Timeline and Plan : Graduate School Admisison in USA

Complete step by step timeline and plan for getting into Graduate School Admission in USA.

Students find it difficult to understand the complete timeline for Studying in USA  and Graduate School application, admission to US Universities.

This post should provide a clear description of Graduate school application timeline and how far in advance, students should start preparing.

College Admission Timeline

2 Years

  • Start thinking and planning about your Higher Education in USA or other foreign countries. To have well planned admission strategy and select perfect programs, planning has to start 2 years in advance.  If you aim is to get into top programs of your department, then with 2 years advance planning, you can improve your academics.
  • Top Graduate programs for Statement of purpose. To have strong SOP, you need research experience.
  • Research Experience can be gained by research paper publication, Summer research internship and work experience.
  • Also, getting involved in community service will boost your application.
  • Create  a file to maintain documents relating to you future education plans.
  • How to get into Ivy League?

18 Months

  • Start looking at Graduate school programs offered at various universities that best matches your interests.
  • Identify universities, department, programs, application requirements, admission deadlines and funding deadlines.
  • Universities might have financial aid deadlines and regular deadlines. If you want admission with aid, apply before financial aid deadline. Departments may have a separate deadline for applicants who wish to be considered for funding such as department fellowships, teaching, research, or project assistantships.
  • Prepare for GRE, TOEFL or IELTS and other required exams.  Schedule the GRE , TOEFL or  IELTS atleast 3 to 5 months before admission deadlines. Earlier the better.
  • Report your test scores GRE and TOEFL scores directly to the University from ETS.
  • Identify who will provide letter of recommendations.

3 Months

  • Refer to sample Statement of Purpose and prepare your first draft
  • Fine tune your resume for Graduate application.
  • SOP   should be a concise essay indicating your background and career goals. Check with your program’s admissions coordinator to find out what should be included in a statement of purpose for your program. Share your draft with an advisor, mentor or writing expert to obtain feedback.
  • Contact your references and get your Letter of recommendation.
  • Identify required bank balance and make arrangements for the bank balance.
  • Start conversation with Professors. Email to Professors Tips.

3 Weeks

  • Get Official transcripts ready
  • Get Bank Statement
  • Start filling Online application, get SOP, LOR and other documents.
  • Pay application Fee or send application fee with application documents
  • Submit Online application. You should receive application ID.
  • Include application Id and Online application submission confirmation page with application documents.
    • Official transcripts or academic records from each institution attended.
    • Letters of recommendation are submitted electronically to graduate programs through the online application.
    • Test Scores:
    • GRE and TOEFL scores are sent electronically from Educational Testing Service.
    • Portfolios, tapes, CD’s, publications.
  • Application Fee and right mailing address.
  • Mail Application Packet – Checklist, Tips to mail application.

After Application

Application processing time depends upon when you apply and all test documents are received, test score and fees. When your application file is complete, graduate school will start the review process.

Some schools will require students to send 2 application package (1 to Grad school and 1 to department). This post is written under assumption that one package is mailed to Graduate school directly. Typical process will look like the following (but changes within university)

  • Your application details are entered into a central database. (Mini Admission process flowchart)
  • You can track your application status online. 5 Ways to Check College Admission Status
  • Graduate School reviews application for completeness and minimum academic requirements are met. Forwards application to department.
  • Department’s admission committee reviews your application material and makes an admission decision.
  • Department forwards your supporting materials to the Graduate School’s Office of Admissions if a positive admission decision is made.
  • International applicants need proof of financial support. Your online status check will provide specific information required to finalize admission.
  • The Graduate School makes the final admission decision.
  • Graduate School then forwards your admission details to International Students Office.
  • International students office will process and issue I-20 (sample I-20)
  • Continue to monitor your progress through the online status check.
  • I-20 will be mailed to the address provided on your application.

After You Have Been Admitted

  • You will receive an official admission (sample college admission letter with scholarship) and I-20.
  • Newly admitted graduate students will details about new student orientation, travel details and other information to admission with admission packet.

Which University?

Pretty much same criteria that you considered when making your decision to apply to a specific graduate program(s) will be used when you decide to which program(s) to enroll.

