BioTechnology to MS in CS : How to Get Admission

I have my +2 from Science stream and am currently pursuing my Bachelors of Technology(BTech) in Bio-Technology. I want to do MS in Computer Science in USA. Now my first Question is

  1. Will i be granted I20 if i opt for MS in Comp Science directly with my GRE score of 1100 considering i am from Science stream and Btech in Bio Tech
  2. If 1st Question answer is ”No” then is it a good to choose some course and try for Branch Transfer there(i heard stream transfer is flexible in US unlike India).
  3. What do u suggest is the ideal approach to this problem?”
  4. Is it better to apply for cs directly or opt for branch transfer there.
  5. Is it expensive if i take all prerequisite courses

By – Sai via Email

1) Admit for MS in CS

Yes, you can get admission for MS in Computer Science with GRE score 1100, but your statement of purpose should explain why you are changing the department.  Admission to MS in CS will come with several pre-requisites course work, which will be core under-graduate courses in computer science (Database, Architecture, Networks, Algorithms, C programming…)

2) Department Transfer

Department transfer is much simpler process once you have admission and you are already in the university. You have to meet with CS department admission adviser and have them review your profile and transfer you to CS department.

3) Ideal Approach

  • Apply for MS in Biotechnology in the university where they offer MS in Computer Science
  • Talk to CS department adviser to learn about transfer process (just in case)
  • Get Admission, I-20, F1 Visa
  • After attending student orientation, you can start the transfer process.

5) Pre-Requisites Courses

If you are given admission with pre-requisites courses, most likely your admission status would be conditional (or probationary). Which means you have to complete all the pre-requisite courses before your admission status will be unconditional.

  • You will be paying out-of state tuition fees to complete pre-req courses.
  • If you have 6 pre-req courses, then you may have to send additional 2 semester to complete those courses
  • Some schools will not allow you to take Graduate level courses before completing pre-reqs
  • If MS takes 2 years to complete, with pre-rea, it would take 2 to 3 years depending on number of pre-reqs.

MS in CS will be lucrative compared to Masters in Biotechnology. Since software engineer are paid much higher then Biotech graduates. Entry level salary in Biotechnology will be around $35,000 to $55,000. Where as for Software engineer entry level salary will be from $45,000 to $90,000 per year.