F1 Visa – Change in Field of Study

I have a strange situation here. I completed a Masters in Engineering Management from Case Western Reserve University in US and then worked with Deloitte Consulting LLP, US for 2 years and quit my job last year and came back to India last year to prepare for further studies.

I wanted to go for graduate studies in Psychology so, I volunteered and worked on 2 research projects with 2 NGOs(particularly because I wanted to work with women and children in underprivileged communities in India) in New Delhi and also worked under a psychology professor. I applied to 4 universities and have two admits so far.

My financial papers are in great shape and i am not worried about that, but the fact that I have already worked in US and that I am now changing field of study – is it going to affect my chances of getting a student visa? Please help me out, I am really anxious about this. I would sincerely appreciate any tips/ advice.

F1 Visa – New Field of Study

If you have valid reasons then there is no reason to worry about F1 Visa. You have to take care of 2 things to get F1 Visa with change in field

  • Valid reasons and experience to get admission (explained via SOP)
  • Explaining the same reason during visa interview

Looks like you already working towards gaining relevant experience in Psychology through research projects. Since you already received 4 admits, proves you have sufficient background to get into the program.

So, prepare for visa confidently and everything should fall in place. HSB Readers have shared plenty of F1 Visa Experiences, Make sure you read all the experience.

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  1. what is wrong in appkying to only one university for undergraduate degree? i'm from nigeria.I already have a first degree in physics.I want to switch to nursing.How do i convince the vo that i have a passion for nursing and what plans do i have for comming back to nigeria after my studies.

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