Resume Screening: HR vs Hiring Manager

Can a perfect resume get you a job? Answer is yes and no.

Earlier this week we posted an article about How to Name Your Resume. Today, lets look ar how resume is screened at HR and Hiring Manager level.

When you apply for a job, resume typically goes to Human Resource (HR)  person  or  recruiter.  From HR, resume will sent to Hiring Manager. Always remember to build your brand for job search. Resume is just one part of the equation.

Resume Screening – Human Resource

Resume is first screened (or reviewed) by Human Resources typically. You will understand why I’m using the word typically later. HR’s roles is to give the hiring manager certain number of resumes. Lets call this as pre-screening phase.

Resume Pre-Screening

HR pre-screening  can be done by one or more the following ways

  • Phone interview
  • Potential candidate asked to fill out questionnaire
  • Simply reading through the resume.

HR cannot identify the best possible candidates for the job, but select “good-fit” candidates from the pool of resumes received. Its the job of the hiring manager to find the best person for the job, because they know a lot more about the job and what technical talents they are looking.

Resume – Minimum Requirements

So what kind of information does HR look to qualify pre-screened resumes?

  • Resume Overall look and feel (Good, Ok and Ugly)
  • Education
  • Work Experience

Selected resume will be then passed to Hiring Manager. [ Resume Format India vs USA]

Resume – Hiring Manager

The hiring manager will then focus

  • Education
  • Technical Skills
  • Work experience
  • Projects  and technical expertise

Hiring Manage is the one who would decide if they want to do initial phone screen, then decide if they want to bring you in for personal interview.

If your resume is not good enough to pass the pre-screening, then you don’t have any chance of getting the job.

If you have internal contacts, then you can skip the pre-screening process and get your resume straight to hiring manager.

There is more to talk about how much time you have to spend on fine tuning the resume and other job search activities.


Can you answer the following question, so next post can be customized based on your questions and comments.

  • How often do you change your resume
  • Do you customize the resume for each jog you apply?
  • Any other resume related questions or comment?

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  1. Hi HSB,

    I'm working for Oracle for 1.4yrs now, got admit UIC fall 2011, planning to attend the same.

    As for the questions, my answers are,

    How often do you change your resume?

    – As often as I learn/work on a new technology or project.

    Do you customize the resume for each jog you apply?

    – Yes, Of course. So as to let people know that i've got something , which they are looking for.

    Any other resume related questions or comment?

    – I've read most of the posts related to Resume in this blog, Ultimate Job search guide, or 'What Color Is Your Parachute?', which one should I buy, I can afford only one. Please Advice.



  2. Hi HSB,

    Currently I am shortlisting the companies based on my area of interest.I am customizing the resume after going through the companies details(Resume Objective).I update my resume once a week.I am going through the methods which you suggested.

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