  • Ask lots of questions and find answers
    • Does the program emphasize theory or practice?
    • Flowchart – Masters Degree Course Plan
    • Where do their graduates go after graduation and does the program offer placement information?
    • Does the professors have finding, is he taking students under his research?
    • Funding chances
    • CPT Rules.
    • Are there opportunities to teach?
    • Are there opportunities for professional development?
    • Is there any Indian students organization (or your country) student organization?
    • Does the program publish time to degree and graduate student funding statistics?
    • International student population?
    • Part time job availability?
    • Student F1 visa chances?
  • Talk to your counselors, mentors, friends, current students at the school.
  • Compare with other admissions.
  • Find the total cost living and compare them. (Apartment rent and cost of living)
  • Understand course structure and majors options. (Masters in 1, 2 or 3 years?)
  • Identify if classes offered appeal to you. You should also check on the frequency those classes are offered.

Once you have all the information, then decide on the final choice of university. Then start preparing for student visa interview.

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  1. Hi,

    I have a Bachelor’s degree in IT and an overall experience of 3 years. I’m planning to pursue MS in Information Technology and management in Fall 2015. However I’m low on budget. So I was hoping to get RA/TA or some kind of scholarship to help me fund my education.
    Please let me know if I should first email some of the faculty members to know about any such assistantships and then only proceed with the application. Wile selecting the faculty, can I look inter-departments?
    I’m thinking University of Texas, Dallas. What’s your take on this course and the college?

  2. Hi hsb,

    My brother is planning to his masters in petroleum engineering for fall 2016, he is having his bachelor degree in petroleum(integrated course(B.Tech+MBA)) from university of petroleum and energy studies, having CGPA of 3.6, he wants to get into top universities, apart from GRE and TOEFL scores, will research papers have much impact to get into top institutes and for getting TA/RA as he is not having any research papers or presentations in conferences.It would be a great help if you can give some information about how can he compensate or over come this draw back to get into top institutions.Thanks in advance.

  3. Hello.
    I am a graduate student in Petroleum Engineering. I’m going to do an MA in a European country. Has two local papers in National Conference of Iranian oil. It goes up to 16 undergraduate grade point average of 15.18. Working as Karamzz Drpvhshgah Iranian oil, and 2 letters of recommendation and Hyt Rys of polymer science college full time. Kjarv Mykvnyd suggest?

  4. Hi
    I am a sophomore at Department of Aerospace Engg, IIT Kharagpur. I am interested in pursuing higher studies in USA. As your article says the preparation should begin 2 years before, I guess the time is right for me, but I still have no clue as to how to go about it. When should I start my preparation for GRE? Do I need to appear for TOEFL too? As my family’s financial condition isn’t that great, what would be more feasible financially, USA or Europe? Are there any relevant fellowships for Indian engineering undergraduates going abroad? Also, how difficult is to get a work visa after finishing the education in both USA and Europe?


  5. Hi
    I am pursuing B.Tech Biotechnology in india. I got GRE score – 298 ( Q- 155, V – 143) and TOEFL – 95. I ve applied for Master’s in Microbiology & Immunology for Fall 2013 at the University of North Dakota & awaiting for result.
    Would you suggest the universities which accept my scores for Biochemistry or any other biological sciences course?

  6. Hello,
    I am swati. I have 68.5% score and 59.9% score which is very bad but I still want to do research in USA. currently I am doing a project in IISc and might publish a paper soon. Please suggest me something so that I can overshadow my marks and get through a good universty

  7. Hello, I completed my 67%. gre is scheduled on this month end, having 5 months internship experience and 5 months work experience. please recommend me an average universities for MS in biomedical for fall 2013. Most of the university deadlines got over.

  8. Hello my name is jide from nigeria. Have just finished my first degree in history and strategic study. I would like you to place tell me any school in USA that can admit me for Masters degree in management. My GPA is second class lower division. please I need a university to apply to that would grant me admission. Thank you

  9. I wish to study Agriculture related course in usa, i would be glad if you can recommend a school with the best agriculture program,facilities and is afforable, am Emmanuel from Nigeria..thanks.

