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H1B Visa

H1B Visa 2017 – News, Process and Key Dates

Are you excited for New H1B Visa 2017 Cap Season? We are totally excited and happy to help you navigate this new H1B Visa Cap Season for FY 2017.  First watch this introduction video and then continue to read the rest of this page. We are here to help you this H1B Visa 2017  season. It’s going to as crazy like last year.

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I got lots of data from previous years to help you better manage this year’s season. There’s going to three kinds of people who will be applying for H-1B Visa this year.

  1. Located Within USA
    1. Advanced Degree Holders (F-1 Visa and OPT)
    2. Change of Status (H4, L2, L1, J1 Visa, etc)
  2. Located Outside USA
    1. IT Services Company is applying for their Employee’s
    2. Direct Hire Applicants
    3. Self-Applicants (via Consulting Companies)

Majority of H1B Visa 2017 applicants would fall under the above categories.

Not to mention some of you would fall under the following two additional categories

  1. First Time H1B Visa Applicants
  2. Previous H1B Visa Year Applicants ( Veterans )

And First Time Applicants would be in the Majority. Would you agree?

How Can Happy Schools Help

First time H1B Visa applicants need help to navigate this H1B Visa 2017 Cap season. Seasoned veterans know what to expect this year and get the latest updates and news about the H1B Visa process for this Fiscal Year.

Go here for H1B Visa 2017 Updates (H1B Cap Reached on April 7, 2016)

What to Expect This H1B Visa 2017 Season

As first time H1B Visa Applicants, you have to do the following two things

  1. Learn About H1B Visa Process
  2. H1B Visa Requirements (from USCIS Site)
  3. What to expect this H1B Visa Cap season for FY 2017 (videos below)

This page contains the have resources for First Time Applicants (and veterans can also benefit from this information).

H1B Visa 2017 Season Information

Key Points from the above video

  • General Cap – 65,000
  • Advanced Degree Cap – 20,000
  • Applications Accepted – April 1 – 7, 2016
  • Fiscal Year – Oct 1, 2016 to Sep 30, 2017

I’m expecting H1B Visa Lottery this year even with increased H-1B Visa Fees. Stay tuned for more video updates.

In meantime, post your questions below. I will try to get to as much as I can either by videos or answering them in the comments section.

How to get Latest Updates

  1. Follow this Page for Updates – Check Frequently
  2. Subscribe to H1B Visa 2017 Playlist in YouTube Channel
  3. Follow all the Blog Posts Tagged H1B Visa 2017

What to Expect This H1B Visa Season?

If you have got so far, then I have more data based answers for you about this year’s H-1B season.

Check Out the 80 Minutes H1B Visa Video Guide

Contents include the following

  • What to expect during this H1B Visa with important dates and Deadlines
  • Timeline of events that would happen from April 1 to October
  • List of 10 Worst Case Scenarios ( with real examples)
  • What happened in Previous years lottery
  • Frequently asked questions about the whole process
  • 80 minutes long video presentation

Check Out the 80 Minutes H1B Visa Video Guide

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  1. Hi Raghu, Divensi is a fraud company. they cheated me 4 laks 78 thousand rupees and not returning my money..I was not aware of process to apply h1b.I got a call from Divensi and they asked me to pay 4 laks and 78 thousand for process fee and i paid.But they are are returning my money..divensi people are cheating money from innocent candidates for applying h1b visa…if anyone called from divensi and getting mails from below persons..please careful with this people..total frauds.
    I want to raise a complaint. They are not picking my calls and not responding my mails.
    Divensi should not cheat any innocent candidates in future.Please let me know how can i raise a complaint against them..

  2. Odd question, I received H1B approval notice w.e.f. this Oct, would my EAD be invalid from Oct? I’d be traveling out of the US after the EAD expired date (Jan 18) to obtain the H1B stamp right after.

  3. Hi,

    I have my visa valid for only 5 months. Its a petition of 2015. Is it the right time to go ? I see lot of changes in the policies. Will there be any issue while doing an extension of H1b.


  4. H1b filed in march 2017 out of cap …as my I 140 approved ….what would be approximate processing time??

  5. Hi. My application was received by USCIS today morning 4/7/2017 7:35 am and USCIS also announced that the cap for this year has been filled.
    What chances do i have that my application is accepted ?

  6. Hi Raghu,

    I have a full time job with a company(on OPT since 7 months). They will be filing my H1 this year and they have requested the documents for it recently. I have changed from university A to university B during my masters and I have my degree from university B. Do i need to provide my university A’s i20 and transcripts as well? I have an F grade in university A’s transcript. Should I be afraid of it? Please help! Thank you in advance!

