Average GRE Test Scores for Graduate Schools in America

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If you know the average GRE scores of international students admitted at U.S. universities and graduate programs, you can compare them with your own profile so as to estimate your admission chances.

The U.S. university selection process is tough, especially without having all the necessary information.

Selecting universities based on GRE scores alone is not the really the right approach, but it’s at least a place to get started with.

Average GRE scores required for grad school admission is not readily available to all the U.S. universities. It takes some time and effort to find all those details.

For quite some time now, we have been gathering the average GRE scores of various U.S. universities from their websites. Some of those universities are listed below.

Average GRE test scores for graduate schools

The following list contains the average GRE scores required to get admission at several universities in the USA.

Also, you have to remember that GRE is not the only factor considered for college admission. If your score, though, is far below the required minimum GRE, then your application might be rejected.

  1. University of Florida – Average GRE Scores
  2. Baylor University – Average GRE Scores
  3. Louisiana State University
  4. GRE and GMAT Scores – University of Texas at Arlington
  5. University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
  6. GRE Scores – University of Texas in Dallas
  7. GRE Score – University of Virginia
  8. University of Texas
  9. University of San Antonio
  10. Average GRE and GMAT Scores – University of North Texas

Average GRE Test Scores

Many factors are considered by graduate school admission offices before giving admission to students. So don’t select universities just based on the average GRE scores of admitted students.

You should also give equal importance to following requirements:

  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Statement of Purpose
  • TOEFL Score
  • Paper publications
  • And much, much more.

For example, if the required Average GRE Scores are around 1,150 for a certain university, although you might have 1,250, it’s still possible to have you application get declined.

There are so many other factors that are considered along with GRE scores for graduate school admission.

Any score above 1,100 is good, but there are colleges and universities in the U.S. that still accept GRE scores of 800 and below.


  1. is toefl score of 88 decent enough for getting into one of the gud US univs for a phd in molecular biology??

    1. tough chance krithika,

      u need a score of 100+ for good univerities…

      anyhw ur gre score also is accounted for…

      my advise is take the exam again, if u think u ll fare btr

      1. my gre score is (680-quants,320-verbal)

        i would like 2 do my masters in power systems

        i have an aggregate of 77%in B.E

        and my x std-85%

        x11 std- 88%

        suggest me some univ?


  2. I want to ask that which will be a good subject for me if i m a computer science bachelor.

  3. I hve completed my bachelors in phamacy. My aggregate is 75%. My gre score is 1120(q720 v400).what are my chances of getting into phd in pceutics or pharmacology in US with a good amount of scholarship.

  4. Hi,

    You guys are doing a good job over here. I'm from Nigeria and I just concluded my degree program in Mechanical engineering. Do you think my nationality is going to be an issue or do I have an equal chance of getting a scholarship. I finished with a (3.8/5.0).


  5. masud says:

    octobor 19, 2009 at 2:18 AM

    I have completed B.Sc engineering from KUET,bangladesh.

    I m preparing for GRE.I would like to do MS in INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING in usa.Please give me the information about

    the universities in USA which prefere this courses.

    and also give me the information about the maximam GRE and TOEFL scores needed for admission and will it vary CGPA of graduation.

    Thank u…

  6. i got 990 in my gre exam… can i get in good universities…

    i have aggregate of 71% . i hav given many paper presentations, project..

    wht are the chances of gettin in good universities

  7. i have a gre score of 1150. completing my bachelors in electronics and intend to do MS in the same subject from any good university in

    california. Let me know which universities i can apply.

  8. Hi,

    I have got 1120 in the GRE with 780 in quantitative ,340 in verbal and 3.5 in analytical writing. My percentage is 70. I have done 3 paper presentations, attended workshops and have also undergone inplant training. I wish to study MS in electronics or computer engineering in the USA. What are the universities that i can apply for?

  9. i gave my gre this october and scored 1150 (730 quant and 420 verbal and have not yet received my analytical writing scores). i am a product of mody institute of technology rajasthan, with a cgpa of 7.44.

    can you suggest me universities in which i should apply to get an admission in the computer science ms program??

