of backlogs?

  9. hi actually i have backlog 2012 mathematics paper 4 attempts over still how many attempts are there whether i have a chance to write exam now

  10. i had 4 subject arrier claer the next sem but 1 sub was after sem so i was wrote 2times in one paper total how many backlog for me?

  11. i still not got how to calculate backlogs!!
    if i got failed in 1 subject and cleared it in 3 attempts then how many backlogs do i have???

  12. I am fail in 1 subject I take 7 attempts how many do I have backlog 8 or just 1

  13. How to calculate backlogs?
    3rd sem 3 backlogs
    1st attempt m a 2 solved 1 left
    2nd attempt ma 1 left
    3rd attempt ma 1 left
    4th attempt ma 1 solve thy gayi
    How many backlogs i have
    Few say u hv 6
    Some say u hv 4 confusion

  14. I have taken one subject and I take 2 times to pass one subject.and till the number of attempts

  15. if i failed subject in first attempt and cleared in st supplementary is this subject comes under backlog

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