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Can An Average Student Do MS in Electrical Engineering?

Following question is posted by Rahul at Q&A page.

Questions And AnswersI am a pretty average student 10th-60% 12th-55% , BTech (Electronics and communication engg)=6.7 GPA. I am working with a reputed telecom firm in india  since 2008 (4yrs experience) as a networks engineer. Now the case is  that I am pissed off with my job and i dont see any good future in india in this domain.

So i thought  of doing MS so I have a query that an average student like me can think of MS in electrical and electronics ? I am very much confused so can anyone help me please.

I know that i must get  a decent score and i am expecting 1200+ score in gre.

Please consider my points first, and i am seeking for a wise advice:

I am not very much interested in researching any subject. I just want to do MS and get a decent job in US. Can i do MS with this thinking?

Yes, you can do MS just with course work ( without research and thesis). I did my MS based on just the course work.

My age is 27 and i think i am pretty old. I am in job for 4 years so i had forgot nearly everything what i studied in BTech.

27 is old to study in India, but not the case in USA. You will see folks in 70’s and 80’s attending school.

I am not that much dumb in studies. I just didnt worked hard. But i know by working hard i can achieve it.

Go for it. MS will help you work strong technically and as a person with experience from new country.

And the main reason why i an thinking to go to US that my sister and her husband lives in US and they can support me financially and in other things, though i am not that much financially sound in india.

You can have your sister as sponsor along with your parents.

My secondary question  are:

What are  the approx deadlines of applying for colleges for Fall 2013 as i just thought of doing MS now only ?

Search in the blog – get started from here – Timeline to Apply for USA.

Can i give GRE in january as i have to prepare atleast for 3months?

Yes, you can take GRE in Jan and still apply for fall 2013.

If i do MS would i have any big problem in getting at job in US. this question really scares me as i  have to leave a job in india to do MS?

No reward without taking risk. You made bold decision to study at 27 and keep moving towards the goal. Your goals should be bigger and smarter.

Should i go for coaching classes or i can study my own considering i am working.?

Refer to GRE Tutorials and several other blog posts.

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  1. I am an average student . My BE aggregate is 55.3% from eee dept. I want to do ms.which country is good in eee depending upon my BE aggregate?

  2. Hello sir my name is Shashank Shukla.Can you tell me which colleges I can apply to.
    I have completed my BACHELOR OF ENGINEERING (B.E.) degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.
    My profile is:-
    B.E. WITH CGPA 6.95ON THE SCALE OF 10 OR 69.5%

    I have did training in two sectors:-

    (1)Designing of transformer from Brij Udyog

    training-Overview of power sector & working of Distribution Network

    My G.R.E. score is 294 and TOFEL score is 89
    I also have won gold medals in Cricket,football

  3. Hi all I am an electronics and communication engineer from NMAMIT my GRE scores are
    math: 168 english 152 AWA:3.5 🙁
    I am planning to apply to CMU, UMich Ann arbor, GeorgiaTech, UTexas Austin
    Please tell me my chances of getting an admit…

    1. Hi Adityarao, Your GRE scores look good. You can go ahead with the chosen Universities. Do consider some moderately ambitious Universities as well to ensure admissions. For a complete review of your profile and suggestions on more Universities you can consider, post your query in the forum section.

  4. Good Article!!! Well I think HSB’s blog is so strong in terms of content and information along with good articles that if someone tries to do a good research of what they need, they can get that right information. After being student adviser here for a bit of time what I have noticed is students are very lazy and never think that how would a person feel answering those questions again and again. Especially when some people ask questions like I want to study abroad, what to do now? It’s a close call for all those who have many questions. Wake up!! and start researching, I am pretty sure someone would have answered your question somewhere on the blog.

  5. Hi Raghu!
    I would like to say that u are doing a great job.I am Impressed…….Your blog is a real insight of what situations and dilemma a person actually faces when applying abroad..

    Keep it up!

  6. hi HSB i think i screwed up my gre i gt total of 291 (v=136 q=155) awm scores are yet to come is there any possibility of getting admission to us for ms in biotechnology. I am planning to apply for fall 2013. help me out please [ when i saw my scores on the screen i thought i should stop dreaming about USA]

  7. Hai sir, i am planning do ms ,i m dependent visa,can i do ms for same status or can i convert to f1…..what are best choices for doing ms and teel me the process

  8. Dude, no one is average (“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.”- Henry Ford) change your thinking. Just take the challenge and experience the ride, it will be your best ride ever trust me.

  9. Can you help me out for admission, a USA citizen study Ind. Maths @ Covenant University in Nigeria with CGP2.4

  10. “i had forgot nearly everything what i studied in BTech.” – how can you forgot your basics if you sincerely do the job? it’s like telling i was a driver for four years and i forgot what to do when the light changes to red!

    you just can’t switch from ece to ee.

    1. Dear Rahul,

      I am Archana. I could understand your thoughts behind this. I was in the same position as you were before.I have 4 yrs f experience too and I joined my MS this Fall 2012 You could definitely emerge successful. Ultimately what matters is not where you start . but where u land up. And regarding forgetting the basics, I am sure those basics are sumwhere down in ur memory. you just have to refresh it up. And I would suggest you could brush up on ur basics before u come here. It would be lot helpful
      All d best

    2. this is so wrong man!! Listen when u r workin in indstry deres no way u r gonna use THE THINGS in text books!! The person didnt mean he forgot 2+2=4 what he said is he forgot what is required to read TEXT BOOKS!!!

    3. There are not much subdivisions — ECE, EE, AEI or whatever comes under the same department (Electrical & Computer Engineering) in most US universities. And, Computer Science department includes CS, IT etc. And, you are free to choose whatever courses you want from any department, subject to satisfying the minimum credit requirements for MS under your department.

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