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I have Medical Complications, Can I Study in USA?

If any student have cracked the score well. Then selected from University.And now turning for interview.But he is suffering from a medical complication that involves the proper medications.Do the officer reject such a student?If they allowing him what should be the student’s behavior. Is there any need of hiding such complication from interviewer.

F1 Visa Interview and Medical Complications

Very tough question to answer.

  • If you think you will have health problems while studying in USA, then don’t take risk.
  • Medical insurance and medical bills are very expensive. [Affordable health insurance for students]
  • You might not have very good insurance offered by university, so your out of pocket expense might be very expensive.
  • If you have medical history and planning to hide it implies you have something major.
  • Here in HSB we don’t advise to hide facts and provide short cuts.

Think about this –  You will be staying with friends and family members will not be there to take care. If your medical condition will cause trouble to your friends and disturb their studies, they are not going to feel comfortable staying with you or  taking care of you.

Just like you they are spending money to study in USA and its not easy. You are much better off not going to USA when your conditions will cause troubles and inconvenience to others.

When you stay with friends, you might fall sick, get fever and cold. For those things, they will be able to help, but its very hard to get help when you have some chronic medical conditions.

Overall you have to consider following factors and decide

  • Is your medical condition life threatening?
  • Is your medical condition when not treated will be harmful to others?
  • Can you take care of yourself?
  • Do you have enough money to pay for medical expenses?
  • Host of several other factors..

Over to Readers

What do you advise the above reader? Would you risk your life going to USA for education?

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  1. I got admitted into Western Michigan University for Spring 2011 semester . I got my visa also on Dec 28 2010…But due to some health problems i deferred my admission to Fall 2011 semester .For that i got my new fall semester i20 with the same Sevis number ..

    So im planning to go to USA on August 1st week. my question is , will i face any problem at immigration check because of ‘ 8 months ‘ delay after getting VISA?

    My sevis is activated upto nov 12th 2011..

  2. i want to go abroad(U.S.A prefferred) with research fellowship for masters.

    i am thalasemic,so i need blood transplants regularly,and also injections….

    Is there anyway i get insurance for it?

    if not hows the cost?

    can i get insurance in u.k. ,canada or australia?

  3. If someone suffers from a genetic disease which requires him be in frequent medical treatment,then would it be wise for him 2 study in USA? Will Canada be a preferable option for him to study as Canada has a free and universal healthcare policy?

    1. @Pratip – Its very hard for someone from forum or blogs to comment on medical related situations. You, your family and doctors have to decide.

  4. Hello sir!my name is amit bhatia.I have finished my 3 year bsc.biotech.Currently I am pursuing Msc.biotechnology.I want to pursue MS from US university.Shall i continue my masters and then go for MS in US or in between leave the course.

  5. if sum1 is having sum medical condition,which can produce trouble for others den my opinion is dat not to study in us,as they wil b alone there,widout family which wil produce lot of depression.

  6. What if one of your relatives has a Hospital established there? I have one! 😀 Is it good? Or is it necessary for me to take a health insurance again! I did not ask him about this but I think he will help me out in this medical things!

        1. Lets see… your mom's bother is at place X and you get sick (emergency) at place Y you will go to nearby Emergency Care. Your moms brother cannot help you. You don't have insurance and end up paying full bill that could wipe out your family savimgs.

          1. I don't want to say this, but he lives in Texas, and I got admit from Lamar University, Prairie View A&M just yesterday and he is my sponsor too. So is it necessary now? :O

  7. I sympathize with the reader. It is very difficult for most people to get an admission to the US, ans when you do, you would do anything not to give it up.

    The important question is, what is the medical problem that he is suffering from. It may well be something non infectious and would not harm the people around him, in which case, i do not think that it would be wrong for him to go the the US, provided that he can take care of himself and he has enough finances to support treatment for it.

    However, in the above case, i do not think that it would be something that needs to be hidden from the Visa Officer. I would not suggest to hide the fact, but if the topic does not come up, I would advise not to inform the Officer voluntarily.

  8. I am in ohio and was in emergency ward for 2 days my total bill was $ 12,000and I payed around $500 rest was paid by my university health insurance but my friend who is in Missouri was also in emergency for just 2 hours, her bill was $ 6000 and she paid $ 1500 from her pocket and rest was paid by her university insurance. So, it depends on which university you are admitted in but if you are in hospital once a month or 2 months then it would be very expensive for you.

    1. It depends on the health insurance plans. Some universities require students to take insurance coverage provided by them, while others are flexible, but its mandatory to have health insurance.

  9. One visit to emergency costs one around 4000$… Smtimes fr sm reAsns health insurance refuses to cover that.

  10. The medical bills are really expensive in the us.It's always cold and weather conditions are erratic.It's good to analyze the points posted by hsb. At times ppl get depressEd thinkin about comforts they had back in india.one needs to be prepared mentally rather physically

  11. The situation has to be assessed by the applicant. The medical system in the universities is usually very callous and expensive. You are mostly treated by practicing nurses who really don't know too much. So you have to take a call on whether you regularly need medical aid. Medical bills are pretty expensive and am not sure if medical insurance will cover all your needs. Also, it's pretty difficult to be so far away from family and suffer alone. Everybody here is busy with his or her own studies and so you yourself would be in a tight spot if you fall sick and need attention.

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