If you have applied at many U.S. universities but got admission from just one university, what more can you do?

Can you go for F-1 visa stamping for one university that sent you an I-20 or apply for the next semester? Let’s read the email I received:

Mridul writes

Hello! I have applied at 5 different U.S. universities (excluding CSU, Long Beach):

  1. University of Texas, Arlington
  2. UMass, Dartmouth
  3. UNC, Charlotte
  4. Tennessee Technological University, Cookeville
  5. San Diego State University, San Diego

I got reject from every one of them (for electrical engineering). What are the chances of getting into a different university in the second year or can I get into PhD with some financial aid after I finish my 1st year in some other university?

Admission from One University

This year many international students are getting just one admission. Do you know what is the reason behind this trend?

Due to the economic recession in the U.S., many Americans are going back to school. So the number of applications received by most U.S. universities had significantly increased, thus the decrease in admission for international students.

Also, because of this, schools that had been typically considered as “moderate or safe” (for admission), they are now finding it tough to get admission this year.

In your case, since you have received an I-20 from California State University – Long Beach, there are not many options for you.

In fact, having just one admit makes your job much easier. Just be prepared to pay out of State tuition fees.

University Transfer after One (First) Semester

Since you don’t have any admission from other universities, you can go for visa stamping for California State University @ Long Beach.

In the meantime, apply at a few different schools for Spring semester. For some reasons you don’t like CSU (after spending 1 semester there), you can opt to transfer to a different university after 1 semester.

Read about the FAQs about U.S. University Transfer article for International Students for guidance here:

PhD with Financial Aid

You can find answers to similar questions here:

Usually, students are given aid upon admission to a PhD program, but it normally takes one or two semester to start receiving actual support.

But if you want to get a transfer, make sure you get it right after your first semester. Hopefully this answers your questions.

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  1. Pooja on March 11, 2017 at 7:15 AM

    Can i transfer from mdu university to kerala university

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