    1. Hi Emmanuael, There are a variety of programmes in Agriculture and related fields offered at US Universities. You need to select programme based on appropriate research. To help you start I am mentioning some of the programmes.
      Oregon State University – MS Agri. and Horticulture
      Michigan State University – MS Community, Agriculture, Recreation and Resource Studies
      University of Florida – MS Agriculture
      Texas A&M University – M. Agri. in Food Science and Technology
      Post further queries on profile evaluation in the forums section.

  10. Hai HSB

    I have submitted all my application documents to SDSU Graduate school. Very recently I got an email form Graduate School and they ask me to submit Official WES (or similar) evaluation of all international transcripts (must include GPA calculation). And I check WES site they need a huge amount of money for transcripts evaluation process. Please advice me as soon as possible.

    1. Hi, Well there is no alternate to transcript evaluation. Many Universities ask for WES evaluation of your transcripts to assess your GPA as per the US education system. You should go ahead with the evaluation process if you are considering SDSU seriously.

  11. Would you please tell me the deadline for atmosphere of “University of Wyoming (UW)- Laramie, Wyoming” and deadline for Computer science department?
    I ahve 1+ years of experiance in IT.
    I got verbal-145 and quant-155. I want to attend for fall.
    I have applied to
    Luciana state university Lafayette,
    New york State University Sunny New Poltz,
    Indiana State University,
    Northern Illinois University. Which is good according to atmosphere and tution fee. Would you please suggest me any other university?
    Thank you.

  12. Hi,
    I am pursuing my bachelor in computer engineering. I want to do my masters but I really don’t want to take my major in computer science or anything related to it. I am confused and am not getting able to think,will I be able to do masters in any other field.So I want to know do I really have to take my major in the same subjects and field ie CE.

    1. There are definitely immense opportunities to change your major for the Masters program. But for us to make suggestions, brief us about your exact interests. We can help you suggest appropriate field of study and programmes.
      Take Care!

    1. Hi Raghu, Admissions are still possible in Universities for Fall of 2013. There are Universities stretching deadlines till April/May and offer admissions on a rolling basis. Based on the availability of Universities decide on if you would go ahead with Fall 2013 admission session.
      Hope your backlogs are cleared.

  13. I am a B.E student with 3 years I.T exp.
    I would like to pursue my MS in CS for fall 2013
    I havnet taken gre or toefl yet
    Can you suggest me is it a good idea to pursue the course now?
    but it my dream always
    I would like to take the exam in a month or so
    Can you suggest me which course is in more demand in CS specalization

  14. i really want to have my masters in 2014 at the united states. but im thinking about the cost and requirements. im in GHANA

  15. Hi
    i am US national i have been in pakistan since childhood i am going to complete my BS biotech now i am planing to get admited into US university for MS with full bright scholorship kindly guide me.

  16. hai,

    i am planning to study MS in USA for august 2013. i have a doubt about RECO’s recommandation letters . i am working for a company . i have served company for 2.5 yrs. now from where should i bring RECO.s . from the company officials or my Lecturers in college ??

    1. See anand getting into a university doesn’t entirely depend upon the acads which u secured but there are other factors like GRE, TOEFL, SOP and LOR’s..

      You can cover up the low grade by securing good percentile in the GRE and TOEFL. Do remember in every decision made by the univ adviser SOP matters, so try to focus on that too..

      All the best

  17. I am Applying for MontClair State University to do my MBA. I came to know that i have to apply for scholarship separately. Can you please help howto do it.

  18. Hi i just graduated with a degree in B.Tech in ECE with 72.2% aggregate and gre score 312.
    I wanted to know which field is better for my masters in USA: cs or vlsi or telecommunication and what are the best universities that i can get into with this score for the above mentioned fields??
    Which out of the 3 has more future scope and do many girls go for vlsi or telecomm.??
    what is the further categorization for the above mentioned streams???
    Pls Reply soon..

  19. Hello
    I have got an admit from Northeastern University for Spring 2013 for MS in Industrial Engineering. I wanted to know more about the university and also the process which I will have to follow

    1. hi,
      i wanna study medical microbiology from US university. Which test should i do for my further process purpose.

  20. I appeared for GRE and scored 311.
    V: 151 Q:157 AWA: 3.
    10th: 87.2%
    12th: 76.8%
    Btech: 7.99 (CGPA)
    Also my TOEFL ibt score is 106.
    Is this score good enough for MS in Electrical Engineering in universities like Kansas State University and Illinois Institute of Tech or do you suggest me to re-take the test. Please Reply.

