Study in USA or Job in India With 15 Months Bond?

Darshan wants to know, higher education in USA or Job in India?

study in USA or job in India

I’m applying for USA Fall 2012, but I was placed this year and if I do join the company, I will have to sign a bond for 15months. So, I was wondering if you could suggest me what to do. Please do help me. Eagerly waiting for your reply. – Darshan

Higher Studies in USA vs Job in India

You are not the first person to ask this question about working in India vs Higher studies in America. Lets look at options available for you and then I will share my thoughts.


  1. Accept this job and quit next August (still short of 15 months contract)
  2. Return on investments for MS in US is much more than what 15 months job experience.
  3. Value of Higher Education from USA is not comparable to working for IT consulting company (and for some  client).
  4. If you don’t want to break the contract then apply for Spring semester.
  5. Find another job without  bond.
  6. Ignore the job offer, come to study in USA.

I don’t know about your family’s financial need. Also, you haven’t mentioned about your ability to pay for Higher Education in USA.

I know several families struggle to even pay for college expenses for BE in India. For such students, Rs15,000 monthly pay check is huge. Considering that, you may or may not be financially ready to afford higher studies in America.

You have  had plans to apply for Fall semester, then I assume you are financially capable of paying the expenses for education in USA.

At end of the day, you have to do what is best for you and once you make a decision, don’t feel bad about it.

Higher Education will pay dividends in long run. But, you have to ask some tough questions.

Will you have interest for higher studies in USA after working for 15 months?

What are the pros and cons of study now vs studying after 15 months.

Suggestion: Study in USA or Job in India?

If I were you, I would keep my  aim towards completing Graduate School in USA. From my experience, knowledge gain in one semester from Grad school in USA is  equivalent 15 months of work experience. Even then your problems solving and analytical skills gained  from Grad School will be way higher.

I did a podcast show on the topic of 7 proven benefits of studying abroad. Plus, read the following two articles.

Experiences like  above shows the value of higher education from USA. Try your best to study in USA. If it doesn’t work out, then take the job in India.