You Decide : Personality Type vs Academic Type (Video)

I have discussed about Personality Type vs Academic Type in this video.

Personality Type

  • Type A
    • Time Urgency
    • Taking Charge
    • Impatient
    • Always winning attitude
  • Type B
    • Relaxed
    • Lethargic
    • Don’t mind losing a competition

Academic Type

  • Type A
    • Natural Problem Solver
    • Proactive
    • Self-Motivated
    • Self-Control
  • Type B
    • Requires Motivation
    • Easily influenced by External factors
    • Depended on others for guidance (almost always)

What kind of Personality and Academic Type do you come under?

In this video, I give tips on how to improve your academic ability.

I suggest you watch the Part 1 of this video before watching this video.

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How to Improve Academic Ability

Here is a comment posted in the YouTube by Dennis Do

The main problem I think is when people try to make a plan, but fail to stick to it because they aren’t willing to do so.

It’s easy for me to say, “You need to make a plan and follow the plan”.

But in reality, you know that its not easy to do something, you are not comfortable with.

Have you made a plan in the past? How long were you able to keep up with that?

So, here is an easy way to get started.

If you are used to spending 1 hour per day studying, then make a plan to spend 2 hours per day for 1 week.

Then you can gradually increase the time. Remember, it takes time to form new habits. Likewise, improving your academic ability requires motivation and effort.

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  1. @Raghu
    What u have accomplished through this video is categorizing…
    Type A &B
    In terms of academics and personality…
    I fall in i dunno where but … i’m a natural prob solver etc etc…lots of self control…
    though i’m very lethargic…i have the habit of doing things at the last minute and also i don’t like to do completion work on time…( as i think its a waste of time)..
    I love to take charge of the situation with taking into consideration of rqt of grp members
    Punctuality is equally imp for me..
    But from this data that i put in-front of u…
    I have come up with a Type AB kind which has-
    1) Natural Problem Solver
    2)Lethargic and lazy though good at doing things
    3) Like doing things when the water is already upto the throat and one is about to drown..but still manages to survive it.
    4)Take charge of the situation taking into account the requirements of grp members.
    5) Punctual…( Has lots of time sense)expects the same from others…
    6)Un-burdened… does not like to be told what to do and when to of his will.
    Can’t one exist in this type?
    I have lots of my friends who fall in this type and are brilliant at what they do!!
    Please think over it and analyze…
    I think u will have a better solution or analyzed answer to this.

    1. Yes can have AB type. But when I said type A, I’m referring to people who are really driven, people who come with new ideas, those who strive to get MBA from IVY.

      People who put a dent in the world with their ideas or those who strive to make their presence felt.

  2. Hi Raghu,

    I fall in the type A personality category but different than what you mentioned in the video.

    My personality:
    1) I try to be as much patient as possible in any given situation. Being restless will not change a situation so no point in being restless, this is what i learned as time passed, it’s not that easy to conquer it though but not impossible.

    2) I approach problems with a positive attitude, it helps me a lot.

    Patient mind and positive attitude can do wonders. Try it!!!!

    That was about my personality now going to my academic ability I am type A and B combined, sometimes I do things way ahead of the deadline and sometimes I wait till the last minute.

    I have observed that somehow I have the tendency to perform better under stress but it’s better not to wait till the last minute.

    Thank you.

    Best Regards,
    Tathagat Pathak

  3. Well, I have a calm and composed person to the world, but extremely restless inside.. I dont mind other’s mistakes.. But somehow I cant set low bars for myself.. I don’t know which category I belong to 😛

  4. Hi ,
    Very nice analysis.
    I have Type A personality but i fall under Type B academic personality.
    I would very much like to change that.

  5. Nice analysis. Personality type and Academic Type- Combination of A A will be great. Even a combination of A B or B A will be okay. If someone is B B, then that is a sign of worry.

  6. I seems to have combination of both. I do not like to wait for some one. But if i need to go somewhere then i will always look for some one. I used google maps very less i used to ask person. I am able to do very few things alone, I always need to discuss my programming problem with some one. I am not typical leader but i like to face problem.

