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This Program Offers 2 Degrees from 3 Countries in 15 Months (Bonus: Internship)

aby maib student

Aby: “Hello Dad!”.

Dad: “Hey Aby, How are you Aby?”

Aby: “I’m fine.”

Dad: “How is your classes coming along in our MBA course?”

Aby: “Well, I decided to drop out of this MBA program”.

Dad: “What? Why?”

Aby: “Yes, you are going to pay more for MAIB degree”.

Dad: “I’m confused. What is MAIB? What’s going on Aby?”.

Aby: “I found this Amazing new degree program – MAIB, and I applied and got admit”.

So, that’s how the conversation took place between Aby and his parents when he decided to drop out of MBA after 3 months into first semester in Bangalore.

You must be wondering why Aby decide to switch to MAIB program?

I asked him exactly that. What he switched from MBA to MAIB. Plus, several other questions about his journey to Toronto, where he’s studying 3th semester of MAIB program. This is program is full loaded. Just when I thought interviews was going to end, Aby gave an example of being a “Risk Taker”. It below me away.

Watch the Full Program

Prefer to Listen to the Interview?


About MAIB Masters Degree:

Here’s Summary of Topics Discussed


  • Introduction to Aby
  • Why he chose to MBA after Bachelors in Aeronautical Engineering?
  • Why MBA to MAIB?
  • Total Expenses for the MAIB program
  • Scholarship Award
  • Admission Process
    • Documents
    • IELTS
    • Interview via Skype
  • How to apply for Student visa to Italy
    • Processing time and Procedure
  • Living in Milan, Italy
  • Classroom Experience in University of Milan – Bicocca
  • Travel around Italy (Cities Visited)
  • Difference between learning International Business in India vs Europe
  • Impact of having friends from Italy, China, Brazil in personal life.
  • Classroom experience in Alliance University, Bangalore
  • Living in Canada and Campus life in Centennial College
  • Job and Internship Opportunities in Canada
  • Thrill Fact : Lost in Sweden and spent the night in a forest without a shelter in below freezing weather.

Highlights of MAIB Degree

Here’s the highlight of the MAIB program and why  I’m promoting here in Happy Schools

  • Unique program (Two Degrees, Three Countries, 15 Months)
  • International Cultural immersion and education
  • Opportunity to study in 3 countries
  • Gives an ample opportunity to travel in Europe, Canada and India
  • Travel enriches one’s life. Education combined with travel changes the person’s life (thinking and outlook).
  • It’s relatively cheap for a Masters Degree from three countries (with 10 scholarships awarded).
  • For a student from India (with scholarship) you can get an Masters degree by spending less than 10 lakhs in 15 months.

Sounds like Fun? Click here to learn about MAIB programs Admission Requirements, Tuition Fees and Scholarships.


  1. Dhiman Bose on August 21, 2015 at 12:47 PM

    Raghu- The interview was very well done. Gives a very good perspective of the program and details. Great job!!!

    Good Luck to Aby,

    • Raghuram Sukumar on August 21, 2015 at 1:55 PM

      Thanks Dhiman 🙂

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