Aix-en-Provence is well connected with public transportation.

I remember on the first day when we went to I.A.E, we were standing on the other side of  the road to get into bus that was going in other direction.

Plus, the times tables listed on the bus stop is confusing if you read it for the first time.

This article should help you understand the bus routes and how to get around Aix using Aixenbus.

  • Bus Pass
  • Bus Routes

Bus pass

Getting a bus pass is quite easy and cheap if you buy the monthly bus pass.

A one-way trip to I.A.E. from AIX is  €1.

A monthly bus pass costs €24 and includes unlimited trips within AIX. Once you are in AIX, you can visit the tourism office and buy your monthly bus pass.

There’s an Apple Store (beautiful store) right across the Tourism Office. For first few days, that was out meeting point.

aix city center

You can also buy bus tickets when you board the bus from the driver.

Bus Routes in Aix-en-Provence

You can find the bus routes from your home to college at

You can enter the departure and arrival (I.A.E for example) address under the Itinerary and it will map out nearest bus stop and bus route with bus number.

Here’s an example of search from my home to bus stop to I.A.E.

aixenbus route info

Only time I had to take taxi was on the fist day from Airport to home.

Few of my class mates had car and some of my friends shared the ride with them to college or to catch the train or bus when in need.

Bus to Train Station and Airport

AIX TGV is the major train station that connects Aix to other cities within France and around Europe.

AIX TGV is about 20 minutes from Aix City center by bus.

Refer this article to find the Aix en Provence to MRS airport bus schedule and location of the bus stop.

All buses that goes to Airport will stop at Aix TGV train station.

If you are traveling by high speed train to another city, here’s a good lesson we learned the hard way.

Within the train station, you will find a display that shows where your compartment ( train coach ) will stop.

frane tgv train carriage locations

We had few minutes for the train arrival time and trying to figure out where to stand on the platform to get onto Coach 18. We should have looked at the above board to figure that.

By the way Raghu loves the Paul bakery that is located within the Train Station.

That’s what happens when I can’t read the instructions in French 🙂

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