  10. November 11, 2009


    I am an Indian and I have got GRE score of 1410 and TOFEL 111, and my average score in till the 7th. semester is 75% +. I want to do Masters in Computer Science in USA. Could anybody advise which are the best options available to me in terms of universities and scholarship. Alist of universities would be appreciated.


    1. Why not Rutgers,its a very good school.I think they accept scores from 1300 onwards.Lot of students transfer to this campus from all kind of different places.They alos have lot of programs at their school to perovide employment to the students and keep them busy.

  11. please help.i have a gre score of 1050 and toefl 99.i wish to do comp engg in US.wil i get in any good rank university with this score?

  12. Hey.
    I’m urgently looking for a Psyc SoP, cuz I’m planning to apply to several US universities, and I only find sample SoPs of other areas of interest. Anyone can help me? That would be great!! Thanks in advance.

  13. I am a B Pharm Student from JNTU. I have 65% aggregate with 5 backlogs. My GRE score is 1250 and TOEFL 108. Please suggest Univs for me to apply in Spring 2011.

    Please suggest for Pharmaceutics, Regulatory Affairs, Analytical Chemistry. Please help me

  14. I got 540 in Verbal and 670 in Quant.

    Can I apply for the 70-100 ranked universities for CS.

    I have good research work also.

  15. My academic result CGPA-3.45 in CSE. If i got GRE score 1200. Then may i get scholarship in USA or Canada for MS in CSE program? If any body knew, Pls, tell me the truth.

  16. Please advice me. Can i be able to get admission for Ms. Energy Engineering in the US? Which are the good universities? Am Kenyan and got average GRE scores of 1090 (q560, v530).

  17. hi!, can i know what are the gre and tofel score requirements for stanford university

  18. Hai dear….

    My Academic percentage is 73% and my gre total is 860(610 Q+250V)…

    Pls telllsome universities…….

  19. Hi,
    I am currently in my 2nd year of mechanical engineering.
    My 10th and 12th score are 93%,92%respectively.
    Looking to get into a reputed college in usa.
    I am starting my preparation for GRE.
    Kindly tell me where to start from and what all are the criterias to get into a good college for M.S

  20. Hi, I would like to inquire whether a GRE score of 840 (460 Q and 380V) is really sufficient for admission to Us university for Master Public health fields. My Undergrad CGPA= 4.0/5.0, work experience in the field is 5years and academic percentage is 75.

  21. hi friend

    I got 960 in gre,and 94 in toefl,

    10 th —-84%



    pls evaluate my profile and suggest me a few coll

    for this scores i have to apply for the universities or i have to retake my gre exam

    pls suggest me some coll

  22. Hi,

    I am an Indian and I have got GRE score of 1490 and TOFEL 115, and my average score in till the 7th. semester is 80% +. I want to do Masters in Mechanical Engineering in USA. Could anybody advise which are the best options available to me in terms of universities and scholarship. A list of universities would be appreciated.

  23. hii i want to go U.S for doing M.s in aeronautical engg or Aerospace engg) ,please suggest me some colleges which is good as well as moderate fees.

  24. hie friends I’m niteesh pursuing my b tech final year and Ive GRE score of 1020 and toefl yet to be reported. the problem i have is that Ive got very less score in awa 1.5 and ive already applied for the universities listed below.
    1.Texas tech Lubbock.(only TOEFL required)
    2.university of Missouri Kansas city
    3.Cleveland state university
    4.new jersey inst. of technology
    5.new york inst. of technology.

    So please tell me whether i get admission in these universities with the score ive got. plzz help me put in this regard.
    thank you.

  25. Hello.

    This probably is my first inquiry following a long time of being a fun of this blog.My name is Ato. I’m from Ghana. I hold a BSc.Mathematics from the Prestigious Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology-KNUST.

    Our results are calibrated in CWA-cumulative weighted averages. I graduated with a second class honors in the lower division with a CWA of 55.38, which with the guide of how some renowned universities in USA calculate their GPA results in a GPA of 2.1 Regardless of this poor performance which I definitely can explain how it came about, I want to pursue a Masters degree in Financial Mathematics or any other related Mathematics course. I am yet though, to take my GRE test. I want to know if my dream could be fulfilled in USA. Must I also take TOEFL ? With this my background, under what circumstances could I qualify for any financial aid? I would be grateful if somebody could lift me out of my troubled state with some directions. I’m grateful and may God bless you for your concern.

