Can I Open a Bank Account With F1 Visa in USA?

I got F1 visa approved and I will be traveling to USA in August.

I wanted to know Can I open a bank account on F1 Visa while in USA? I will be carry bank draft to pay for college fees and my living expenses.

Bank Account with F1 Visa

100 money saving tipsStudents in F1 Visa can open bank account in USA.

Banks would require your passport and I-20 and few other documents.

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Please don’t do what this – Why I opened 4 Bank Accounts?

Try to open checking account in the bank that is near your campus. Talk to your college friends who already have an bank account.

They should say which bank will be convenient to work with near the campus.

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  1. Hi,
    I am planning to open an account this week. Though I have not made up my mind the bank to operate with, I want to seek your advice. What kind of account is best for me as F1 holder? Again, could you kindly list my requirements for opening of such account?

  2. Hello I have a question. I had opened a bank account in the US while I was a student there. My visa expires in 2017. My i20 expires in 2016.

    I am already back in home country finishing my studies. What happens to my account?

      1. For now it’s free, no charges. But will there be a problem if I use the account from India? Like friends sending gift and all that?

  3. Hello,
    I am an international student with F1 visa and tried to open a saving account in ING Direct and Ally. But both of them told me I couldn’t because I did not have SSN and US citizenship. Can you tell me if you know any other online bank that accepts F1 visa students?(I want an online saving account to save more)

  4. you may also choose to open an account even before your arrival in usa. hsbc has a special service which takes care of all the hassles involved. it is offered in all the indian metros but not sure of smaller cities. and swift transfers are safer than carrying the paper draft. bon voyage!

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