How I Became a Better Person After Coming to USA – Nithesh Boyanapally (Video)

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Do you want to know about University of Texas at Tyler Graduate Admissions process, life of new International students, scholarship opportunities, difficulty of course’s,  and several interesting topics.

That’s exactly what you are going to learn during this interview with with Nithesh Boyanapally – Graduate School student and Graduate Assistant at Office of Graduate School at University of Texas at Tyler.

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Video Summary

  • Why I decided to Study in USA
  • What and who inspired Nithesh to study abroad?
  • Why University of Texas at Tyler?
  • Life as a Vice President of ISA
  • How to manage 20 hours of work per week, college courses and being VP of ISA
  • Graduate School Admission and Financial Aid availability
  • Campus Life, Cost of Living, Grocery Shopping
  • Job Opportunities after MS from UT Tyler

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  1. Hi Raghu
    I have a question…did Nithesh join UT Tyler with gre or without gre?

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