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25 Pictures Show Why Hunt Library is NOT Your Typical College Library

I think Hunt Library in NCSU is one of most fascinating library in the world. It’s unlike any other “typical” library. By typical, I mean, there’s rows and rows of stacked books. To check out a book, you would have to first find if the book availability, then find it’s location, find the actual Aisle to search. Some times, book will not be there where it’s supposed to be. Now, that’s all gone in Hunt Library at North Carolina State University.

See for yourself to believe what I’m talking about. Scroll all the way down for Demo of BookBot and Robot Alley.

1. Entrance to Hunt Library at North Carolina State University. Consider to be one of Coolest, Advanced and Inspiring library in the USA. Highlight is the BookBot and Robot Alley

Entrance to Hunt Library, NCSU


2. Number of people working in Hunt Library that hold 1.5 Million Books is just 3 (at the time of taking this picture). I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s need for more than 3 people, when BookBot takes care of everything.  Can you spot the 2 people working working?

inside hunt library second floor entrance


3. This is the Main Study Lounge and one of many study areas. Notice the colors of the chairs and layout. Above all, the entire library is designed to be Energy Efficient. 

Study Lounge hunt library second floor


4. View of the same Study Lounge from a Level Above. Look at those Green Chair near thew Window with foot rest (or use as table). You may ask, where’s everyone? Well, it was on a Saturday in Summer (in August). 

Study Lounge hunt library view from third floor


5. The first iMac I ever saw was in Computer Library at UT Arlington. Now, we got iMac, Macbook Pro and MacBook Air. Maybe International students who never used Mac can get a feel for what it has to offer at Hunt Library iMac’s  and make the switch.

apple imacs in hunt library for students use


6. I see one person in the Library. Yay! Ceiling mounted occupancy and light sensors control the amount of light required in combination with natural light. Expected Energy savings is 31%. Not to mention the Recycled Materials used in the buildings, including the carpets. 

energy efficient lights and natural light


7. You can see the list of books on Sustainability displayed on the walls of Hunt library at third floor. I mean, I was mesmerized during my first visit to Hunt Library at NCSU after reading the Sustainable features of this Library.  No wonder, this library is now being used as a inspiration for designing future libraries in USA. 

digital boards hunt library ncsu


8. One of many rooms that can be reserved to use for Play and Study by NCSU Graduate Students and Faculty. Game room is one such room.  Notice the “Graduate Students”  in the notice :). I wonder where Under Graduate Students will play? NCSU library sites describes this  room as “Supports the scholarly study of digital game offers a place to take a break and play for fun.

game lab reserve to play


9. Student lockers to store their personal items. Guess what? Each locker has power outlets for recharging laptops and other devices.

Student Lockers hunt library


10. One more room to reserve – Music Room to practice and fine tune  your skills. 

Music room reserver to practice


11. Creativity Studio is a high-technology space that can be configured for a wide variety of needs including collaborative activities, teaching, learning. Space includes HD, writable walls. And the space can be configured for Virtual Reality environments. Sweet!

Creativity Studio in ncsu


12. There’s a team meeting of some sorts on Lean Manufacturing Process. You can see “Me” taking the picture on the glass reflection.

Meeting rooms in hunt library


13. Plenty of Natural Light on 4th Floor Study spaces. 

more study tables for students


14. Do you need multi-monitors to get your work done faster? You got multiple work stations with Multiple monitors. Notice the rom on the background with writable walls for Project Discussion or group meetings. 

Multi Monitor PCs in library


15. Hunt Library has plenty to offer, including space to sleep or take a short or maybe long break. This person was awake within few minutes of taking this photo. 

place to sleep and study


16. These Tables are Awesome. They are White Board and Table combined. Very useful for taking notes while you work. I would love to have something like that in my home. 

Study Desk and WhiteBoard


17. Pick your systems – Mac Pro or Windows. 

special mba lounge Windows or MacPro


18. This is on the 4th Floor. Skyline Reading Room. Not to mention the natural light, writable boards or you can walk out to get some fresh air. 

skyline reading room hunt library


19. Even the Trash Cans are sleek and stylish. 


trash recycle bins

20. Natural Rain water collection area outside the 4th floor and you get a good view of the campus from here. 

NCSU campus view from hunt library


21. That’s when I went to Hunt Library. Notice the nice weather? Guess where we went after visiting the Hunt Library? Straight to the beach (Wilmington, NC).

I visited hunt on august 15


22. Welcome to Robot Alley. This is the most advanced, fascinating part of this library.  These are 9 stories high book shelves and you can’t see even a single book. 

hint library robot alley


23. Let’a take a test drive with bookBot. All I had to do was Click the button “Demo the bookBot” and then walk about 5 steps to the right. 

hunt library bookbot robot dem

24. NCSU Hunt Library bookBot Video Demo


25. Hunt Library is Named After James B Hunt. Past Governor to North Carolina. 

james b hunt governer


Is your college  library better then NCSU’s Hunt Library, send your pictures of campus photos and video to be shared here in the blog. If your photos gets published, you will get a Amazon Gift Card. Upload them in Dropbox (or other cloud) and send the link to the folder.

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