  21. Sir ,
    I want to pursue MS in Computer Science with Specialization in Computer Security/ Computer Networks…Here is my profile
    GRE- 298 (q-157, v-141)
    TOEFL-yet to give(on 27th oct)
    B.Tech- 9.228/10 (upto 6th semester), SRM University, Chennai
    12th – 83.2%, 10th – 87.8%
    1 national level paper
    1 project +1 final year project
    5-6 co & extra curricular activities…

    My selection of Universities
    1. usc, 2. ufl, 3. suny-buffalo ->already applied
    4. Rutgers
    5. ncsu
    6. ucsd
    7. Upenn
    8. GaTech

    Do evaluate my profile and suggest more US universities…

    Thanks in advance….

  22. Hello Sir,

    This is Niranjan Goud.K,I completed My B.Pharmacy with 80.0 % and now I am pursuing M.Pharmacy.The current CGPA is 8.65.My all academic profile from school was above 90%.Now I am doing an innovative research project for M.Pharmacy.There are chances to get a Patent on my work.I wanted to do My P.hD in US with fellowship,because I am from a agriculture background family.My course will be finishes by May,2013.Please suggest me,what the steps do I need to take according to the time concern.

    Thanking you,


  23. hi sir,

    i completed my b tech in 2012 with 67.94% ,i wrote my GRE in august but got less score i.e 283 so i am writing again November is their any problem of writing again

  24. Hi..!
    Working in MNC since 1 yr,post BE(IT). Seeking admission during Sept.13’in reputed Univ. of USA for MS-Ph.D integrated course in KM sub.Plz suggest me about d Univ.(suitable for Indians with less fees, good prospect of job availability), Prof. to contact for Rch Project,time to enroll for GRE n documents should be collected during this period. I belong to a mediocre Bong family from Pune.
    Plz advice.
    Shilpi T.

  25. hi,
    Can please tell me the procedure for applying for phd programe in usa.
    I am doing mtech in nanotechnology.I want to do phd in nanotechnology.
    What is the procedure.Is it necessary to do ms in usa, after which they will enroll me for phd programme.waiting for your reply…
    thanks in advance

  26. hi ,
    I have finished my with a cgpa of 7.00 .i wrote my gre and got only 302 and 3 for essay.(total=305). i am thinking of writing gre again in nov ..will it be late for apllyin for fall 2013.

  27. hi sir,
    am surya prakash completed my btech with 63.7% and having nearly 20 baclogs. coz due to ill helth i did’t write my 3year exams . nd i have ielts 6 band.. and i writing my gre on 5th sept. sir do i have any chances for getting visa plse help me coz i my aim is to do MS in US..plse help me

  28. hii
    HSB i my planning to take admission in fall 2013 for this i will be giving my gre on novemenber 10th, can you please tell me when i should give my toefl and start applying for universities and what are the mandatory documents needed to apply for universities so that i can start preparing for that…waiting for your reply..!!!

    1. Viral, you can start off your application process by Dec 12 and remember to apply before the Financial Consideration deadline 30th Jan 2013. I might be able to help you on IIT , if its your choice. Score of Min 305 /AWA 3.5/6 might get you into god schools. TOFEL is not required for IIT.

  29. hi,
    I am from pakistan 41 years married male. having 14 years teaching o/a level chemistry experience in well reputed schools of pakistan. i am planing to get admission in phd or ms in usa. can any one guide me the proper channel for this goal. i want lower fee most economical residence. can any one help me in this regard. my area of interest physical chemistry, biochemistry or forensic science.

  30. As, my test date is in the month of November & most of the Fall(2013)-application deadline dates are in the month of December.
    I intend to apply for the spring semester(2014).
    Is it advisable to apply for fall-2013 when my test date is in november-2012.
    Can u please tell when would be a good time to apply for the spring2014 semester.

    Awaiting reply.

  31. hiiiii gouthami its better if you give your gre again as the lowest score in gre is 270/340 and your score is near to that so its better to give gre again….

  32. Hi HSB,
    I received this email from a professor, Please kindly help me know what he meant by this mail. Is he implying they are not satisfied with the information in my academic credentials?

