Is it OK to Mail Documents After Deadline?

Please help me for the application process.
I have sent the application today to colleges whose deadlines are jan 15 and will send the hard copies tomo which they vl recieve in 10-12 days.
Will they accept my application or they vl reject??

Universities – Application – Deadlines

  1. Did you submit online application before deadline?
  2. Did you pay the application fees before the deadline?
  3. Did you check with university if they will accept hard copies mailed after deadlines?
  4. Did you check if GRE and TOEFL scores can be reported after deadline?

Recently there was some heated discussion about soft and hard deadlines for college application.  You can get more information from above post.

Happy Schools Blog doesn’t process your college application. So, you need to be asking these questions to the university where you submitted the applied for admission.

I appreciate that you trust HSB for information about  higher education in USA, but I mean seriously, some questions should be asked to someone who can provide answers.

Why do you (and other students) post such questions in the blog/forums when you need to be asking universities? Now, I have responded by saying, go check with the university.

Analogy – Its like you have booked flight tickets to USA in Jet Airways and you have question related to baggage. To get answers,  you should be calling Jet Airways. Instead you are calling Singapore airlines and asking them “I’m flying in Jet Airways, can I know the baggage limits”. Singapore Airlines is going to say “Call Jet Airways”

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  1. This is a cop-out answer. If Happy Schools Blog wants to be considered an authority on any level then they should provide as least the guidance needed to the askers. Analogy – Its like you have booked flight tickets to USA in Jet Airways and you have question related to baggage. To get answers, you should be calling Jet Airways. Instead you are calling Singapore airlines and asking them “I’m flying in Jet Airways, can I know the baggage limits like, nuclear baggage, high yield explosive baggage and highly toxic baggage”. IS Singapore Airlines is going to say “Call Jet Airways”? No way — they will either tell you no airlines allows it or they are going to call the cops on you. THE POINT IS that some knowledge is expected on the answer's part. Let me give my answer: Yes ALL universities will bend/break their rules IF there is a compelling reason on the universities side to do so. — Your job is to find that compelling reason thats fits into their policies or otherwise have them waive the particular requirements imposed on you that you have issue with.

      1. This is childish!!!!! ha ha ha !!!! HSB take it easy……. 🙂 :D…………..

        It is true that for some universities you can send the TOEFL score , Financial Statement after soft/online application deadline eg – Iowa State University.

        But the transcripts should reach there before online deadline.

        Now if your metarial reaches after this deadline most of the universities-95%, will consider you for the next session. Like if you miss the fall 2011 term you will be considered for spring 2012. So its not practically a total rejection!!!!! 🙂

  2. I had 60% with 7 backlogs in my btech gre 950 and toefl 95
    . I have applied for fall 2011 for southern illinois
    univ-edwardsville,Akansas state univ, Texas A & M
    univ-commerce and University of Central Missouri . I have read many
    denied visa interview experiences due to low percentage and
    backlogs posted in HSB. Now im scared about my visa does i have any
    oppurtunity of getting visa . what should i do now ? If i increase
    my gre score by writing once again will it help me ? Im from
    hyderabad i heard that in hyd consulate visa success rate is only
    30% . Is it true ? what should i do to increase the probability of
    getting visa for me….please reply me i will be waiting for your
    answer….I cant even sleep with this tension

    1. @ Kishore Reddy- It all depends on u while getting visa. If u get accepted in any of the univ you applied, that's it u go for visa interview and face it with confidence, I have seen many who have got visa with GRE <850 and B.Tech % <60.

  3. @Raj – when I use questions from email in blog post, I reply to the email with the link to the blog post. Sometimes I add specific details that's is not shared in the blog.

    This post was published about 18 hours ago. I added the following note with the link to blog post "I had to respond in hard way. I can't help it. Sorry.

    1. @Raj – when I use questions from email in blog post, I
      reply to the email with the link to the blog post. Sometimes I add
      specific details that's is not shared in the blog. This post was
      published about 18 hours ago. I added the following note with the
      link to blog post "I had to respond in hard way. I can't help it. Sorry."

      Regarding how to reply – Everyone have their style and I'm standing my ground to comments I made.

  4. Now, this was the same question I wanted to ask. Even after much research, I wasn't able to find out if any courier a.k.a mail services go within 4-5 days? I want an urgent reply.

