Number of Backlogs = Number of Attempts or Number of Fail Grades in Subjects

I am a big fan of Happy School, I would like to thank you for  providing very valuable information. i have a doubt in counting the number of backlogs (I referred to lots of sites but finally got confused).

No of backlogs = No of attempts or No of Failed subjects.

Please send me a reply or post it. After referring a lot of sites I feel that maybe others could have the same doubt.

Backlogs refers to a failed exam in a semester. Its equivalent grade is “F” in the US Education system. Other terms used that refers to backlogs are

  • Arrears
  • KTs
  • F Grade

Correct answer to your question:

  • Number of Backlogs = Number of Failed Subjects.


  • Fail Grade in two subjects and took 3 attempts per subject to pass the exam. So, total backlogs will count as 2. Not 6.
  • Subject Failed 3 (Attempt 1 for Subject 1, Attempt 2 for Subject 2, Attempts 3 for Subject 3). Total Backlogs is still 3.

Listen to the following Episode for more details