    1. Hi Ato,

      i have consulted with other graduate school and their graduate admission GPA should be 3.0, but below that it will be very hard, but then you should be able to get a gre score of over 1200 in order to be able to compete, and also very strong recommendations which is very important.and that will give u a chance to make it out there.

  26. Hello Director,

    Thanks for assurance, but It feels a bit insecure still.
    Could you pls address my 2.1 GPA situation?
    Pls suggest some unis for me.
    I'm confident to make it on the tests.
    My area is mathematics.
    Is there any university that may consider me regardless of my dismal 2.1GPA?
    Which schools pleeeeeeeeeease.

    Thank you.

  27. hi sir,
    this is anil,i am pursuing b.tech ,final yearunder ece department,i am not yet appeared for gre or tofel ,i wanna do mba in us unversities whaich has good reputation .so please guide me what i have to do further.
    with regards

  28. hi friends this is syed from hyderabad,india yet to finish my engg in computer science.i was expecting someone to suggest me some good universities in usa or canada but here all are expecting suggestions from others…well if somesone who is pursuing studies in usa or canada can suggest me as soon as possible …

    my gre score 1450.
    toefl score 114.
    want do masters…thanx in adv.

  29. my GRE os 1020

    Toefl 90

    grad 56%

    post grad 7.2(out of 10)

    10 th 87%

    12 th 73%

    with a good SOP n recos

    lot of practical exposures like 2 projects with results and 1 incomplete project.

    I want to apply for phd in Industrial psychology.My GRE Verbal 330 n quants 690.Can any one suggest me any University for my admission in post doc program?

  30. Hi my gre score is 1260, my analytical writing score is 4. my toefl score is 102. I have three years of IT work experience and i am university rank holder with a gpa of 9.5. Can you please suggest me some universities to apply. I am interested in applying for Masters in computer science

    1. Try Berkely or USC, or, Carnegie Mellon. If you need to know more, contact me. All the best.

  31. Hello
    My name is Elias and I am from Ethiopia.
    I would like to know what the Requirements are to get a scholarship in USA. I am an Electrical Engineer currently working as a programmer for a software company. I am also CCNA certified. But the problem is that my CGPA of my Electrical Engineering Degree is 2.3. What score would i have to have in a GRE examIn Order to get a Scholarship for a Masters program in Computer Engineering or Software Developer or any IT related field. I mean would i even be eligble for a scholarship if i get a good GRE score.
    Please, i would like to know what exams i have to take and how much to score on those exams, to get a scholarship in USA for a Masters Program.
    Please Send me information about this.
    Thank You.

  32. Hi i'm Deepak.

    My 10th percentage is 91.8

    My 12th is 96.3

    FInished my 3rd year in BE(Hons) in EnI in BITS with a CG of 9.09

    Preparing for GRE and TOEFL.I was wondering how high a score i require to get admission in Purdue or any other reputed University with a goofd Electronics facultty

  33. I am a B.E in mechanical engineering from Pakistan (NWFP University of Engineering & Technology Peshawar). My GRE score is 770 in quantitative and 460 in verbal and 3.0 in analytical writing. TOEFL ibt score is 83. My undergraduate average is 61%. Suggest me a list of Universities in US where I can apply to get admission for MS in the related field of study. I have also 7 years of relevant experience.

  34. I want to apply for for MS in power systems. i have an aggregate of 64.5 % 8 smester and 71 % for final 4 semester. can please help in calculating my GPA. university has a requriement of GPA 3.3 will i meet the requirement.

    i want to apply for Prude university. What should be my GRE score for getting admission.

  35. my aagregate score in BE is 64.5 for 8 semester and 71 for the final 4 sems. how to claculate my GPA … please help me to know what is my GPA

  36. Hi
    I am a B.tech student in Amity and my current cgpa is 7.5(6 semesters). How much should i score in gre and toefl to get into top 20 colleges of US for MS.
    Also, can you send me the ranking of these Universities.

