Is it OK to Mail Documents After Deadline?

Please help me for the application process.
I have sent the application today to colleges whose deadlines are jan 15 and will send the hard copies tomo which they vl recieve in 10-12 days.
Will they accept my application or they vl reject??

Universities – Application – Deadlines

  1. Did you submit online application before deadline?
  2. Did you pay the application fees before the deadline?
  3. Did you check with university if they will accept hard copies mailed after deadlines?
  4. Did you check if GRE and TOEFL scores can be reported after deadline?

Recently there was some heated discussion about soft and hard deadlines for college application.  You can get more information from above post.

Happy Schools Blog doesn’t process your college application. So, you need to be asking these questions to the university where you submitted the applied for admission.

I appreciate that you trust HSB for information about  higher education in USA, but I mean seriously, some questions should be asked to someone who can provide answers.

Why do you (and other students) post such questions in the blog/forums when you need to be asking universities? Now, I have responded by saying, go check with the university.

Analogy – Its like you have booked flight tickets to USA in Jet Airways and you have question related to baggage. To get answers,  you should be calling Jet Airways. Instead you are calling Singapore airlines and asking them “I’m flying in Jet Airways, can I know the baggage limits”. Singapore Airlines is going to say “Call Jet Airways”