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3 Steps Process to Get into Ivy League Graduate School (H4 to F1 Visa)

I am a Ph.D. student at an Ivy league. But what I was doing five years ago was completely a different story!

If I hadn’t made the switch from H4 Visa, I would have been making roti’s (Indian food item) at home.

Here’s my simple secret formula on how to get admission into an Ivy League University.

My Secret Formula = Undergraduate + Voluntary Work + Freelance (open source projects)

It’s Simple. Create something!

I came to the U.S. on H4 (was qualified professional with a B.Com and post-graduate diploma) but was quite unhappy and depressed as many others who came to U.S in my visa status.

For a while, it seemed like my career is over with my three-year degree and some work experience. I couldn’t get into a University for Masters because of the “one year gap” that engineering students luckily don’t have to deal with.

After a couple of rejects and heartbreaks, I decided to do my Bachelors degree again, pursue something I enjoy, and that can connect my past work experience, and be positive. I started out with community college for one year of general education courses and then transferred to a state university to complete a Bachelor’s in Cognitive Science.

I completed my Bachelor’s degree in 3 years  but landed a 4-year degree in the end with tons of research experience, professional contacts, and recommendations.

Now I was even with all the other 4-year Undergraduates from all over the world- only difference (a) U.S Bachelor’s degree + 3 years of undergraduate research experience + an independent research project.

I took a break and one year later, took the GRE (1230 not a great score!) and applied to 2 universities only because of geographic limitations. One of the university was an Ivy League Graduate school.

I got admits into both universities and am now studying here at the Ivy League with a scholarship.

Which Ivy League University?

People questioned that how can they know if the person was studying in Ivy League.

I can confirm the person who posted this comment is from Columbia University Now, you know the formula to get into the Ivy League.

It’s Simple. Create Something.