  37. cn sm1 giv me d list of top US univrsities known fr ms in electronix n comm engg pls?

  38. i am in 3rd yr of my engg(mechanical).
    i would like to do my masters in automobile engg. wat should be my gpa and my gre ,toefl scores to get in to top univ?? plse do help me!!

  39. hello sir,

    am jus gettin started in ma plans of doin MS in US.

    i want to know d BEST STREAMS in wich i can pursue my masters.. am confused about it.

    currently am doin ma BE inMECHANICAL ENGINEERING….

    thanks a lot..

    wil be so thankful to this site.. 🙂

    1. You can opt to study any major in Masters. Make sure you have interest in that area. Checkout IE, Mechanical, OR, ..

  40. hi ,

    I have done my mca i want to persue ms in US.Is it possible for me to get a seat in Computers in US

  41. hello friends myself rahul from mumbai i just finished 3 ^rd year in engg from electronics & telecommunication , i was having drop in 2 nd yr wan to pursue ms m planing to give gre at the start of 2011 , will having drop effect getting admission in universities or it on depend on the gre scores plz reply

  42. Dear HSB , Amit here. I have done MCA in 2001 after that i spent 2 years in software development and right now i am in academics from past 6 years.

    i have 3 national paper pulications and attended number of seminars.

    my acads are

    10th: 59%

    12th: 60%

    B.Sc.: 68%

    MCA: 70%

    GRE 1350

    kindly tell if i can do Ph.D. in biometrics in any U.S. or CANADA University with scholership.

  43. hi! myself nitika got 6.5 GPA , i m interested in doing ms in biotechnology. can u suggest me college with their required gre score…

    Thankyou in advance

    1. Its hard to give GRE average scores required. As, for MS biotech many universities don't even require GRE and some do need average of 1050 to 1200 (as i have heard). And as HSB says don't just go by GRE scores alone.

  44. hi

    i got gre score of 1000 ( verbal – 260 & quant -740 )

    i got toefl score of 72

    i did my b.tech in the stream of electrical and electronics engineering.

    can any one plz suggests me some universities to pursue ms in electrical engineering.

    i'm very panic….

    plz save me….plz plzz plzzzzzzzzz

    thank u

  45. i got 890 score for gre.wanna do ms from electronics stream is it possible with this score. please suggest me wether should i proceed with toffel or not.is this score sufficient to get admits want to apply this fall (jan/feb 2011)

  46. i got 890 score for gre.wanna do ms from electronics stream is it possible with this score. please suggest me wether should i proceed with toffel or not.is this score sufficient to get admits want to apply this fall (jan/feb 2011)

    plz do reply will be thankful to you …its urgent…

  47. hello everyone……. my GRe score is 970. maths-700 & verbal- 270. pls sugeest universities for doin Ms in embedded system….. should i get admission in san jose state university of california. pls reply…….

  48. my GRE score is 1300.. quants 740 n verbal 560.. toefl 93..

    78% in BE

    85% in my 10th

    88% in my 12th

    I wish to pursue MS in chemical engineering

    what chances do i stand for gettin into university of California- Los Angeles?

  49. i got 1020 gre score and tofel score is 85

    I want to ask that which will be a good subject for me if i m cse

    i have an aggregate of 66%in B.E

    and my x std-74%

    x11 std- 73%

    suggest me some univs? in texas and california

  50. dear friends

    this is guru shyam i have gre score of 1170 and TOFEL 100 and GPA of 8.75 .can any one of you suggest me , college for doing ms integrated with Ph.D in medicinal chemistry

    1. Hey Shyam,

      I am also planning for integrated PhD medichem and have same gre scores. Can you tell me which universities should I apply

  51. for bradley university at illinos state is gre must.if so i have 580+310=890 gre and 95 toefl with65.89 percentage without any backlogs do i get admission

  52. hi,i have completed my b.pharmacy,my gre score is 910 and am expecting a toefel score between 95-100,my % in b.pharm is 70%,in inter 86%,in 10th 90%,will i get admission into chemistry in any unversity in this spring?plz tell me some universities ,plz help me.