    1. I my experience DHL is the best for urgent situations. Last
      year one of my friend sent mails with 4 days time to deadline and
      all reached in 3 days. In my case it was a little stormy weather
      and they took the packets through a different route, and delivered
      in 5 days. DTDC took 12 days for one of my packet. And lastly I'm
      also trying out cheaper service of Indian speedpost. They are
      supposed to take 15 days and about max of 30 days

      1. Go for Fedex– @ INR2066/PKT

        Delivery – 2Days.

        Time – 10:30 AM on 2nd Day.

        If you like a cheaper one go with speed post !!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 :D…..

  5. I totally agree with HSB. If we all see the posts we can easily make out that HSB has tried it's best to reply to students queries in a decent manner. I regularly follow HSB n i have even posted various questions n the reply which i have received was helpful. Coming to this post i agree with HSB on the view that we must mail to the university people inorder to get our doubts cleared. i have also found the university people kind enough to reply to our mails. But HSB shouldn't directely tell *"Why do you (and other students) post such questions in the blog/forums when you need to be asking universities?"* …. i guess the HSB admin is not in a good mood… 🙂 🙂

    1. I was and i'm in good mood. But, one has to differentiate when to post to forums/blogs and when to ask questions directly right?

      1. S HSB i agree with u…but during difficult times people tend to search fr reply from trusted sources like HSB n so they just post in trusted blogs expecting a reply. Actually blogs are not meant fr discussion. People owning the blogs want to just share the information n they rarely reply, unlike HSB, where many topics r discussed…. 🙂

  6. This is my first comment at HSB. First the answer to "Is it
    OK to Mail Documents After Deadline?" Sometimes it is okay, if they
    receive a hard copy 10 days later as they might consider it putting
    the blame on the mailing service and the weather, considering that
    you have submitted the online application an payment in time.
    Sometimes they don't need the hard copies at all before the
    application decision and use them to verify after the decision is
    taken. At times they are too strict about deadlines. I have also
    seen some universities declaring their decisions in 7 days after
    receipt of application. So these are very specific questions that
    may only be answered by the proper authorities but you can also try
    to find out from college specific threads in forums like Edulix.
    HSB's answer to this question may sound rude but is actually very
    good. Sometimes lazy applicants need to be pushed to do the right
    thing and a rude way may be more effective and ultimately more
    helpful for the applicant himself. For example at a point of time,
    people chatting to me over gtalk asked me if I can find something
    for them that is very easy too google out. But having my free
    service for granted they can type the same thing on gtalk that they
    could have typed in the google and found out for themselves. This
    when I need to scold them so that they could learn to Google for
    themselves. They just needed a push gain confidence of googling
    themselves. Here HSB have done the same thing and applicant may
    finally be more confident to ask the question to the University.
    Thanks for everything HSB, maybe someday I can be a good
    contributor to the society like you.

    1. So, you were able to feel that they have to be pushed, so they can start learning how and where to find answers. One other reasons why many students are ignorant is the way our education system works and we have been brought up. Thanks for your thoughtful comments.

      1. Yes, I agree. Ignorant behavior have much to do with
        education system and they always need some kind of push to get out
        of this. But if you do that a lot hat you would become "That Guy".
        Hope you understand what I mean. So it may be better for you to
        leave the pushing for some thing more natural like when they would
        actually reach US or join a demanding workforce. Somebody rightly
        said "But I can only show you the door. You're the one that has to
        walk through it". BTW: With improvement in technology, cognitive
        science, self organizing, AI chat engines, and so on one day these
        kind of information may be much easier to find in the coming years.
        Just think of a decade back when we didn't have access to Google or
        your blog, how more difficult things were. 5 years back I never
        though that I could build robots entirely on my own only with help
        from Google. 10 years from now we may only have to ask this
        question to your phone in voice and get the right answer, but
        people would keep on complaining and innovating to resolve them. I
        also agree that applying to all these colleges are really time
        consuming and most of the time is spend on finding information that
        could have been available in a much organized way and maybe kept
        centrally. I would share the excel charts I prepared later on. It
        may also give an idea about the process I used for college
        selection and might be helpful.

    2. When universities mention deadlines, they will accompany with statements like this "your applications have to be postmarked by Jan 15, 2011". In that way they will consider application that receive after delay, since application mailing date is Jan 15, 2011.

