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Myth 6 – Employer Will Not Apply for Green Card On Your First Year of Employment

Have you ever wondered when you should ask your employer to start your Green Card Process?

How should you ask your employer?

Then you have to read this article and a video interview at the end!

Because this myth impacts and applies to almost 100% of Non-Immigrant workers, who would eventually be sponsored for Employment-Based Green Card by their employer.

Myth 6 –  Employers will not start Green card Process until..X Years!

Abdul has busted five myths so far. This article is about the Green Card Myth #6.

Most people don’t understand how this employment-based green card works.

It’s your employer who files for the Green Card by making a point to the USCIS that the employee is skilled, and they were not able to find another US citizen to replace the employee.

He/she would, therefore, like this employee to get a Green Card to be able to continue working for him/her.

To do this, you have to start working hard, learn new skills, get good reviews from clients, be competitive in the industry you work, and make your employer happy.

During my first job, I used to work almost seven days a week.

I also worked in the evenings, and I didn’t take leaves on holidays like Thanksgiving, etc.

My employer got a useful review from the clients.

I also referred to many high quality and smart candidates to my employer who did an excellent job for the clients. I didn’t ask for any commission because I knew I was going to ask for something big.

If my paychecks got delayed, I was patient.

While most of my friends argued with their employers on trivial reasons, I used to keep a pleasant demeanor.

I want to suggest you guys reading the book, ‘How to win friends and influence people.’ by Dale Carnegie.

It will teach some excellent people skills that you can develop to communicate with the employer.

If your employer wants you to cover some of the premium processing expenses, then do it.

It is better to spend a couple of thousand dollars on a Green Card rather than saving them in the bank.

Try to work out a way; take your employer out to lunch and try to build relationships with him/her.

Also, don’t be a jerk and leave your employer after getting a Green Card.

It doesn’t leave an excellent impression.

And I was able to convince my employer and the immigration attorney to apply for my Green Card while I was on OPT.

After you get your Green Card, it is recommended that you work for a minimum of 6 months to 1 year with your employer after you have gotten your Green Card, and preferably longer if he/she happens to be a nice person and you happen to like your job.

After every step of my Green Card approval, I used to send appreciation gift cards to my employer to relay to him how grateful I was.

By doing this, you would make your employer like you and also be on board with you through the following steps of getting your Green Card.

At this point, I am still working for my employer even though I have my green card because we have a good relationship.


While Abdul was on OPT, he requested his Employer to apply for Green Card.

His employer did not think they can apply for Employment-Based Green card while someone is on OPT.

You have read six myths so far.

You should know Abdul’s personality by know.

He did not give up.

He found a way to convince his employer to apply for his Green Card.

He got his Green Card before his STEM OPT expired!

Yes, he’s from Hyderabad, India, and he came on a Webinar to share his Green Card and current real estate business experience.

Here are an 8 minutes video highlights from the 60 minutes long interview.

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