  53. hey my gre score is 760 q

    470 v

    how s dis score for getin admision in a top 10 colege of us in molecular and cellular biology.i m going for an integrated ms with phd..

    i hv many paper n poster presentation..plzzzz reply as soon as possible..:):)

  54. hello sir , my gre score is 1040 (math:750,verbal:290) in which universities can i get admission,can i get financial aid?

    I am pursuing my Btech 4th yr from JNTU university and my aggregate at present is 69%


    SSC :83%

  55. DEAR HSB,






  56. hi,

    i m a final yr electronics engg student.My GRE score is 1120(quans 660 and verbal 460)

    i have an aggregate of 80% in my engg.program.

    10th: 91%

    12th: 89%

    can u help me out with d list of universities in U.S for pursuing my M.S prog in a related course under electronics engg.

    thank u….

  57. my gre score is 970(verbal-290,quants-680),and my b.tech(information technology) percentage is 65.pla let inform me the colleges that aceept my profile

    1. exactly ,i am also in same stage,so could u say wat universities did u apply,,plzz

  58. hi

    I am priya. I got only 920 in gre is there some possibilities for me to get a ph.d in biochemistry in us universities.If so list some universities i could apply for.

  59. i have taken gre exam a week back and got 1080(q-770 &v-310).

    i have an aggregate of 70 %

    is there any chance that i can get admission for Masters in comm.engineering

    Also my major concern is if i take gre exam again how they will consider the gre score like best of two scores or the average?

  60. hii…. my gre score is 1030 (math:710,verbal:320) in which universities can i get admission,do i have a chance of getting aid?

    I am pursuing my Btech final yr from kakatiya university and my aggregate is 74% at present

    intermediate:92%,SSC :86%…please let me know

  61. my gre score is 1280( 740 quant and 540 verbal) m still waiting for analytical writing scores. which universities do u think i can apply to??

    1. my gre score is 1290( 740 quant and 550 verbal) analytical writing score 2.5. my acads 72% no backlogs toefl 89.which universities u applied to??got any funding??plzz reply urgently


  62. my gre score is 1050(q-740, v-310) n my aggregate is 68%. Can i get into any good universities in u.s … n im thinking to take gre once again in jan 1st week… or is it beter to start sending my applications to universities with this score n later send my new scores to other universities??

    1. Hello, my GRE score is 740 quantitave + 300 verbal = 1040 . My GPA is around 2.75, and I am senior standing now. And I want to have Phd in computer science. Do I have any chance to be approved a university? Please, I will be waiting for your response. Thanks in advance.

  63. My GRE score is 1130 toefl 98
    what is the ranking of new york institute of technology for MS in mechanical engg . which are the very good univs for mechanical engg for MS ,which specialisation in mech has max scope
    what are my chances for the 2011 admission for mechanical engg with present score . If i retake the gre will they take the average score of 2 tests
    Reply pronto hanks

  64. Hi,
    My GRE score in Verbal:550, in Quant:800, in Analytical:3.0. I have good grades (8.5/10) in my under-graduation and a research publication. As of now, I have an experience of one year in industry. I am applying for Phd in Electronics. I am aiming for Stanford University, Georgia-Tech, University of illinois – Urbana, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute – NY, University of Notre Dame, and Caltech. What are my chances of getting a call from above mentioned universities?
    Please Reply.
    Thanks in advance.

  65. Hi….. My GRE scores is 1150 ( verbal-440 and Quant-710) And i am interested in MS in pharmacology. Plz tell me usa universities along with TOEFL score required.

    Thank u in advance.

  66. Hey HSB, One funny question. Can TOEFL scores suffice for GRE verbals score? I mean I've a GRE score of 1130 (750Q +380V). And a TOEFL score of 104. Together I've a good academic profile. Because of unexpected circumstances my GRE score went a bit low in verbals I guess. However I dont have an excuse. Now will my good TOEFL score compensate for the low verbal score? I'm interested in masters in Biotechnology. Please try posting on it.

  67. if i get gre score in range of 1000 to 1100 in which universities should i apply?i m interested to pursue M.S. in Computer Science.

