Hardships are Part of International Student Life in USA – Spoorthy (Video)

For the second time, I did interview with Spoorthy Baddam from University if Texas at Tyler. First video interview had some out of focus and zooming issues in the recording. But, you can download and listen to the audio version of the first interview – Advise to Indian parents sending their daughters to USA.

In this video, we get spoke about her personal experience, challenged faced and lessons learned. There are several topics that we didn’t cover in the first interview. You should listen to the audio version and this video interview as well. We have covered different set of topics that will give you very good insights about studying at University of Texas at Tyler.

Takeaway from this interview:

  • You should learn that hardships are part of international student life in America
  • Overcoming hardships are important aspect about is that makes you stronger.
  • University of Texas at Tyler is a good place to study, learn and grow.

Video Interview with Spoorthy Baddam

Summary of Topics

  • Personal experience – international student life in America
  • Her parents feeling – Before and After Sending Spoorthy to USA
  • Admission process at University of Texas at Tyler
  • How she got admission in UT Tyler in 4 days with scholarship
  • Insider’s view about application process
  • Admission application evaluations
  • About department of computer science
  • Academics, Grades, assignments and tests
  • Professors
  • Full Time and Part Time Jobs
  • Social Life – Roommates, ISA
  • Cooking experience (and expertise)
  • Final message from Spoorthy for prospective students and parents

To watch videos interviews with Pritam, Deepthi and links to guest blog post from Jennifer and Dr.Kulkarani, follow this link – Check out the this page to learn more about University at Texas at Tyler

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  1. May i know the reason for changing the department ..is it because there are no career prospects after doing electrical engineering or are u interested in it?please reply if u see this because i want to do my masters in electrical engineering (VLSI or power electronics)in US and iam so confused as there is no one i knew who did their masters in electrical engineering and got a job over there..some i know who did their masters in EE ultimately changed to CS or joined some consultancy.I am an above average student and iam so confused about the career prospectives in core sector.i would be glad if u help me

  2. Great Video HSB! Do continue posting more such video highlighting student experience at different varsities… 🙂

  3. Wov ! that is some statement saying ignore the ranking of schools and it does not matter to employees.

  4. I am writing this comment as I hear the discussion going around grocery and cooking. I personally feel that, the same experience come along if you live away from home in India too. I have a strong feeling that, you grow up and learn how to deal with different situations in life when you live away from your own home. I know some students who came to US immediately after their bachelors and thats the first time they moved away from their own home!..my experience with them was bad! [I dont say that everyone who falls in this category are like this; but I do observe a common trend!]


    1. More or less true. But, cooking is not a big deal at all. (I’m currently an MS student and am in the US for around 1.5 years). For cooking, don’t make any hard and fast rules. Just make something at whim and fancy (just enjoy experimenting!) and it turns out fine, tasty and of a different taste each time. And for the most part, make a lot of curry at a time so that it may last you for 5-6 days. Here, I only miss my family and loved ones, not that I’m homesick or uncomfortable (I haven’t ever gone back home after coming here). The people (especially strangers) are much more friendly, approachable and cheerful. We make friends with people from all over the world, so never feel alienated.

  5. Hi,

    I had a doubt about conditional admissions. I have been given a conditional admit with prerequisites at UT Dallas. Do I have to complete those prerqs before I start my graduate program or I can take other graduate courses along with the prereqs ?

    1. You should be able to take prerequisite and grad course at same time. Also try to get prerequisite course waived.

  6. Raghu, What is the Ranking of UT Tyler? If ranking is not a method to talk about the university, what are the aspects you think are the best about UT Tyler?

    1. Prashanth – this first thing you should know if you are following HSB is that Rankings are waste of time and has zero value employers.

      1. “Rankings are waste of time and has zero value employers.”

        Seriously Raghu?
        So what you’re saying is : Lets all get 260 in GRE and get into some stupid university and waste our money, cause after all companies don’t differentiate between Stanford and UT Arlington.

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