7 Steps to Improve Your Admission Chances

An anonymous reader asks:

I’m an applicant for Fall 2010 admission in MIS in industrial engineering program. I have done undergraduate studies in B.Tech. mechanical engineering.
Presently, I’m working as an asst. executive engineer. In one of your articles, you had mentioned something like, to increase the chances of admission, mail your professor regarding your interest in that particular field.
But truly speaking, neither my job nor my undergraduate degree is related to industrial engineering. I heard a lot about industrial engineering only because of my friends who are studying in the U.S.
Since my GRE score is low, 1,100 (V = 470, Q = 630, AWA = 3.0), I have to do something to increase my chances of admission.
The articles you’ve posted had really helped me right from the beginning. Please do give me the advice that I need.


  1. Applying to go to the U.S. for a degree program because your friends said a lot about IE is just plain ridiculous and unacceptable.
  2. It’s good to get some ideas from your friends about various program offerings, but applying to a program without knowing anything about it. It’s just not right.
  3. It’s your life and career. You have to take responsibility about it, not your friends.
  4. Having no idea of a particular field doesn’t mean you cannot find any information about that field.
  5. Even after applying to a program, it looks like you haven’t researched at all to find what IE is all about, what future it holds, will you be interested in it, etc.
  6. When you have no clue on what the IE field offers, there is nothing you can do to improve your chances of admission.
  7. Of course when you send emails to professors, you cannot say that you have no clue about IE and at the same time as for admission and financial aid, that’s simply ironic.
  8. You are an engineer, so act like one. Start doing the ground work. It will be expensive for you when you realize that IE is not your field of interest when you’re already accepted in the program.

Increase Admission Chance

  1. Select the program or course you are interested in.
  2. Create an SOP that aligns with your interests and programs that offer majors in the same area.
  3. Complete projects / papers in the area of choice.
  4. Send copies of your projects with the application packet.
  5. Contact professors working in your area of interest.
  6. Read the research work completed by those professors before sending them emails.
  7. Associate your work to their work and how you will be able to contribute to their research.

What would you do if some of your friends say some courses offer very good future, would you blindly apply for admission and be willing to risk your future for those?

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  1. hello
    i am Raghavi currently doing my btech 3 yr (IT) . I wish to do Ms and PhD in Artificial Intelligence . My GPA is 7.6/10 (no backlogs) . I have a doubt i.e whether getting admitted into a good uni requires doing project/interns apart from mini and main project ?? please clarify my doubt .
    cheers 🙂

  2. i have completed My BTech through Distance Mode with 58% as my intention is like to Study in US do am i eligible For any USA universities

    Here i am enclosing My profile so please guide me with Some Universities


    poly technical diploma (3 yrs)-72.50%

    B.Tech(Correspondence JNTU)-55%

  3. I am a electtrical and electronic engineer and MB a in mArketing want to know list of some professors in candaian Universities who will may offer me and give a change to get admission for M.Sc Engineering

  4. I want to know if there is possibility for acceptance of 15 year of eductaion and that too corespondence from sikkim manipal university for MS in US

    10 th CBSE 63%
    12 th NIOS 69%
    BCA Sikkim manipal University 78% (5th semester)
    would sit for the 6th one

    i want to pursue my MS in CS from US
    as i m thorough with my subject and really want to get into this planning to sit for GRE in OCT 2010 and toefl in NOV 2010
    And want to apply for August 2011

    Is there a possibility i really have high hopes and have started preparing for GRE

    Please send me the list of universities that u think wud accept 15 years of eductaion

    and m looking forward to the scholarship

    would really appreciate your help

  5. I have a full scholarship from one of Jordanian Universities. My MBA with distinction GPA: 3.52 from NYIT-USA.

    i APPLIED FOR A Ph.D in Business Administration at UVIC-Canada & SFU-Canada.

    What I should do to make my file approved?.

  6. hi,

    my gre score is 1400 and toefl is 114. i have 81.9% in my UG. i have an international publication and two papers. I am afraid i ve applied to only top univs and no safe univs at all. here is my list


    texas austin


    uni of maryland

    Uni of minnesota


    north carolina state uni

    virginia tech.

    do u think i should apply to some safe univs now. since my admission chances here are close to 0??

    1. Hi Isha,
      your profile is pretty good. i think you can easily get into NCSU, USC. there you go.. you have your "safe" universities 🙂
      dont worry about it.. you have picked your universities well.

  7. I am pursuing BE final yr in Computer Science. My GRE score is 1150 and 85 in TOEFL . My aggregate in BE is 68%(7 semesters) and i had 8 backlogs which i cleared. My 10th aggregate is 85% and 12th 87%. I am interested to do MS in USA under the specialization INFORMATION SECURITY. Can you please list some universities that i can target for the FALL 2011 with the above mentioned academics?

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