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Why Apply for Jobs and Internships via Multiple Ways?

Did you know that there are at least 10 different ways to search for jobs and internships? I have added new links about job search and internship search for students in this blog.

Students who are currently in school must have some exposure on job search and internship methods followed by their circle of friends.

When job search is not done in the way it’s supposed to be done, students will usually give up the job search within 1 or 2 months and then start looking for consultants.

Did you know?

(I will be using job search and internship words interchangeably.)

Most students who are currently applying for student visa and admission have assumed that companies visit campuses looking for potential employees and that they can get jobs through campus placement.

However, that’s not the actual case in most universities. Students have to actively (I would say pro-actively) search for jobs, or else job search itself will look like a very big task.

I knew a few of my friends who didn’t apply for any jobs, and when their OPT period was about to end, they found some consultants to help them process their H1B visa.

I also knew a few who didn’t even thought about searching for jobs. After graduation they just went straight to consultants and found some jobs through them.

I always favored permanent employment over contract positions. Job search is, by itself, already a full time work.

A couple of my friends, when they’re in their OPT period, were very desperate to find a job and time was running out for them. They always get up early in the morning and start looking for jobs.

Because of their persistence, they were able to learn many job search secrets, such as what time email must be sent to HR people, what modifications must be made to resumés while applying for jobs specific jobs, to name a few.

Finally, they got the job that they enjoy now, even after 3 years of searching.

Current students who are looking for jobs will know how difficult it is to get an interview call, but once they have that first interview, things seem to flow smoothly afterwards.

But getting that first interview call is what matters most and it take lots of effort to have it.

There are so many different ways that are available that can help students get jobs and interview invites much faster and more worry free.

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  1. Tripti on September 30, 2010 at 11:19 AM


    I have questions regarding the job search. Well, I was just wondering what is the right time to look for a job? Hopefully, I will be graduating on Spring 2011, so thinking to apply the EAD/ OPT before 3 months of my graduation. Should I be looking for a job from now on, or do I need to wait for Spring to come because every job I am looking for ask if I do have EAD.

    I would appreciate your response.

    Thank you.

  2. Chaitanya on March 20, 2010 at 10:03 PM

    Hii…the information you provide is just amazing. It is through this blog i got to know everything about MS. My bookmarks was full of happyschoolsblog…every post i read is useful in making a right decision. Thank you so much for your assistance and information. Thanx a lot…:)

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