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How Safe is College Campus for Female Students in USA?

college campus safetyI created this short video to answer 4 questions about Crime, college campus safety  while studying in USA and bunch or other questions about managing academics in US Universities.

Here is the actual question from a Parent :

Greetings,  Your mails are very informative,keep doing the good job & accept my sincere thanks for the information passed on through your blogs:

As a parent I am having following queries,please clarify or address the following in your blogs,I am sure many  Indian parents will have the same doubts

  1. How safe is USA campuses (inside as well as outside) for girl students? I know thousands of girls are studying in US Universities,still considering the conservative nature of Indians,all the parents will have this doubt.
  2. If an Indian Engineering  student with a background of 65 – 75 % marks through out their academic session gets admission in a US university,can they cope up the syllabus pressure at US universities?
  3. Is it a fact that only top notched students with high IQ can only manage the MS in USA?
  4. Is there any instances or statistics available wherein students find it too difficult academically to cope up & returned back to India without completing their MS?

College Campus Safety and Academics

Read this article – 25 Dangerous College Campus in USA.

There are several Top Ranked Universities in the list and guess what?

There are several thousand students going to college every day. Crime happens every where, we just have to be cautious  about surroundings and stay safe.

I’m going to interview a female Indian student in next couple of days, I will ask about campus safety and security during the interview.

Let me know if you have follow up questions about campus safety, academics.

If you are current student : Do like to share your college campus safety  experience/evetns and things you do stay safe?


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  1. Hi Raghu,

    I wanted to know if PhD in US is more difficult than the european countries? I have been a good student as a whole but m not sure as to whether I will be able to cope up with the pressure in US. Kindly suggest me.

  2. Good presentation. Forthright and convincing. The video is worth a thousand pages of write up. Good work. Keep it up.

  3. Hi Raghu

    From offering tips about applications and scoring and budgets, you’ve expanded your role and contribution towards the US-bound student fraternity’s life in general. Congratulations and many thanks. Your bonafide opinions only add to what you are doing. Do keep up the great job.
    Mayank Batavia

  4. Hello HSB,
    Thanks for the post. That was the most useful post for me in this blog. The questions 2,3,4 were the questions I actually thought, because I am an average student. I am sure I cant find a good answer for those questions anywhere in Google except from your blog. And, that too from a respectful and experienced person.
    Thanks a lot, Senior Raghuram.

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