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Myth 8 – It is Only Possible to be Enrolled at One University at a Time

This is the final myth.

Have you considered studying at two universities at the same time?

You might wonder why anyone would want to do that?

Or is it even possible to do that?

I have seen motivated students and high performers take this approach.

Universities will allow you to transfer credits. Right?

If there’s another university nearby that offers a challenging course or something that’s not provided on your campus, you can enroll and complete the course in a nearby university.

Then transfer your credits.

Like North Carolina State University in Raleigh and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Duke University, I have an interinstitutional program.

Interinstitutional Program unc duke ncsu

And the driving distance is just within 50 minutes among the three campuses.

unc ncsu duke university

Here’s one more example: the University of Texas at Arlington and the University of Texas at Dallas.

uta to utd

Likewise, check your university’s Interinstitutional Programs and which schools are part of the program.

Myth 8 – It is only possible to be enrolled at one university at a time

Some of the classes that were offered at different colleges were better than the ones that were offered at my University.

So I asked my International Admission Advisor if I can concurrently enroll myself in a different college or university while being in my primary university.

He told me that I could. I used to take only those classes that were transferable.

During my last semester, I took 26 credit hours at two different Universities and transferred them to my primary University and graduated an Honors’ Scholar.

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