How to Select Universities for a Particular Major

Jithamanyu wrote:
I am going to take my GRE on Aug 24th. I studied ECE in my B-tech and got 85%. I want to know some univs that are good in VLSI, Microelectronics and Digital communication so that when I write GRE I can send them my scores. By this I can save money.

The problem is I dont know how to select univs. Pls tell me how to choose univs. A univ may be a higher ranked one in general Electrical Engineering ranking but it may or may not be good in all the disciplines. Some univs may be good in embedded systems but not in micro electronics. I want to know how to select univs for a particular subject say VLSI. If u guide me how to choose I will be grateful.

I am not asking u to list univs that are good in VLSI. Im just asking u to guide me to select univs on my own so that I can send them my gre scores without any cost after finishing my exam. Thanks in advance.

You are Unique

Problem you are facing is something every student have to face and overcome. You have something unique in your set of questions.

  • done your home work about GRE Score forwarding and ways to save money.
  • know ho much you are going to score in GRE.
  • started the university selection process
  • Decided on major
  • realized university selection process is time consuming
  • seeking help after doing some ground work.

Not many students put so much effort while studying GRE.  I guess you should have read Why International Students in US are Unique. Just your questions alone reflect that you are already unique.

University Selection

You will be able to find Electrical Engineering rankings at US News, but if you look at the factors that are used to rank those universities, none of them will match with the criteria you will be looking as an international student.

So, how can you select university? In addition to 12 step university selection process, you can do the following

  1. Identify list of universities for your GRE Score Range
  2. Determine if they offer VLSI
  3. Find about ongoing research in the department
  4. Funding availability
  5. Tuition and cost of living affordability

Don’t waste time trying to search for rankings in the field of VLSI. There is no such rankings and you have to spend countless hours searching for the information.  Above all, don’t search for rankings, find the school that best fits your need and matches your profile.