Double Your Admission Chances Even With Low GRE Score

A graduate school admission with scholarship, who doesn’t want that?

I strongly encourage that you read the previous posts on “graduate school admissions” and other related posts by following the link at the end of each post. Most of my write-ups on graduate school and college admission process are inter-linked. By reading the posts in their proper order, you will gain an overview of the appropriate steps I’m talking about that span the entire university admission process.

For GRE scores below 1,200 (about 318 in revised GRE), there’s a very good chance that you will be admitted, but admission with financial aid or scholarship will be a little difficult. Keep on reading as I will reveal a few tips that might just get what you wanted.

If the graduate schools admission committee is pleased with your performance by virtue of your high GRE score, paper presentation, quality projects, and good recommendation letters from high-profile professors, you actually bear the qualities of students they would want for their school. So you will likely be given admission with some form of financial aid or scholarship.

But this doesn’t mean students with low GRE scores are less qualified for financial support. There are a few things that can be done to increase your chances to get college admission with scholarship or financial aid.

  • Ask your professors who recommend you to highlight your achievements in your project works or paper presentations.
  • Include the copies of your project report along with the graduate school application packet.
  • Include copies of all certificates (training, computer course, extra-curricular activities).
  • Personally contact professors if your research interests are the same as your professors’ and explain your achievements in that area of study. Chances are you will get admission and be offered to work for him/her once the class starts. This is a promising sign.

If any of the above doesn’t help you get a scholarship or some form of financial aid, don’t give up. Get your visa and head to the school where things may look good in terms of funding. Read about selecting universities in the U.S. to understand which universities to select from the list of schools you were accepted.

When you reach your college or university before the classes begin, start looking for on-campus part-time jobs. If you happen to be in school where there are many international students (which means increased competition), it’s all about being at the right place at right time to get part time job.

Another option is to try getting employed by a professor. Schedule an appointment with your professors and inquire about the possibility of working part-time for him/her. If you get accepted, with your professor’s endorsement and based on the quality of your work, you may be given scholarship or financial aid later.

So, don’t lose hope. Because even with a low GRE score, you can double your admission chances when you closely communicate with your professors.

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  1. Hello HSB,
    I have scored 720-800 in Quants and 340-430 in verbal in new GRE and 88 in TOEFL. Now please help me to choose University. Oh I forget to mention that I have 5 years of work experience I have completed my Mechanical Engineering in the year of 2005. I want to pursue my MS in Computational Fluid Dynamics.

  2. Hello sir I have a GRE score of 1100 with 650 in quants and 450 in verbal and my TOEFL scores are 95.I have a GPA of around.Can you suggest a few universities for the above marks.I wish to pursue Masters in Electrical Engineering.

    One more thing to ask.Are backlogs taken into consideration

  3. i have 890(580+310) gre score and 95 toefl i applied for bradley university in illinos state and tamu-commerce in texas and my acadamic percentage is 65.89 wiyhout any backlogs do i get the admission,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  4. hiiiiiiiiiiiii i’m afaque i got 38 marks in toefl really its a very poor marks.but actually want to know dat is there something pass or fail in the TOEFL scoring very less marks can i get any university………………plz reply!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Hey Folks, problem !! already applied to 5 UNIZ for fall 2010,got one I20 so far.

    written the Gre twice in 2 months without prep.

    First gre score – 730

    Second gre score – 890

    toefl -90

    UG aggregate – 78 %

    good sop and lors

    have some computer courses certificates

    good co-curricular and extra-curricular activities


    well,here is my problem.i am currently waiting I20 from my most preferable UNI.i would schedule for the VISA intervw the day i got it.i want to ask all you smart people about my VISA CHANCES !!! will i get a FI VISA with the above said credentials. i know the GRE scores are low but i have seen people getting through with scores touching 800 as well. kindly encourage and i shall not forget you.

  6. I am Anil working as research fellow for the last one year. I have completed masters in chemistry. I have good educational background with over 85% career average. I got 970 GRE score and 77 TOEFL. I have published two papers. I am interested to apply US Universities for PhD in chemistry. I feel that my scores are low so that I may not get the admission. Is it possible to get admission with my profile?

  7. Iam Srichand write now iam working in cmmi level 5 company.I am very much intrested in further studies.I appeared for GRE examination 3 years ago with the score of 870 in GRE and 96 in TOEFL.Will that help me now in order to get admission in USA to do masters in computer science or i have to attend GRE once again.

  8. hi i got gre score of 870 and toefl 89.

    i'm doin ma btech final year and hav no back logs my agg% is 70

    can i apply for avg unv's??

    does it effect me in any way

  9. Hi i am Sameer Jain. I have given gre and got 990 score and got 730 in quants and 260 in verbal. I has done BE in computer science and want to go for my further studies continuing with comp. Sci… But i didnt get the university name to apply can you help me in selecting the university.. I will be thankful for your help..

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