Top 5 Credit Cards for Foreign Students in USA

We covered several blog posts about credit cards and link between credit cards and credit history.

If you missed those posts, here is links them

Lets looks are some of the top credit cards available for foreign students in USA.

Top Student Credit Cards in USA

  1. Discover Student Open Road Card
  2. Discover Student More Card
  3. Bank of America (University Alumni Credit Cards)
  4. Citi Dividend Platinum Select Visa card for College Students
  5. Citi Platinum Select MasterCard for College Students
  6. Local Credit Union Credit Cards

Why Student Credit Cards

  • Foreign students will not have credit history.
  • For foreign students in USA, credit card is the easiest way to build your credit history.
  • Student credit cards will have less income and credit history requirements to get approval.

You can also consider getting pre-paid student credit cards. Once you have built sufficient payment history, you can apply for regular student credit cards.