  7. Hi Raghu,

    I have a full time job with a company(on OPT since 7 months). They will be filing my H! this year and they have requested the documents for it recently. I have changed from university A to university B during my masters and I have my degree from university B. Do i need to provide my university A’s i20 and transcripts as well? I have an F grade in university A’s transcript. Should I be afraid of it? Please help! Thank you in advance!

    1. My Cap GAP OPT ended on Sept 30th 2016. My H1b was approved with out change of status on Nov 7th 2016. My employer said he would request for a change of status. However he has not made that request as of yet. I am getting close to my 60 day grace period since my h1B approval.

      Apart from traveling to India, or Canada, to get visa stamping, What are my other options?

    2. Hi Sashi,
      My H1b denied last year and filed an MTR and fortunately it is approved in Jan 2017. It took almost 5.5 months.

  8. Hi Raghu, I got an RFE and responded back. MY RFE response deadline is 19-Dec-2016 and just a week back responded. How long it would take take to get decision on my RFE. CAn I upgrade to premium now. My employer says its not possible. Thanks in advance

  9. Hi Raghu, I got an RFE and responded back. MY RFE response deadline is 19-Dec-2016 and just a week back responded. How long it would take to get decision on my RFE. CAn I upgrade to premium now. My employer says its not possible. Thanks in advance

  10. Dear Raghu,

    Currently i am working with TCSSS company and i have 7 years of experience. Past two years one of the consultancy from USA applying my H1B visa. But unfortunately that did not came in lottery. This year(2017) also the US consultancy will file my H1B visa again.

    Now my current employer TCSSS who is also forcing me to file H1B visa this year. I am not able to deny that.

    Request to please advise, Is it ok if two employer file H1B visa at the same time for same resource.

    Thank you in advance for your suggestion.

  11. Hi Raghu,

    Hope you are doing good!
    May I please request your response to the below questions?

    1. My case was approved on 28-Nov. How much time it takes to receive approval letter?
    2. Is it good to move to USA on h1b considering President elect Trump’s strict policies towards restricting h1b employees? Will there be any issues for h1b(2016/2017 approved) employees?
    3. At this point after receiving approval letter from USCIS, What are the points(such as further process or anything important) I should keep in mind to discuss with my Attorney/Consultancy?

    Thank you.

  12. Hello
    I received confirmation that my Form I-129 was received on April 11 , but my case is still pending ,it is processing in California office WAC16146*****,new and regular process , can you please let me know how long can it take to be approve ? Thanks

    1. Still no news Receipt number starts with EAC16146*******, Regular H1 B.It was receive don April 11.
      Please let me know if anyone else is facing the same. No RFE, no status change just shows “Received”.

  13. Hi, I have submitted my rfe response(regular processing) like 15 days ago. The current status shows “name was updated”. Can you please let me know what does this status mean ? and how soon can I expect my decision? Thanks.

  14. Hi, I did my Masters in US and I was on F1 status. I was doing Job from Feb 2016 on OPT, and company filed for an H1 in April. I got selected in H1 lottery and in December I am planning to move to another company. I haven’t get my visa stamped. Can I move to another company with just H1 transfer. Is that OK?

      1. Hello Raghu,
        I need your suggestion about my RFE for 1) Specialty Occupation and 2 ) Beneficiary Education

        · I would like to know what College Transcripts I have to submit to employer?
        · How can we process or what can we submit for Specialty Occupation RFE?

        I am Civil Engineer

  15. Hi,

    I am a Master’s STEM graduate and worked in US for 2 years on my OPT and OPT STEM Extension. I had my H-1B filed once but my petition didn’t get picked in the lottery. I went back to India and I pursued an MBA. I have a job based on my MBA degree. My company might file my H-1B in 2017 and I have a few questions about H-1B Master’s cap

    1) Can I be eligible in the Master’s quota in 2017 even if my company is filing my H-1B from India?
    2) If yes, would I be eligible under the Master’s quota in 2018 as well if my H-1B petition isn’t picked in 2017?
    3) Would my MBA degree (non US from India) impact answers to 1 or 2?


    1. hi Raghu my h1b picked in lottery but status still showing case was received is there any deadline for approval or rfe

  16. I have been working through my employer at a client A in NY from Feb and applied Cap H1B based on that.

    Later in May my project got ended at that client because of budget issues. I have started working at a new client B (in North Carolina) and still my Cap H1B status is received.

    My employer has filed a new LCA right after I joined the New Client B

    Any risks of getting my Cap H1 approved because of this end client change?

    I have all the documentation from the new client (Client letter, vendor letter, everything)?

    My attorney has upgraded the petition to premium to see the response and then they want to amend based on the new client details.

    Is there any risk? Is it aprovable?