    This is great congratulation for your acceptance in Mining engineering Program. Let talk when you will be here about your interest what you would like to study and if My area is something what you would like to do. We have limited space for graduate students therefore we need to see your academic performance as well your research capability.
    Looking forward to meeting you in person.


  33. I have heard that US universities do not give preference to IELTS, as they give to the TOEFL. is this true?

  34. Hi HSB,

    As, my test date is in the month of November & most of the Fall(2013)-application deadline dates are in the month of December.
    I intend to apply for the spring semester(2014).
    Is it advisable to apply for fall-2013 when my test date is in november-2012.
    Can u please tell when would be a good time to apply for the spring2014 semester.

    Awaiting u’re reply HSB.

  35. Good Morning sir,
    I am Bishnu , i would like to know that which college is favorable for me to study in Texas i am the student of Information technology and i am doing IELTS and GMAT..Guide some idea for me.

    Thank you……!!

  36. hi
    i completed my b-tech with 61% in 2012…..
    i want do MFA in 3D Animation In USA……….
    please suggested me ……
    now presently am doing advanced diploma in multimedia………
    which is the best Graduate School in USA for 3D Animation……….
    i need help…………………….

  37. Hi HSB,

    As, my test date is in the month of November & most of the Fall(2013)-application deadline dates are in the month of December.
    I intend to apply for the spring semester(2014).
    Is it advisable to apply for fall-2013 when my test date is in november-2012.
    Can u please tell when would be a good time to apply for the spring2014 semester.

    Awaiting u’re reply HSB.

  38. I am a nigerian who wants to study MBA OR Masters Economics in US, but my G.p.a is 2.6 (on bases of 4), my TOEFL score is 82 and my Gmat is 430. Which university do any one suggest I apply to for admission with prospect of being admitted into the school.
    Please I need an urgent reply thanks.

  39. hiiii…am suffering to get admsn frm good univ which suits me. plz suggest some univs in EE dept.. profile 55% 12 bl, 930 gre 6.5 ielts . 2 years of wrk exprnc, looking for spring’13

  40. hi HSB,
    I am presently persuing my B-Tech in E&C(III year).I want to persue my higher education from U.S. Right now I am preparing for GRE.Can u just guide me through the right path regarding the test pattern and the various other measures which I should take in Future.
    And from where I acn get the various universities list and all…
    waiting for the reply…

    1. It will be fine if u take GRE and TOEFL during ur next even semester hols(probably by june-2013). Just prepare ur basics of Quants from 10th and 12th.
      For Verbal, learn the word list and try to read a lot of books and international magazines like The Economist and Frontline which can help u to score max marks in verbal section.

      U can check for the list of universities in any of the follwing sites.

      1. MSinUS
      2. USnews
      3. Topuniversites by Q Grad

  41. Hey I am on H4 Visa, I have completed my B.E in CS 2.5 years ago and have a work experience in an MNC of 2yrs.Now I want to do Masters starting this Spring. Could you please guide me in when to take the GRE and approach colleges?

  42. Hi iam graduate civil engineer age 44 years .I have done my graduation in 1992 and since then i am working in UAE,QATAR AND PAKISTAN.pLEASE ADVISE to get master programme in engineering field because this time there is too much job problems in the world.So i am thinking to increase my qualification so that i can progress and get good job in my field.Would u please advise that for my case gre is necessary and if i start process today can i get admission in fall or spring 2012.your early response requested or any one from web pls advise me.

  43. hello sir,
    well what my question is entirely different from all of the above one’s as i am very confused and worried about my carrier as opting for MS in US .
    Well sir , i am a third year engg student and i have 8 supplements inn my degree as i did not work hard and paid less attention towards it. but this tym i worked very hard and i am expecting good result.
    So, my aim now is to seetle in US and work hard aal my life and i will improve my further records by studying hard and attain good grades.
    I want to start my prep for GRE to go for MS in Computers but i’m worried that would i get admission in a good college and would companies prefer me if i have a good deep knowledge about my subject regardless of my btech grades…..
    plz help meeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. I’m applying to the US universities for mph..i wanted to know if i need to submit my marks sheet for subjects in which i have backlogs as well?

  45. Hello sir……i just wanted to ask if i plan to apply for 2013 winter session then when should i take my GRE and by when should i submit my scores to ETS…….

