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I Moved to USA for 11th Grade and Journey to Bachelors Degree – Interview with Niraja From UTSA

Nirja was studying 11th grade in Nepal. Then her family immigrated to the USA. She had to move to USA in the month of February (in the middle of High School year). Typically, high school in the USA starts in the month of August. So, she was asked to attend 10th Grade (not 11th) for few months to get a feel for US Class Room settings and environment. It wasn’t easy for her, but she found a way to deal with the Cultural Shock.

Now, she’s a studying Bachelors Degree at University of Texas at San Antonio. I interviewed her to talk about her journey from Nepal to 11th grade to Junior in UTSA.

Watch the Video Interview with Nirja

Video Interview Notes

Here’s a quick overview of various topics we covered in this interview:

  • Transition from Nepal to USA
  • Dealing with Cultural Shock
  • Life of High School Student
  • Gap Year in High School
  • How she selected her Career Path to become a Dentist
  • List of Universities Applied for Bachelors Degree admission
  • Campus life in University of Texas at San Antonio
  • AP Courses, Major, Minors and College Credits
  • How to complete Bachelors Degree in 3.5 years
  • How to Switch Majors in the middle of your Bachelors Degree

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  1. can someone appear in XIth (11th) exam in Nepal, show that pass certificate and take admission to 12th grade in USA?
    Why school did not allow to sit in 11th for remaining month?
    Which school is best to take admission in 11/12th grade?

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