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How to Get Student Visa for Germany?

Question : I’m thinking about studying in Germany. How to Get Student Visa for Germany?

To study in Germany,  you need to get student visa. Visa is not required for EU nationals or citizens of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.

Getting Student Visa for Germany is a 3 step process

  • Apply for Admission with Universities to study in Germany
  • Apply for Visa with Germany Consulate or Embassy
  • Register with Authority after entering Germany (residency permit)

Student Visa for Germany

To study in Germany you need to apply for National Visa.

National Visa for Germany will allow you to stay in Germany for longer period of time to complete your course work.

In order to apply for a student visa for Germany, you need to apply to German Embassy or the consulate in your country.

Initially the student visa is valid for a duration of three years.

Required Documents to apply for Germany Student Visa

The documents you generally need to complete your visa application file include:

  • proof of health insurance
  • proof of financial stability
  • proof or previous study or the degree completed
  • admission offer from the University
  • proof of German language proficiency (if required)

Proof of Financial Stability

With proof of financial resources, you verify that you can support yourself financially for one year in Germany.

Income or assets of around 8,000 euro are usually required per year (approx. 659 euro per month).  Following can be used as proof are possible.

  • Proof of parents’ income and assets
  • Scholarship from a recognized scholarship foundation
  • Bank guarantee ( or bank loan)
  • Someone whose place of residence is in Germany agrees to assume the costs for you

Student applicants who have not yet been admitted to a German university or Studienkolleg can apply for a Student Applicant Visa.

It is valid for three months and can be converted into a residence permit for the purpose of studying once you have been admitted to a higher education institution.

Most foreign students – except nationals of EU and EEA countries – must, after arriving in Germany and having reported to the registration authority, go to the foreigners authority in their university town to apply for a residence permit for the purpose of studying.

Also, check with your Germany Consulate in your country for detailed instructions to get student visa for Germany.

How long would it take to get visa approved?

Since your application will be forwarded to authorities in Germany, the German Consulate requires approximately six to eight weeks to process your visa application. You are therefore advised to apply well in advance of the proposed beginning of your studies.

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  1. Dear Nrapendra,

    I want to study in germany and I don’t have any degree want to start affresh. How can I apply for the admission?

  2. Dear raghu I am willung to pursue masters from germany and my intent is to settle down in germany my query is how to get settled after my masters and is it safe there as I heard some cases of students being mugged please help me out thanks for replying in advance.

  3. I am a bit confused. First a student gets NATIONAL VISA which can be valid upto 3 years. Then also after reaching Germany, a student is required to apply for RESIDENCE PERMIT or that permit is only for those students who reached Germany on 3 -month student applicant visa. One more question-Why thise so long 6-8 week wait for Student Visa? Bank Guarantee is a bit dicey. That means merely having sufficient funds in your bank account like USA is not enough? will banks lock that amount?

    1. Hi Munna,

      The Visa which will be issued in home country will be valid for 3 months. You just have to produce this visa along with Passport to Foreign Office which extends the Visa and also gets you Residence Permit.

      In blocked account, you will be able withdraw only 1/12th of total amount per month. This is ensure that you have enough money left for your entire period of stay. And if you want to withdraw extra amount, you will have to open a separate account.

      If you do not want to open a blocked account, you can resort to these options:
      1. Bank guarantee of 8000 Euros per year from a German Bank.
      2. Obligation letter from any sponsor living in Germany.
      3. Scholarship/stipend, if any.

      1. Dear Nrapendra,

        A travel health insurance is required covering the period from your departure to the date of enrollment at the university.

        1. Hi Bharath, can you tell me which Health Insurance is suitable for students and when should I apply for the health insurance? Do we need a travel insurance other than the health insurance?

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