  7. @HSB wow, it's great to see you responding to each of these
    people query. Hats off of your patience. But I seriously think it
    didn't show in this blog. I didn't mean to offend you or something.
    What you have said is right and you mightve been frustrated with so
    many such queries, but owning a blog open to criticism and public
    opinion and your interest to help many of them shouldn't get you so
    annoyed that you get away from the sole purpose. What I think the
    guy questioned shouldve done is to question the univ and if doesn't
    get a sensible reply or a reply all together, then he shouldve come
    to HSB to check what their experience in this situation was. May be
    it btr to reply this way to him back but to blog I think it would
    definitely attract -ve criticism and to deal wid it, either del or
    ignore their posts mate. Out of all the help you provide, this
    doesn't matter at all. Gud luck

  8. [reposting from another post for the benefit of others]
    Jesse/HSB others, one should definitely have no problem if
    something is explicilty mentioned on the university website. The
    problem is if a deadline for the application is mentioned but not
    enough light is thrown on when exactly the hard copies have a
    deadline. In the latter case one case do the following. 1) be pro
    active and submit everything before hand. 2) assuming transcripts
    are the only hard copies you have to send, check if the online
    application expects you upload unofficial transcripts. If yes (and
    sometimes it's mentioned on the website), that means university
    will review your app with ur uploaded soft copy to expedite the
    process and will use the hard copy at the end of the process to
    cross check the validity of the soft copies. (for example gatech,
    unc chapel hill ms cs) 3) application status might not be
    considered complete till they receive hard copies (check the
    application status). It that case you can be pretty sure that you
    need to submit hard copies before the application deadline. This is
    from my exp. Tried to be as rational as possible but at the end of
    the day, it's your choice, only thing u need to ask yourself is,
    how informed it is. Gud luck people! (spare me spell errors, typed
    frm iPhone)

  9. HSB , accept that advice , it was not good to answer like
    that ,, he has the rights to ask even if it was a simple question
    Have some patience man !

    1. Don't you think I have rights to reply. I'm asking you the same question – what would you do when your effort time and money is on the line?

      If university responds to you as " we will consider your application for next semester" do you have any power to argue?

      1. i do , u have the rights to reply. but sometimes u have to expect many questions like this one or even simpler .. i mean not all of your fingers have the same tall , right?

        deal with that ..

        1. I'm dealing with it..and i'm responding to most of the comments.. and you haven't answered the question..would you apply to university without know their application process? If your answer is Yes, my answer to you would be the similar to above response.

          1. i AGREED with u in the first place HSB, i'm not discussing
            your answer, i'm talking about the "way" u answered .. any way this
            is your blog and you have your rules .. i mean realy i like this
            blog and it was helpfull to me many many times, thats the reason
            why i comment so ..

  10. Mr HSB is right that for such questions we should contact the concerned authorities. He could have just ignored this query, but this time he explained so that people stop asking such questions. He answered in such a manner coz probably he is fed up with the forum being filled with these questions.

    Students (like Mandeep) are getting free counselling and getting unbiased views, and they take it for granted. You know what, if you dont like this forum, just get the f outta here and never come back…

    1. get a life bro… i only support what is true. I never said
      where the info can be derived from.. but my real point is in the
      way he should have replied. I agree the question was not to asked
      to the right contact person but if some one comes up to you and
      says where is XYZ place and lets suppose you have no idea on it ..
      do you reply " get the f out of here and ask someone else" if u
      reply like this then " AWESOME" is the word for you. Here the
      answer could have been simple " every university has its own
      policies. please refer the concerned website for appropiate
      information " .. Thats It. + on top of that " Finally someone who
      can think alike. Thanks Sanchit. " if HSB agrees with you , then i
      have nothing to say.

      1. Sometimes you got to say such answers. Its completely fine that someone is asking where is XYZ. But, when they missed the signs near Exit 2, 10, 14 on the way that kept saying Take Right at Exit 15 to go to XYZ, if you miss the exit, your next chance to make U turn is at Exit 35. Now they are at Exit 35 and asking how to go to XYZ.
        There are some who will say poor analogy, so let me add few more details

        Exit 2 refers to stage where you were casually browsing at universities
        Exit 10 – Browsing universities just before GRE
        Exit 14 – While completing online application
        Exit 35 – Reply from university saying "instructions are given in the website or your application will be considered for next semester"

  11. Hsb is really helping me to prepare for my second round of F1 visa interview. So I would really appreciate if you could me help me with few doubts regarding my f1 visa. I had my inteview on 5th of jan 2011.I was denied for the visa(214b) but now iam again taking date on 24th jan2011 for the summer quater. my university is golden gate and my area of interest is mba.I have 10 years tourist visa which is valid till 2019.I am really surprised why i have not got f1 visa.My financial position is strong.I have a business which is being handled by me and my toefl score is 80 abd gmat is 430.I have seven years of experiance in my business. I have two brother who are in usa on h1b.My only intention is to take international exposure and come back to india ,so that i can apply my knowledge take over the whole business.please let me know what things should i keep in my mind before I go for my second round of inteview. thanks a lot

    1. 214b – Potential immigrant. Maybe it has got something to do with the university. If you had admission from better schools, you can improve your chance. You would have to carefully reflect questions ansked and see if you can come up with any reason why they could think you are considered as potential immigrant. Golden Gate is not best of the schools in US for MBA.