    Will you please snd my the list of universities?

  68. please give me the minimum gre marks for universities in USA and give me some tips for preparation for the gre exams…..

  69. my marks are:

    10th grade—— 85.75%

    12th grade—— 80%

    UG GPA———— 7.15

    GRE score—— 1200

    please tell me in which university in usa i can get scholarship and about how much scholarship?

  70. my gre is 950, tofel 94, academics 68%… which universities suits my profile.. can u plz help me…

  71. hi…my gre score is 1030, toelf is 87…acads 72%…i am
    trying to apply to northeastern university, suny at buffalo and
    st.johns for pharmaceutical sciences… i want to know if these are
    sure short unis for my profile…can sme one please help

  72. Can you let me know what exactly is GRE and how someone like me from Tanzania can get chance and access to sit for it please?. I am much interested in studying for masters degree course soon I graduate with my Bachalour of Science in environmental management soon in June-July this year.


  73. my marks are: 10th grade—— 74% 12th grade—— 65.5% UG %————
    64.5% GRE score—— 1050 Toefl score—–75-82 total experience:
    almost 8 years 2.8 years in small scale manufacturing industry 4.6
    years indias largest MNC, L&T in Finite Element Analysis
    Send me university list? please tell me in which university in usa
    i can get scholarship and about how much scholarship?

  74. Please advise me on the school which are applicable …GRE

    V- Quantitative :-670 Verbal :-560 and writing -3.0

    2.5 yrs experience in IT

  75. hello

    please send me university list for ms in pharmacy having requirments of GRE & IELTS

  76. please give me cut off gre marks of each topmost universities in usa.also tell me cut off marks for verbal,quants & analytical writing of each universities separately.

  77. actually im preparing for gre so how much score should i have to get to enter into a gud university with full aid.

  78. Hi HSB,

    Can you please send me a list of universities where tuition fee is average and scholarships are high. Please I need it badly.

    1. Hi Avi,

      If you have the list of univ. with low fees and high fund, please email me.

  79. my gre score is 1290(quants 740 & verbal 550) AWA 2.5 toefl 89 acads 72% no backlogs and one paper presentation in bits goa.nothing more to boast in my profile.suggest me some universities with avg gre 1150-1200 & much funding chances.

  80. hai dis is lahari.. im dng b.tech 2nd year in E.C.E. and im very much fond about aeronautics engg n my per in 10th is 83.5%,

    in 12th-89.8%,

    in btech 1st year 66%(i had two baklogs but completed now wit 66%). can i gat in gud colleges if my G.R.E score is gud n also the TOEFL.. if so plz suggest me any new ideas.. n also gud colleges regarding aeronautics for m.s plz .. im very much scared..n also sugget me any new ideas


  81. I m in 8 sem industrial engineering nd management. I wnt to do ms will u sugest me dat wht i hv to do.

  82. Hello Hsppy school……
    I alwys read your bolg……its was amzing & knowledge to us…..
    Now i my at Final Year B.pharma student…i wanted to do M.S. in drug regulatory affairs…I also paseed thourgh good acedemic background & My GPA is 3.5 around….
    i also passed to Entrace GRE(890 score V-300; Q-590) & also TOEFL 101 (Reading 23,Listening 24,Speaking 27 writing 27 ) & also present more than 10 paper presentation or poster presentaion, attend 3 workshops & 10 seminar which including national or International…I am plan to Newyork and Newjersery college for study….
    so which university or college is more suitable for my profile….
    kindly response me as fast as you can……

  83. Dear Sir,

    My name is Prathamesh Kumthekar. I have given my gre and I scored 122o with 730 in Quants and 490 in verbal. I am having GPA of 9.1/10 and I was college topper in Degree and state topper in Diploma . I passed my graduation from Electronics engg. in 2010 from V.J.T.I. mumbai. I am currently working with a reputed company and have also done internship for 1 year. What are my chances of getting admission to a good university for MS in US? Also to which universities should I apply?

  84. I am inquiring about GRE test exam scores for University of Redlands in California? What is the school looking for that makes an applicant qualified or most likely to get accepted? Also, does Loma Linda University in California use GRE exams as an admittance tool as well?
    Thank you!

