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I Quit My Job at IBM to Study MS in USA – Interview with Sriram (Video)

I spoke with Sriram – Masters Degree student from the University of Texas at Tyler.  He came to  The University of Texas at Tyler for Fall 2014. Yes, he’s been in U.S. for just over 45 days. His Journey to Study MS in USA

  • Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering
  • Software Tester job at IBM India
  • Masters in Industrial Management (current)

We had an interesting conversation about his journey from India to America. Watch the interview below to learn more.

Listen to Audio Interview


Watch the Video Interview

Overview About this Interview

  • Background
  • List of Universities Applied for Masters Degree
  • Why MS in Industrial Management in the University of Texas at Tyler
  • Test Scores
  • What’s unique about this program
    • Six-Sigma Black  Belt Certification
    • 3 Certification with Masters Degree
    • Courses, Work Load
  • New Things Learned
    • Soccer
    • Tennis
    • Active participant in cultural activities
    • Volleyball
  • Personal Life
  • Visit to Seattle
  • Cooking Adventures
  • Professors
  • Why Mechanical Engineer to Software Job?
  • Why Masters Degree after 2 years of work in IBM?
  • Impact of work experience in U.S.A
  • Scholarship

Support for this video and the blog post comes from UT Tyler.

Advice for Students: 

  • Take part in campus activities
  • Create Schedule to Study
  • Allocate time to learn (not just to study for grades)
  • Allocate time to learn about Industry
  • Spend time in the library.
  • Stay educated
  • Be Active ( good for health)


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