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Does Your Graduate School Application Pass BS Detector Test?

Often prospective graduate students copy a statement of purpose or application essay downloaded from internet.

In this article lest explore if your application documents are unique enough to pass the “Bull Shit Detector Test“,  in other words, “Lie Detector test”.

Graduate School application includes several document like Statement of Purpose, Resume, Application Essay, Recommendation Letters, etc.

Of all the documents, Statement of Purpose (or Goal Statement) and application essay (for MBA) will help decide your graduate school admission.

Several students with compelling stories was able to make it to great universities with well written essays.

Goal Statement

You can write a statement of purpose for Graduate schools application in several ways

  1. Coy from existing statement of purpose
  2. Write SOP from scratch
  3. Hire professional writers

You and Your Story

Copying from existing SOP doesn’t tell a compelling story that uniquely identifies your skills and accomplishments.

One of your challenges is to find a story about you, that changed your life for good.  That story can be from

  • Academic Accomplishment
  • Life changing event
  • Difficulties your overcame

Above list can be expanded to many degrees.

If your writing skills are weak, then consider option 2 and 3.

Draft an outline of your SOP. Then hire a professional writer to make it look good.

You can refer to sample statement of purpose to get an idea what to expect.

If you copy your essay or statement of purpose, it easy for admission committee members to identify the copied essay by comparing it with other factors.

Example – If you say I’m Top 5% in the class, but if your academic percentage and credentials doesn’t match that, you failed the lie detector test.

Schools are getting smarter in doing background checks.

BS Detector Test

Your SOP should be free of BS. Keep it realistic and simple.

Lying or copying your application essay for graduate school admission will not pass BS Detector test.

If you are aiming to maximize your admission chances, then craft a unique statement of purpose.

If you want to go a step further, don’t refer to any sample statement of purpose. It will directly impact your creativity.

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