15 Smart Job Search Strategies for Job Seekers

Idea behind this blog post was from Anu who had asked this question

What are other smart ways to find a job?

I thought about the question and decided to write this article to share some of my ideas that belong under “smart job search” techniques. But, before that I wanted to ask “What smart job search ways do you know?”

Smart Job Search Strategies

  1. None can beat hard work while searching for a job.
  2. Treat  job search as full time job.
  3. Use custom resume for each job you apply (Yes, its time consuming)
  4. Find ways to build your network. ( How to optimize Linkedin profile )
  5. Use Facebook creatively [How to Use Facebook for Job Search]
  6. Use LinkedIn (add LION contacts)
  7. Understand how job search process
  8. Resume used in India will NOT work in US. [Resume Format India vs USA]
  9. Learn how to use Twitter (don’t tweet about lunch menu, cooking, spam,..)
  10. Get your resume reviewed by a professional.
  11. Understand how to communicate via email
  12. Stop searching for an Indian (Desi) consultants to pay money to get H1B
  13. Not getting response from employer? Blame your job search approach and your resume.
  14. Above all enjoy your job search. If nothing works, don’t get frustrated.

I started writing smart  ways to find a job, but above 14 points ended up as smart job search techniques. Your resume have to reach the right person at right time. You have to be on constant lookout for opportunities and ready to utilize that opportunity.

I think in one previous post I have said this quote  – Luck is meeting point of an opportunity and your preparation. If you are not prepared (resume, interview) when job opening comes up, you are out of luck.

To give you an example, if you come across a job opening through your friend.  Most likely you are going to forward your single general purpose resume. If you don’t have experience in customizing resume, you are helpless. When hiring managers looks at your resume and doesn’t see he required skills. You are not going to get interview call. You have just lost an opportunity.

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  2. I am going to finish my Masters- IT in UK and I want to come to US for work and I just want to know the best possible way for me to find a job there. Could anyone please help me by giving your suggestions.

  3. This is total bullshit. First of all, all would have been summarized as SNS sites (twitter, fb, orkut etc.,) Second there is no job search groups for most areas or all areas in facebook. Don't write something just because you have to.

    1. Every person has something called world view – if you are not aware of something, doesn't mean it doesn't' exist. If you see fb as a hang around spot you will not see anything else. Fb has 100 million ACTIVE users from US alone. Thats 1/3rd of US. Maybe I should have had title – If you are not smart, don't be stupid.

      FB was originally created only for college students, then expanded to companies, then to public. Unless you had student email id, you cannot register for an account.,8599,…

      1. I agree with the 14 points mentioned above and I was following, at least a hand ful of them, when doing the job search. And yes, it is too general [but there is no universal formula for Job Search either]. But it pays off considering that all the circumstances [economy, paperwork etc] is normal. Well, I have not used Facebook for job search but I have definitely used and it's wonderful. I have seen the open positions which I probably can't find it in Monster or Careerbuilder or Dice or Hotjobs or elsewhere. You can also use to find some.

        Job search is individuals strategy. Since every one, or at least most of them, goes for Monster or Careerbuilder or any famous job search engines you have to take a detour or find your own methods to get around. That's how I did and found my own method.

        As HSB mentioned, two of them are very important, getting the resume corrected by a professional, have a solid cover letter and references. And customizing the resume per the job requirement is the most crucial.

        A tip from myside, not just eMail the resume, FAX them, snail mail them [on the ones which you think that the job description fits your profile perfectly]. On top of that, FOLLOW UP. If you do not follow up, it would be better not do the job search as well.

        Think of this, while driving on the road you see all the other cars but when you see a Ferrari or Lamborghini not only yours but everyones attention goes on that Car. This might not be the best example but, you gotta be on top of everyone. Job search is a Full-time Job.



        1. Thanks SJ for your tips.
          One more tip – If the job posted is close to your home, try to submit resume in person.

    2. Sorry to contradict your view Kanishka, but I know that Facebook can be used constructively for job search. I did not use it, personally.

      However, I know of job search groups that exist on Facebook. There are some employers/recruiters on Facebook as well who keep on posting about new job openings, tips for job search and other information related to applying to their company. I don't want to name any companies here, but if you visit the careers section of big companies, you'll notice a Twitter, Facebook, RSS Feeds logo. Why do they have that? Because they can use it for recruiting.

      Also posting on Facebook that you have graduated or are looking for a job/internship will alert others who can guide you if they hear about job postings/events. Try and use it for networking. It helps in job search.

      Get the wrong notion out of your mind that it is only job seekers that need good companies. In reality, companies need good job candidates and will go out of the way to seek them. But if you are plain average, get ready to be lost in the crowd.

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