  85. Sir, first of all, I would like to thank you and others who try to help out students and provide vital information about admissions. Please keep up the good work.

    Now coming to the issue, I wrote GRE on 19th Apr ’11 and scored 520 in verbal & 650 in quants, totaling 1170 (73%). I completed my Elec. & Comm. Engg. in Nov ’10, with First class 63%. I have planned to do MS in Networking in the following univs.

    Univ. of South Florida, Univ. of Central Florida, Univ. of Toledo(Ohio), Univ. of Florida(Gainesville). Could you please let me know if I have got very good chances of getting admission into any of the 4 univs. Otherwise, please provide me with a list of universities where my chances of admission are very good, for my academics and GRE score. Awaiting your reply. Thank you.

  86. helo my name is solomon. my Gre score ( verbal 370 quantitative 540) .I have BA in social science field from Addis Ababa University. I have been working in higher college for five years as instructor. would mind suggesting me the appropriate University.

  87. Hi i have given GRE two times and got very low scores. First time its 860 and second time its 750. wil i get admission in any universities.I have 2 yrs qork exp. 1 yr in IBM and currently working in J P Morgan Chase. I scored 70% in my BE.

    Please help me, by providing list on universities and pls mail them to me.


    1. That really is a very low GRE score .You might get admission in a really bad university.Please retake GRE, as you can definitely score much higher through proper prep

  88. Swetha:

    With a 70% BE and a lot of smarts (at least you wrote the GRE twice and checked out several US university web sites), I don’t understand why you can’t score over 1,200 for the GRE. I have been running a GRE/TOEFL-iBT/IELTS/GMAT school for 11 years. Contact me if you need any help. I am sure you can score higher, with a little bit of preparation, that is. Take care. Best of luck.

  89. is 1200 (verbal-400 quantitative-800) enough to get scholarship in ms pharmaceutics in us or should i take gre exam again ??

  90. is 1200 (verbal-400 quantitative-800) enough to get scholarship in ms pharmaceutics in us or should i take gre exam again ?? what if i get less than 1200 in next exam?? o god i m soo confused. plss help me..

  91. HEY GUYS, I SCORED 1360(V:560….Q:800….AWM:4/6)…..IS IT A GOOD SCORE?……WHICH UNIVERSITIES CAN I EXPECT TO GET ADMISSION INTO FOR CS?…………considering i am an average student otherwise…………plz help……..

  92. i want to give GRE Exam 1st time so i want some tips from u . please inform me about what the constraints are going to be face

  93. hi,
    will having one backlog in the 6th sem affect chances of getting into a good university…even after getting 1370 in GREie.790 Q and580V and 108 in toefel, with 2 interns..one foreign and one doing in india…with a gpa of 7.5…..studing in one of the very reputed engg colleges in karnataka…..having plans of going to US in 2012….pls let me know at the earliest…

    1. kkk ..hema
      i have gone trou yr content ..first of all u need to be clear about yr stream .
      den only i can suggest u university..and u from vich college in karnataka ..
      and how u have done intern from foreign..

  94. hi i have a gre score of 1150 and 63% agg ….. i want to know what kind of universities i can expect with this score for m.e in industrial engineering….. i want to get into a good university which is well reputed…… do i stand a chance in getting them or should i give gre again n apply later????? please help

  95. hi…ive written d new patrn gre my avg scor is 300-400 verbal and 740-800 in quant d original scor for 340 wil b sent by mid novembr…can u please suggest sum universities for dis range of scor…my acads is 78%…my toefl test is to b taken yet on nov 13th…please help me..!!!

  96. I got 1070(math:730 and verbal:340) in which universities can i get admission,can i get financial aid?
    pususing 4th year B. Tech.


  97. First of all Thanks to HSB that many of my frnds recommended it to get my querries answered.

    I have done BE in Mechanical in 2008 from Govt. college with 69.37%
    10th: 72%,
    12th: 81.6% (PCM: 85.34%)

    In September 25-26,2009…. I gave GRE and Toefl:
    GRE: 780(Quant)+320(Verbal)=1200 (3.0 AWA)

    Since then i am working in Tech Mahindra. So i want to change my stream and want to do my MS in Computers.

