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Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Attend Unaccredited University

Received the following email from a Reader SR.

I came in to USA in 1/1/2011 with heavy hopes and dreams on F1 Visa as a student of Michigan university, as soon as got down the plain directly joined in consultancy at the same I transferred to unaccredited university from state university of Michigan, so far i was fine.

After few days I heard shocking news, which is, all unaccredited universities going to close, (ahaa its not going to) immigration officers already started working on that, NOW WHAT I HAVE TO DO.

Simply consultancy people said we can’t offer for cpt candidates, (that was me) so what I did was about six months part time job and one day class attended to the school.

After first semester again I heard same thing about unaccredited college closed. Then immediately I moved to state university but state university professor he gave me conditional I20 which is valid only up-to dec 31 2011, that means after that iam going to out of status.

Friends now what i have to do after that what is my situation, how i am gona be in usa. please give me suggestions if any body have any ideas. thank you

Unaccredited University

Attending Unaccredited University comes with its own set of problems. But, you are responsible for your current situation.

Who asked you to get transfer to Unaccredited University?

Maybe you thought, you can get CPT in first semester and start working?

Similar to what Tri Valley is now accused for?

After I-20 expires you will be out of status. You knew how to get transfer to consultancy (and unaccredited University) , then you should how to stay in status.

Caution –

If you plan to ditch your university to get job via consultancy, you are inviting trouble. Did you happen to know how many H1B Visas are rejected/canceled these days?

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