15 Last Minute Flight Travel Tips and Checklsit for USA

tips to book cheap international flightsFlying to America in a Hurry? I had 15 days between visa interview and travel date.

Last week ( Jan 2015) my cousin came to America for attending Rutgers University. He had less than 7 days after visa interview to fly to USA.

These 15  last minute air travel tips will help you when you are short on time.

Last Minute Travel Tips and Checklist

Here are few last minute flight travel tips for students ( and others) flying to US for first time.

  1. Don’t forget to register for Frequent Flyer Miles ( before you fly)
  2. Did you make arrangements for accommodation and pickup from airport?
  3. Do you have dollar bills ($1, $5 or $10) to make phone calls and rent trolley at airport?
  4. Phone numbers of person going to pick you from the airport.
  5. Give those USA contact numbers to your parents (or relatives). [ 10 Things to Do After Landing in USA]
  6. If possible buy a calling card that can be used to while on transit and in USA.
  7. If your flight gets delayed, do inform pickup person about the delay.
  8. If you are not sure about anything, ASK for HELP.
  9. While in airports, keep an eye on your carry on bags.
  10. Take the bags with you when you go to restroom.
  11. Get mentally prepared to use Tissue Paper in Restroom (if you are not used it )
  12. Soiled Tissue paper goes into Toilet Pot, not into trash can.
  13. Know what to expect during the travel. [ US Port of Entry Procedures]
  14. Call the airline 3 to 4 days before the flight to check your meal preferences.
  15. If you arrive at US during mid-day, don’t go to bed right away. Force yourself to stay awake till 8 to 9 PM.
  16. 38 Thing You will Experience After Reaching USA
  17. What happens After Arrival in USA? (don’t feel like a stranger)
  18. Buy sweets to seniors who will pick you from airport and provide temporary accommodation.
  19. Relax and enjoy your trip.

About Frequent Flyer Miles – For example If you are flying in Jet Airways, register for their Jet Privilege Account before you travel.

Provide the Frequent Flyer number to agent who  issues your boarding pass.

You will fly about $8000 miles on your way to US (one way). That’s 8000 miles added to your Frequent Flyer Account. After accumulating 25,000 in miles the account, you can get one round trip ticket free within US with partner Airways in Jet (which is American Airlines).

Read 25 Travel Tips to USA before reading this blog post.

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  1. I have competed one year diploma in 2008, New Jersery, USA I have valid M-1 Visa upto 2012. Now I am interested to visit my college. Please let me know I can visit the college on this visa. please advise me immediately.

  2. that was a great information i really dunno about frequent flyer miles.

    really good keep sending such useful information

  3. Better to stay in India. Economy very bad in US. Americans don't like people coming from India… . Has to do with their jobs being outsourced to India.
    My advise is to stay in India… US was good to come to 10, 15 years ago, … , but now staying in India is much better option…

  4. Thanks a lot 🙂 It's intriguing ! Hopefully waiting for that magical line : 'Your visa has been approved'

  5. Hi! I'm flying from Kolkata to Washington via Frankfurt. What do you think is the best and cheapest calling card service that can be used both in Frankfurt and Washington to call India?

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