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Top 501 Smartest Colleges in America Based on Test Scores

College Rankings makes sens when they are not based on surveys but pure numbers. That’s exactly how 501 Smartest Colleges of America Rankings were computed by Business Insider for 2013-2014. Yesterday we looked at Top 400 World University Rankings. For the first time 4 universities from India made into the list, but you may notice…

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Top 50 Public Universities in USA – Best Bang for Your Buck

Here are top 50 public universities in USA for 2013 based on with highest value for the money you pay for college. Its’ called Best Bang for your Buck Rankings from Washington Monthly. Ranking Methodology At least 20 percent of their students must be receiving Pell Grants, which go to students of modest means (annual…

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25 Most Dangerous Colleges in America

Louisiana State University

Business Insider published dangerous college rankings ( 25 most dangerous campuses ) in the USA based on crime rate statistics from FBI over the last three years. NOTE: Some people have objected to our use of FBI data because (1) not all schools participate in the survey and (2) some schools are more aggressive than others…

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31 Universities That Require Transcripts Evaluation

I hope everyone is aware of the term WES and its purpose. If you aren’t aware of the WES then kindly check the post below. Transcripts Evaluation In this post I’ gonna write regarding the univ’s that require WES evaluation for the admission process. There are nearly 100 universities in USA that require their applicants to evaluate…

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10 Largest Universities in America – Under Graduate Students Population

arizona state university

Question – I want the list of 10 Largest Universities in USA by Student population (enrollment). According to Wikipedia following are the 10 largest Universities in USA basedon Under Graduate student enrollment. Arizona State University’s total student enrollment is 72,252 ( College Navigator). 10  Largest Universities in USA Arizona State University 58,404 University of Central…

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Universities for GRE 318 – MS in Computer Science

My GRE score is 318 GRE 318 Verval : 150 Quantitative : 168. AWM: 3.0 I have completed BE in Computer Science with aggregate of 72%. Have 1 years of exp in a reputed IT MNC. Planning to apply for CS in Fall 2013 for the following univs: 1) Pennsylvania State Univ 2) SUNY, Stonybrook…

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Top 10 Financial Aid Public Universities in USA

Attending university with Financial Aid or Grants makes students financial burden less.Following is the list provides top public universities that provides financial aid. Image – Source. Source – Kiplinger Top Public Schools Values. Then information about schools was from the University, College Navigator  and Wikipedia. 2011?s Most Stressful Colleges Rankings Top Financial Aid Public Universities…

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Top 100 Physical Therapy Schools

List of Best and Top Ranked Physical Therapy Schools in USA. How to Become a Physical Therapist in USA Average GRE Scores – Physical therapy Top 100 Physical Therapy Schools in USA (this post) Top 100 Physical Therapy Schools University of Southern California- Best Physical Therapy School The program is comprised of six (6) semesters…

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