What to Expect at Port of Entry in America [Video]

Update : Paper I-94 forms are not issued at Port of Entry in USA via Air Travel.

First city where you enter the United States (Land, Flight, or Sea) will be your Port of Entry (POE). This will be typically the first airport where your flight lands in America.

For example, you will be landing at New York JFK airport and then take a connecting flight to Dallas.

Your port of Entry will be New York.

International students (F1 Visa) or H-1B or other visa holders  have to complete certain procedures at Port of Entry.  Here’s the Video

Above video clearly explains what you can expect at Port of Entry.

What you will see in the video is what you will experience while at port of entry.  Generally first time travelers will be nervous about POE. But, there’s no need to be nervous.

CBP officer will ask few questions like

  • Why are you coming to USA?
  • Is this your first visit?
  • Where will you work?
  • What is your job title?
  • What program will you study and where?

Having US Visa stamping doesn’t mean you will be allowed to enter into US. You have to pass through Immigration and then clear Customs at Port of Entry, before you are allowed into U.S.A.

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Do you have additional questions about Port of Entry – related to baggage, connecting flights, missing suitcases, secondary inspection, leave a comment below.

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  1. My check in baggage has missed on 23 rd dec 2015 in British airways still now I didnt get my bag I have informed to the airport baggage claim but there is no response from them would any one tell me what is the process .

  2. hello there,
    I have a question. My class starts from august 24 and i have ticket for july 24 and i will reached there in july 25 .. will there be a problem in port of entry.. ? I found that we can enter 30 days prior to class start day?
    Is my arrival date is 30 days before?
    please comment here, I have fixed my ticket already. I am worry about this ?

  3. i have obtained visa for TEXAS A & M but i want to first go to california for a wee since my brother stays it possible to land in california before texas

    1. Yes you can- officers at airport may ask you why you landed in California- just tell them true reason. I came to Denver first and than to Texas as my brother stays in Denver.

    1. I got admitted into Western Michigan University for Spring 2011 semester . I got my visa also on Dec 28 2010…But due to some health problems i deferred my admission to Fall 2011 semester .For that i got my new fall semester i20 with the same Sevis number ..

      So im planning to go to USA on August 1st week. my question is , will i face any problem at immigration check because of ' 8 months ' delay after getting VISA?

      My sevis is activated upto nov 12th 2011..

  4. Ok, this might be a bit off the charts … but I'm sure there'll be some junta appreciating this.

    My question is this:

    I smoke, and cigarettes are expensive in the States. So I plan to take either a couple of cartons of cigarettes or a 10 pack of cigarette tobacco along with rolling paper and filters, but I have no idea about how much tobacco/cigarettes are allowed through the customs. Can anyone help me with this?

    I'd appreciate some info especially on the tobacco bit, since that'll last longer, and I can get some really good tobaccos dirt cheap.

    Thanks in advance

    1. I have seen friends buy Kings from India since Cigarettes in Us doesn't the same. But, be realistic, how much do you think you are going to save vs trouble and paying fine ( or customs opening you baggage) for additional inspection. You should be able to get something in your checkin bag. Let me ask few smokers and let you know.

  5. Maybe I will get flamed for making this comment, but what I like most about this video is that it contains an important message: Foreigners are welcome to the United States AND it is understood that a visitor will leave the United States at some point. That's what it means to be a VISITOR.

    The video starts with: "Thank you for choosing to visit the US" and ends with "On behalf of the people of the US, we look forward to having you here and wish you a safe and pleasant visit."

    Hear that? A VISIT. We Indians are one of the biggest offenders when it comes to abusing the notion of a "visitor". A gentleman who visits a friend's house never does it with the ulterior motive of settling down in the friend's house. By doing that so often, we Indians insult the rest of our nation and America's hospitality.

    1. You can carry masalas but do not carry any masala in the form of leaves and only mango pickle is allowed at the port

  6. Hi,
    Really a marvelous video which helps all to know how they are handled in the port of entry.Could you please help me with this question below:
    “If their question was how many years you are going to stay in US ? Do we need to tell the time limit in I20 (say 2 yrs) or the time limit in VISA (say 4 yrs).Kindly advice on the above ? “

    1. Hi Ambrose,

      They will check your I-20 and VISA- So you can say the number of years for which you have been granted VISA. There is no harm in saying 4 years as after the course you would like to work for couple of years before moving to India.

  7. what should i tell if i am asked “how long will you stay in the US..?” it the duration that is printed in the i20..?

    1. They will check your I-20 and VISA- So you can say the number of years for which you have been granted VISA.

    1. Hy…

      Guys i am goin' to UK in the next few months and i dunno abou' what would happen in "UKs' immigration". Please guide me abou' all the stuff that would happen in the form o' immegrations formalties…

      Must reply me i need yeh guys help…

  8. hsb,

    it is really nice of you to inform in detail about entry in to the USA




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