      1. so what do you suggest should i take gmat again and apply
        to some good universities and then go for f1 visa. but To tell you
        the truth I have very less time because its been 9 month I am
        preparing myself and if i take my gmat again then it will take more
        2 months and then i can only go in fall 2011 but i have plans to go
        in summers .but you said golden gate is not university.please
        suggest me.thanks karan kumar

  12. the thing is that if the person who isi mailing the docs if he can not follow the deadline then he should not go to us only becoz in us if u miss a deadline then u r thrown out…

  13. Such a pathetic reply HSB . you could have replied in a more decent and polite manner. Every answer is available in either TOEFL, GRE, or Universities websites so then there is nothing people should come here for. Just because your website is making some bucks, there is nothing to act pompous about. I sincerely feel you own an apology to him. Rest upto you.

    1. Am I going to apologize to that person? No.

      Every answer is available in the websites, why can't every one find the answers from them? Don't you think a student applying to US and planning to study after traveling half way around the world, should be able to find such answer?

      + How much did you pay to view the contents in the blog? Your comments sounds like you paid tons of money to get response.

      1. @HSB as simple as it sounds in your words today.To write a blog post on bhogi day out there in US.

        Instead of burning your old goods you are burning in your words here.Could have replied polite or kept mum for my mail to you regarding my query.

        1. Seriously – Students spend 1 year or so in preparing for GRE, TOEFL, then spending tons of money in application fee and cant spend time to learn about application process to schools they are applying sounds ridiculous. I mean if university gets back to the person and says "Our policy is that all documents have to be here before deadline even after paying application fees". Who do you think is at loss? University received 1000's of applications, students cannot apply to 1000's of universities.

          1. I belive I answered the question "Happy Schools blog doesn't process college applications". You got to ask questions to those who can answer. Person applied to some university (who knows where) and if he asks if they will accept or reject application…ok.. can you give answer to the question posted?

            Edulix is a forum and HSB is a blog. Do you know the difference between a blog and forum?

          2. cool down people… Mr. HSB is not an admission enrollment
            officer. Also, we receive valuable info from this blog for
            FREEEEEEEEEE. Get what u want and f… off. @HSB People who do not
            know whom to ask what….. Need to be IGNORED. Its a waste to start
            a discussion on such petty queries. You also got some Anti-HSB
            EDULIXIANS. Be cool.

          3. @ HSB, Yeah I am agree with you. This is the fault from
            both side. Now no need to exaggerate it. Comeon Guys, even HSB
            person's are human being. Okie i am providing simple answer for
            this. If you are applying after deadline, the ask your department
            first where you are applying (call them/mail them). If they will
            say yes then send the docs otherwise leave the University and go
            for another one. I know students have pressure of deadline and
            submitting application. Even I am facing the same. just because of
            Deadline I left some good Universities. Now I will say, Please stop
            this discussion and help HSB to provide information.

      2. My programme of interest: MD/PhD [a] Molecular and Pharmacogenetic of Schizophrenia or [b] MD/PhD Health Science Not listed in your programme list.

        1. Regarding deadline of universities. I am applying for Ph.D program in USA. I got very positive reply from scientists for Ph.D program. Even i faced the same problem, due to deadline, I have to leave some goos universities, because they will first evaluate the application which they received earlier then application which received after deadline. Therefore chances to get assistantship will be very less if you apply after deadline. There are 2 types of dealine for Universities in USA. 1. priority dealine (with full assistantship)

          2. Dealine for course/ for international applicants

          Else you can ask/ send a mail to Graduate office, they will reply you soon.

          Sometimes, it depends on your luck also, Even i applied in one university after the deadline (priority), but my communication with that scientist who is willing to take me, was so strong. He said to provide attention to my application.

          I will suggest you, if your deadline is over, Send your documents as soon as possible via DHL express, which gives a very reliable service.

          One thing, I want to tell you, My GRE score is below 1100 and TOEFL just above the requirement(79). Eevn then i got so many replies from Scientists. It's all depends on your mail which you will send them to start communication. GRE and TOEFL just a gateway to get in USA. Ultimately matters your strong CV and your mail which you send to professors.

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