  7. Personality wise Type A but not that always winning attde coz i find it stupid to think bout winin or loosin and academically m a mix of A and B coz m proactive in papers or subs dat seem 2 b interesting in other cases no one can motivate me, my bad!!

    Well, Raghu ,no HSB s better, i think dere does exist another type academically,dont know u will agree or not, but some have the tendency to do a work or say a paper IN FEAR of the outcome dat dey will face if they dont do it. I mean say I have a paper ” Power System Operation and Control (PSOC)” but I simply hate papers on power systems. Now I dont find any pleasure in studying it but I do it fearing dat if I fail den it will be shameful plus I will be having a backlog! In this process I score really well!! I mean better dan all the other papers dat I like!! WHAT WOULD SUCH PERSONALITY BE CALLED?????
    N.B.: The above example is a true one. I scored an ‘O'(O => Outstanding) in PSOC but in Micro Processor I scored an A though I can claim to have much more knowledge in MP dan PSOC!!
    Will dis be called a glitch in the exam systems dat are followed???

  8. Raghu,
    See, I cannot watch your video on my phone, even the internet connection is so slow where i live. If, majority of your audience are from countries where the internet is advanced and well developed then you should do video blogs. it is very much appreciated if you could post text version of your video right next to it or underneath for the ones who cannot watch the videos. so, is this a personality type test video? any recommendation where i can take this test for free?

  9. cool… I know this theory already. Origin of the thought to divide personalities in two types was derived from Magreger’s “Human side of enterprise.”

  10. generally, type A candidates end up going US AND completing their education i believe (as far as this blog ppl are considered), those who by mistake escape fail to complete their courses.
    by the way, are these your findings? Because there are many theories in Management about personality analysis.

  11. hi raghu this is abhishek

    my cgpa is 6.55
    and my personality is
    Time Urgency (some times when i like the work)
    Taking Charge
    don’t mind losing a competition

    my academic type is exactly of type B
    plz give some suggestions or recommendations for improving myself as a student and also as a person

  12. Nice change of pace, Raghu. And some video on your site tends to be helpful in making your valuable content discoverable to those it may benefit.

    It is ideal to break down study material into digestible chunks and process it over a reasonable period of time. If this is a “Type A” trait all students would do well to adopt it. Being “laid back” for weeks or months — “Type B” style — and then cramming desperately at the last minute is suboptimal in every way.

    I went to law school in California. That meant students were really laid back, right? Wrong. That just meant they put in a lot of effort appearing to be laid back. (Lots of bare-chested Frisbee action between classes.) In fact, they all studied like crazy behind closed doors and were every bit as ambitious as the Harvard kids.

    Point is, anybody who tells you they don’t study, they don’t attend class, and they pull down top marks is either (a) a superhuman genius with a photographic memory; or (b) a liar. (I’m guessing the latter.) Either way, they are irrelevant to you if you are a student seeking to deploy sound study practices.

    I had a Yoga instructor who would always tell members of the class, “Be strict with your body!” I would suggest that students also be strict in following a logical study protocol and attempt no shortcuts. Cramming to make up for lack of decent preparation is a short cut. Easier said than done to avoid such emergency tactics, I recognize. But to avoid cramming should be a major aspiration for any student.

  13. Personality type-A for sure
    Academic type a mix of A and B.. I am not sure under which i come. May be i come under academic type C-Lazy to learn and in need of help from type A 😛

  14. Hi raghu,

    This is really a good idea to post videos where we can learn our personalities and academic personalities.. I think the subject is good and your video is important and keep going.

    For me I think Iam mixed type A and type B depending on the situation and like to be interactive and independent but with guidens.

    Thank you
    And best regard

  15. hi raghu this is abhishek

    my cgpa is 6.55
    and my personality is
    Time Urgency (some times when i like the work)
    Taking Charge
    don’t mind losing a competition

    my academic type is exactly of type B
    plz give some suggestions or recommendations for improving myself as a student and also as a person

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    Go ahead and Best of luck bud!!!

    1. I don’t have to worry about video hosting with Youtube and other video hosting places. Plan to do video pot instead of blog post for next week or so.

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