Job Prospects in India After MS + 4 Years of Work Experience in USA

Question from Karthik about Job opportunities in India after MS from USA and 4 Years of Work Experience in USA.

I am Karthik form Chennai, India with 3 Years of work experience in IT. I wish to pursue my MS in CS from US in Fall 2013.

I wish to know the job prospects in India after 3-4 years of work experience in US after i finish my MS. I do want to earn and lot but after 3-4 years i am planning to return to India. Please comment.

I’m trying to find a post was written by Ashish ( Read this) – 10 Good Reasons Why I Choose to Study in Australia

He gave an example of someone who came back from the USA with work experience and Masters to become their manager.

Your education in the USA will help you become a better prepared to face the challenge in life. You have skills to deal with problems will be better. You will have more maturity. Your communications skills will be far superior  – New Grads from India Lack These 5 Must Have Skills

In addition to that, you will have much better technical knowledge. Salary wise, I have seen mixed results. I think it all comes down to your negotiating skills.

Jobs in India after MS in USA

I knew a friend who went back to India after making $60,000 per year  (about 35 lakhs) and started with 13 Lakhs per year in India. You shouldn’t be comparing apples to apples.

Compensation will be far less when you compare Salary you are getting in America.

Plus, you need to get used to Indian work culture – long hours and to butter your manager to move up in your career.

Also, I know folks who are getting 10 lakhs to 20 lakhs Indian Rupees after getting Degree from the USA. If you look around R2I forums, you can get a much better idea about the salary package or NRI’s returning to India.

In the end, it comes down to your expectations. If you can’t manage your expectations, then you will be in for trouble.

If this is going to be a move to India without 100% convinced decision, then you are going to have a wavering mind.  I have seen few complaint about why they moved back to India after having a good lifestyle here. Also, I have seen people move back to 100% happiness.

There will be a period of adjustment that you have to go through. Reverse Cultural Shock. Until you get used to that, you need to manage your expectations. Let’s see what other folks have to say to this.

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  1. Hi Karnik,

    As far as I know, the prospects are really good. I have seen lots of people around me who went back to India and grabbed super good jobs. Some of them became entrepreneur and started new venture(Well I might divert your attention to such a person called Mr. Narayan Murti). Please read my article for more information:

    Also one of my friend’s brother recently is planning to move back to India(Chennai). He is a development manager here at Australia and is earning pretty good here but as far as I know, he was offered a Vice President position at some organization with a package of around 30 Lacs/annum in Chennai itself. Well I was discussing with his brother who was studying with me in the university and he said that his brother said that, “with this kind of package my life at my native land will be far more better than life in US or Australia”. Perhaps he’s not wrong because after working here or any country abroad for few years, you get a good idea of all ground realities of life, you get settled and are in a very good position to make a good decision what to do next.

    Flip side is different things work differently for different people because with such decision lots of people and situations come into play. They are your family after you got settled, you saving(would you be able to make enough saving for a successful business? , Would you be as successful as Narayan Murti?) etc.

    So buddy best of luck,


    1. Thanks for the reply Ashish. I am currently with 2.8 years of experience in IT sector. I wish to apply for fall 2013. I am planning to do MS , earn for 2-3 years and then come back to india .

      Will my experience of 3.5 years at the time of joining be considered and will it enhance my chances of assisstantship ? After i complete my MS will my work experience be considered in the company i join after my studies and will i be offered the appropriate role . Please shed some light on these questions.


      1. Hi Karnik,

        You question is pretty generalized and depends on how much your experience is aligned to course you choose to study abroad.

        After i complete my MS will my work experience be considered in the company i join after my studies and will i be offered the appropriate role

        Experience of any amount of years is certainly considered whether it is 3 months or 3 years, but main points to think about here are

        1. whether that experience is really useful for organization recruiting you?

        that what interviews are for, if you are not able to prove interviewer about your knowledge and skill set developed, no point in having a experience of even 10 years. Also whatever experience and knowledge you have gained, how much beneficial it is for company recruiting you?

        2. Did you really learn a skill set in that experience? are you still good at point before applying for interview?

        Something you learned years back and now you have no idea about it. No use my friend. Like I did CCNA certification around 5 years back so now I hardly have any knowledge about it. I need to refresh it. So my friend similarly scenario after few years becomes entirely different, make sure you keep refreshing yourself and that’s why it’s good to enter into a field which is aligned to your experience, that will really help you maintain knowledge level for a long period of time.

        Will my experience of 3.5 years at the time of joining be considered and will it enhance my chances of assistant ship ?

        Assistant ship is all about helping professor in research and prof will surely see how much your experience is aligned to type of research he is doing so you need to choose a program or course bit aligned to what you have done previously on job. for TA, it is good if you have been a trainer and given some presentations etc. If not that start doing, that will help you in future.

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