      1. Hello Kishan,
        It seems you want to start your course in Spring 2014 (class starts in Jan 2014) – you have a long time. Prepare well for GRE/ TOEFL and give these test not later than March/ April 2013 as you would have your application deadlines by September 2013. Check individual sites for more details. All the best !

  46. Nice post i have get most important information from this blog it will help me to assist my student.Thanks!

  47. Dear sir,
    I am Egyptian pharmacist with GPA 2.8 and TOEFL 81 …. I am going to take my gre at next August is may Toefl score enough to get a seat at medicinal chemistry program.
    please help,

  48. hai all i got the score in gre 271/340 which univercity is best nd may i write the another time gre is it needed r not

  49. Hi
    I am studying in Amrita school of engineering .
    My CGPA is 7.14.
    How do i convert this to 4.0 scale.
    Is this university specific .

  50. where do i get my profile evaluated can i get admission in fall 2013 as i am right now persuing 6th sem (uptu) 2012

  51. where do i get my profile evaluated right now i am in 6th sem (uptu) can i get admission in fall 2013

  52. Hi All,

    I have an admission from Chicago state univ and Indiana state univ Terra haute,Could you please suggest which is better university in terms of Visa approvals,Jobs and Cost of living.

    Thank you!!

  53. hello sir,
    I am currently in third year of engg. and i got 320 in new gre and my aggregate is 62.3%.
    I would like to know which colleges should i apply and what should i do to boost my profile.
    Thanks in advance

    1. 320 is good score indeed. Do visit Edulix to help you decide your options. It has a huge database which helps you evaluate your profile and experienced seniors to guide you the correct way. if you start early you can make it to spring 2013 session as well.

  54. Hi I am Nipun I have done BE in Information Technology my gpa is 3.17/4.00 I want to do MS in computer science from Sunny Binghamton University New York for spring 2013 can anybody tell me what is the their admission criteria and how much GRE score do they consider ?

    Thanks in anticipation.

  55. I am an Indian student currently pursuing my bachelors in chemical engineering at kolkata .My revised GRE score is 327/340( Quant:167,verbal:160) and AWA is 4.5. My cgpa in bachelors is 8.5/10.
    I have done 5 projects and presented my papers in 3 national conferences and did a poster paper presentation at an all india poster competition. I had done a year of community service at an NGO.Presently .I am trying for a MS & Ph.d degree.I have a disadvantage,as i do not have an IIT background in my bachelors.In what bracket of colleges should I apply?Please help

  56. am an Indian student currently pursuing my bachelors in chemical engineering at kolkata .My revised GRE score is 327/340( Quant:167,verbal:160) and AWA is 4.5. My cgpa in bachelors is 8.5/10.
    I have done 5 projects and presented my papers in 3 national conferences and did a poster paper presentation at an all india poster competition. I had done a year of community service at an NGO.Presently .I am trying for a MS & Ph.d degree.I have a disadvantage,as i do not have an IIT background in my bachelors.In what bracket of colleges should I apply?Please help

    1. sir my name is sachin i took gre test recently and got 191 score and i am thinking to retake it in couple of months can u pls suggest me where can i get the test prep and model papers on net and the stuff

  57. Verbal : 139
    Quant : 157
    Aw : 2
    Btech : 8 (YGPA)
    12th : 85.8%
    10th : 88%
    Help me finding some universities in US.
    I m planning for the masters over there.

  58. Dear sir,
    I passed the inter level previous i decided to join for Graduate School Admission in USA.
    so,please i need yours suggestation and i have to know how i can get the admission offer from usa in graduate level?

    I will be pleasure for yours reply.
    Thank you

  59. Can someone help me to select a good Uni?
    Hi !
    My girlfriend and I have applied to US universities for 2012 fall. We got several offers already but need your expertise to choose the best option .Your help would be greatly appreciated.
    My girlfriend got 1020 for GRE (295 for revised GRE) and 90 for TOEFL with GPA of 3.51 (use World education service to convert GPA to US system),
    She graduated from University of Colombo, Sri Lanka on 2011 with BSc special in Molecular biology and biochemistry.
    She got offers from
    University of Arizona
    Wayne state
    Kansas State
    University of Texas at Arlington
    Washington State
    I got 1200 for GRE and 108 for TOEFL
    But GPA of just 3.1 with BSc special in Chemistry from University of Colombo
    I’m in waiting list of Carnegie-Mellon.
    University of Arizona but got offers from Washington state, Wayne state

  60. Hi i got 1090 in my GRE test and looking for admission in grade school in civil engineering. I do have 2 years experience related to my professional. With this score is it possible to get financial aid and will you please list out colleges.

