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H1B Visa 2017 – News, Process and Key Dates

Are you excited for New H1B Visa 2017 Cap Season? We are totally excited and happy to help you navigate this new H1B Visa Cap Season for FY 2017.  First watch this introduction video and then continue to read the rest of this page. We are here to help you this H1B Visa 2017  season. It’s going to as crazy like last year.

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I got lots of data from previous years to help you better manage this year’s season. There’s going to three kinds of people who will be applying for H-1B Visa this year.

  1. Located Within USA
    1. Advanced Degree Holders (F-1 Visa and OPT)
    2. Change of Status (H4, L2, L1, J1 Visa, etc)
  2. Located Outside USA
    1. IT Services Company is applying for their Employee’s
    2. Direct Hire Applicants
    3. Self-Applicants (via Consulting Companies)

Majority of H1B Visa 2017 applicants would fall under the above categories.

Not to mention some of you would fall under the following two additional categories

  1. First Time H1B Visa Applicants
  2. Previous H1B Visa Year Applicants ( Veterans )

And First Time Applicants would be in the Majority. Would you agree?

How Can Happy Schools Help

First time H1B Visa applicants need help to navigate this H1B Visa 2017 Cap season. Seasoned veterans know what to expect this year and get the latest updates and news about the H1B Visa process for this Fiscal Year.

Go here for H1B Visa 2017 Updates (H1B Cap Reached on April 7, 2016)

What to Expect This H1B Visa 2017 Season

As first time H1B Visa Applicants, you have to do the following two things

  1. Learn About H1B Visa Process
  2. H1B Visa Requirements (from USCIS Site)
  3. What to expect this H1B Visa Cap season for FY 2017 (videos below)

This page contains the have resources for First Time Applicants (and veterans can also benefit from this information).

H1B Visa 2017 Season Information

Key Points from the above video

  • General Cap – 65,000
  • Advanced Degree Cap – 20,000
  • Applications Accepted – April 1 – 7, 2016
  • Fiscal Year – Oct 1, 2016 to Sep 30, 2017

I’m expecting H1B Visa Lottery this year even with increased H-1B Visa Fees. Stay tuned for more video updates.

In meantime, post your questions below. I will try to get to as much as I can either by videos or answering them in the comments section.

How to get Latest Updates

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What to Expect This H1B Visa Season?

If you have got so far, then I have more data based answers for you about this year’s H-1B season.

Check Out the 80 Minutes H1B Visa Video Guide

Contents include the following

  • What to expect during this H1B Visa with important dates and Deadlines
  • Timeline of events that would happen from April 1 to October
  • List of 10 Worst Case Scenarios ( with real examples)
  • What happened in Previous years lottery
  • Frequently asked questions about the whole process
  • 80 minutes long video presentation

Check Out the 80 Minutes H1B Visa Video Guide