    What universitites i can get admission in California for Spring/Fall -2012, without giving Toefl again as it will expire in next month.

    I would be highly thankful to you.


    1. Pls note, the above numbers in verbal as 420.

      Someone pls reply to it, its very urgent 🙁

  98. First of all Thanks to HSB that many of my frnds recommended it to get my querries answered.

    I have done BE in Mechanical in 2008 from Govt. college with 69.37%
    10th: 72%,
    12th: 81.6% (PCM: 85.34%)

    In September 25-26,2009…. I gave GRE and Toefl:
    GRE: 780(Quant)+320(Verbal)=1200 (3.0 AWA)

    Since then i am working in Tech Mahindra. So i want to change my stream and want to do my MS in Computers.

    What universitites i can get admission in California for Spring/Fall -2012, without giving Toefl again as it will expire in next month.

    I would be highly thankful to you.


  99. First of all Thanks to HSB that many of my frnds recommended it to get my querries answered.

    I have done BE in Mechanical in 2008 from Govt. college with 69.37%
    10th: 72%,
    12th: 81.6% (PCM: 85.34%)

    In September 25-26,2009…. I gave GRE and Toefl:
    GRE: 780(Quant)+320(Verbal)=1200 (3.0 AWA)

    Since then i am working in Tech Mahindra. So i want to change my stream and want to do my MS in Computers.

    What universitites i can get admission in California for Spring/Fall -2012, without giving Toefl again as it will expire in next month.

    I would be highly thankful to you.


  100. Is it worth doing MS from California State University in Computers ?
    What is the avg salary pattern after graduating from there ?

  101. hello,
    i’ve done BE in electronics and my engg. aggregate is 75.12%,
    12th: 86%
    10th: 88%
    GRE: 1210
    toefl : 92

    i willing to do MS in usa or canada..plzz suggest me som good universities

  102. hello…i am in my second year in B.E. Electronic and communication engineering, my desire is to work in power and energy industries like oil refineries and chemical plants as a power engineer..i want to know if it is possible to do my masters in electrical power engineering…

  103. Hi,
    I want to do M.S in computer science. My gre score is 930(V 320 & Q 610), toefl 82, b.tech 78%, intermediate 93% and tenth 80%. Plz suggest me some universities accepting this score.

  104. I have some queries:

    1. Is it necessary to give TOFEL exam to do MS from US if we have given the GRE exam?

    2. What are the career prospects after doing MS in India?

    3. What are the chances and ways of getting full scholarship once GRE is cleared, in US.

    I am a student of B.Tech 8th semester and your advice would be really fruitful.


  105. Please write some info about source of financial support either Scholarship or loan.

  106. Hello sir,first of all I would like to thank you and others who try to hel out students and provide vital information about admissions.
    Now coming to the issue,I wrote GRE.According to new GRE exam,I got verbal 138 and quants 147, total 285 marks out of 340.I completed my physiotherapy from Gujarat uniersity in march 2012.I have planned to do Master in physical therapy in good university of USA.Please provide me with a list of universities where my chances of admission are very good for my academic and GRE sore.Please suggest me how much tofel score will require to get admission in good university of USA.Awaiting your reply.Thank you.

  107. sir
    nw i am in last year b.e. .i have to get admited in canada for doing ms.my acadamics are poor.plz sugest me about ms

  108. hi hsb,
    i completed my b.tech this year.i want to study ms in oregon state of america.i want know the information about how much gre ,tofel score needed to do ms in computer science and also send the list of universities in oregon state to do ms.plz send this information to my mail.
    thank u,

  109. hello admin, i am karthik n i need ur advice regarding universities selection in usa.
    my personal profile
    GRE- 294
    TOEFL- 81
    10th(ICSE) – 74.4%
    B.Tech(CSE)-67% with 4 backlogs,cleared in 1st attempt
    Suggest me some universities by evaluating my profile.

  110. hii i have done bsc nursing from india ,got 278 in gre, and in toefl 88 ,wanna pursue masters in public health, please help me out in finding universities at usa.

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