Answers to Two Most Common F1 Visa Interview Questions

Raghuram Sukumar F1 Visa

How do you how to ace the F1 visa interview?

Simple answer:

  • Practice your answers.
  • Practice several times.
  • Even in sleep you should speak the truth and valid answers.

Here’s list of 65 F1 visa interview questions.

The next step in preparing for Student U.S. Visa interview is to prepare answers for some these 2 F1 Visa Interview Question and Answers.

Here’s a couple of questions and answers to those questions.

Why Study in U.S.A.?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions and lots of students stumble with the answer.

Here’s some tips to answer this question:

  • Try to convince the visa officer that U.S.A. is the most advanced and pioneer  in your area of study .
  • To make this argument effective,  give an example of some inventions made in the USA in your field.
  • Then include specific detail on how that is appropriate to your interest.
  • Second and the most important thing throughout the interview is that try to convince the visa officer that after finishing your higher education in the USA will give better educational, cultural experience that will prepare you to lead a better life.

Generally the F1 student visas are denied on the basis of three grounds

  1. Potential Immigrant
  2. Insufficient Bank balance
  3. Poor academic background

Also, try to convince the VO that you have good opportunity back in India so you are going to come back.

If you plan to work in U.S. during the OPT period, then speak that truth.

Question : Why Fall Semester?

This is not frequently asked during F1 Interview. But, if you have a break in education or career, you can expect this question in a form to explain why you had a gap and what you did during the gap.

The key here is to speak the truth.

Don’t stumble here if you were just hanging out doing nothing productive.

Try to convince the VO that based on productive work you did during the gap.

But be careful that VO will ask about the connection of your current program you applied and how the activities you did will help you in career, future.

If you are working for a company, then speak about that experience.

“I was working as Software Trainee Engineer for Infosys in Chennai for last 2 years. Then I took a break of 6 months to apply for U.S. Universities.”

But again the VO will ask you about your duties to ensure your work was genuine.

Then proof of the salary, time period of your job  and verify that with your DS 160 form.

Gap without Productive Work
For this question,  I would suggest you to have an answer that based on what you did during the gap period.

You should have done something. Helped your parent company, studies for exams, took a course, etc.

So, you have to carefully craft an answer to show you used the time productively.

In the end it comes down to preparation and your answers, you gave during that 2 to 5 minute interview.

  • Make sure you give your 100% effort.
  • Dress well, rehearse the answers, multiple times.
  • Go in there with positive thinking
  • No one is perfect, there’s some disadvantages with every person. But, stay positive.

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