  61. hi sir, how r u….i got 5.5 band in ilets exam ( L 6.5 , S 6 , W 5.5 , R 4.5) I HAVE DONE MY 12TH in 2010 in non medical stream 64% marks and one year diploma in 2011…..and i want to go usa for my further studies…..plzzz help me can i get a student visa with this requirements ……i want to apply in portland community college, oregon… plzzz help me

  62. Hello sir, m abhishek…
    please give me your views on lawrence technological university(MS in CS) and long island university cw post (MIS)
    how many students go to lawrence and LIU from mumbai (or averall india)…and how many went frm past 2-3 yrs..
    which university is bettr plz reply…thnku

  63. All is well. I have no word but questions 1. I wanna get admission M Sc sustainable electrical power in any good Uni in California: 2. If I wanna catch September semister when should I apply ? 2. For financial aid whats the requirement i.e GRE score , accademic result, etc… Could you pls inform me. <<< Zahid

  64. hi
    i hav dne ma bse biotechnology with 63% and ms biotechnology with 68%in aug.2011
    i want do ms biotecnology from us
    plzzzz hlp me regarding requirement.
    nd hw much minimum gre score require plzzz help m vry tensd

  65. hello i want admission information about MS computer science program details of san jose state university.will it open for admissions in dec/jan 2013?

  66. Hi HSB,
    I am a 2010 passed out graduate. I am working in a reputed Software concern for the past 1 year(R&D Department). I am planning to work another year and do my Masters in Computer Science by fall 2013. What will be the right time to take GRE and Apply for the Universities??…..Also i am Planning to take a completely Database Specialization….Will my work xperience help??…Do Reply…Thank You!!!

  67. hello HSB,i completed my in 2011 with 64%.i want to pursue M.S by august,2012.till now i did not take GRE and it possible to go for M.S by august if i complete GRE and TOEFEL by this february in a good university?is it possible to get aid?please suggest me as soon as possible…thank you..

  68. This is an unique site which cover postings of people with variety of experience
    to guide students for higher studies in top universities in USA. The students with
    less GRE and toffil score may face difficulties to get good university for MS/Phd study.
    The prime job of the students who aspire for MS/MBA/PhD in top Universites of USA is to
    make a high score in GRE/GMAT.
    GRE score is not below 1300
    GMAT score not below 650

  69. Hi, I’ve completed my masters from an Indian university with moderate score & my GRE score is 1050, not having any work experience or internship, want to study MS in economics in USA. I’m married & right now staying with my husband in Michigan on L2 visa. I want to know
    * if i’m good enough to get a chance to do MS from any Michigan university!
    *can i apply for F1 while being on L2?

  70. Hi, HSB could you tell me some good university for phd in environmental engineering. I wants to apply in us govt university like Georgia, Texas, Florida San Francisco , new jersey etc
    Thanks & Regards

  71. this pic….isnt this from some univ’s grad webpage…forgot though….applied for it a fortnight back n i clearly remmbr this!
    great post! m/

    1. 1) Find Indian students association, you will see the members.
      2) See if there is Facebook groups
      3) Search with university name in facebook

  72. I think, this really depends on what you want to become, the guide might work out for someone who wants to get an terminal M.S and get into the job market. If you want to do research/PhD , you should not go after the schools, you should go after the researchers/professors with specific areas in your field of interest. Once you get more research experience as an undergraduate , you will begin to realize this.

  73. You are the best counsellor HSB. Thanks for directing me and everyone. Love you for all your hard work.Thanks a lot sir..

      1. Hello sir, m abhishek…
        please give me your views on lawrence technological university(MS in CS) and long island university cw post (MIS)
        how many students go to lawrence and LIU from mumbai (or averall india)…and how many went frm past 2-3 yrs..
        which university is bettr plz reply…thnku

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