  17. Hi Raghu,

    I am with a Company A and they filed for my H1-B in April and it got picked, unfortunately the Project/job delayed and I was selected as a Full Time employee for a different Company B.
    The Company A did not revoke my H1-B Petition and now I have received an RFE(Client Details).
    Can I transfer my H1-B from Company A to Company B before Oct 1 with RFE?
    Can Company B process my H1?
    Can Company B answer the RFE if they process my H1-B Petition?
    Please advise


  18. Hi Raghu,

    – H1B got picked in lottery
    – Received RFE
    – Now VISA got denied,

    I am on F1 OPT, my cap gap is valid till Sept 30, does it mean when I get denial i can work only for 10 more days from the date of denial.

      1. Yes Raghu, it got denied after I responded to RFE. I am yet to receive the denial letter. They updated in the webpage.

        So in this case can I still continue working in Cap Gap. I read in website about the 10 day rule, but I am not sure.

  19. Hi Raghu,

    This Ram from India, My application got picked in april 2016, my status is showing case was received. I would like to when my status will be changed to RFE or approved? Is there any last date for change status? Please let me know

    Thanks you.

  20. Hi,
    I had got an RFE on my H1-B application (AD-PP) to which my attorneys filed the response on August 4th.
    I was checking my case status today and found the following notice:
    On August 17, 2016, we approved your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, Receipt Number WAC———–. We will mail your approval notice. Please follow the instructions in the notice. If you move, go to http://www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address.

    Does this mean that my H1 has been approved, or could there be any other step or update to this?


  21. Hi Raghu,

    Could you please advise me here?

    My I-129 (H1B Non-AD RP) approved 2 days back and yet to receive approved notice.

    Actually I do have 10 years multiple Business visa but haven’t traveled to USA so far, now my current (other) working employer asking me to travel to US and Mexico for 2-3 months.

    I will be stay in USA for 2 days only and 2-3 months in Mexico during this trip.
    I will be having all paper evidences as proof of trip details to show Immigration guy.

    Is it fine if I travel now? or any other issues raise either in POE or during H1B visa stamping at my home country?

    Kindly explain me consequences and share your thoughts ASAP.


  22. My employer has filled H1B for me for FY 2016. My H1B hasn’t picked up in lottery but my packet didn’t return either. Suddenly, My employer told me that my check has been cashed but still now my attorney haven’t got any receipt or email and neither I. My employer said, Attorney has filled query regarding my issue. I asked in College regarding my status but they said, They are not seeing any H1B pending on my SEVIS. What do you think about it ? What are my chances ?

  23. Hi Raghu,
    I received H1B approval notice last week and consulate is mentioned on the notice as London as I was working there since 1 year when my employer filed H1B but now I moved back in July to India as my project got completed.
    Is it ok if I attend my visa stamping here in Chennai or should my employer file I-824.

  24. My opt Expired on June 25, 2016. Applied for OPT extension and received RFE. In the mean while my H1 got approved and received my I797 currently Im on CAP GAP . Now my question is that do I need to respond to OPT RFE to withdraw if so what is the process to withdraw
    or my OPT extension will automatically withdrawn.

  25. Hi Raghuram,

    Thanks for the helping others(including me) in this forum.

    At present I am on F1 (OPT) with expiry of Jan 3rd 2017.
    My H1 visa approved with Consular Notification.

    As I recently(not even 1 month) traveled to India for some reason, I am thinking of scheduling the visa interview as late as possible.

    As per my understanding, I need to enter on or before Jan 3rd 2017 with H1 visa to continue the current job without interruption. Is it?
    ( LCA start date mentioned is 7 th of Sep 2016. So I am allowed to attend visa interview from?)

    Just to be on safer side, if something goes wrong (Hope should not get to this situation), I need to enter with the current F1 (OPT visa) and apply for OPT extension (24 months).

    Is my understanding correct?
    Based on this situation what is the best time/month/period to attend the visa interview?

    Question 2:

    I am also planning to schedule the tourist visa for my parents.

    Is it wise enough to schedule for them at the same time when I am attending interview (as they are not well- educated, I can able to guide them easily) ?


    do you recommend it now (on OPT) or after H1 visa stamped or after I entered into USA with H1?


    1. Hi Raghu,

      My OPT expires on May 25, 2016 I applied for STEM OPT Extension and I received RFE,
      In meanwhile My H1b got approved and received my I797 and I’m on CAP GAP,
      now my question is do I need to withdraw my opt application? if so how to withdraw

  26. Hi Raghu,
    Asking your opinion. My H1 and H4 for my dependent got approved. Can my dependent visit backhome and do stamping while I’ll be staying here without stamping?

  27. Hi Raghu,

    I have not received rejection return packet yet .when we can expect that from USCIS.

  28. Hi,

    Can anyone please tell me what does my status mean. Below is the status.

    Receipt Notice Was Changed

    On May 31, 2016, we made a change to your receipt notice for your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, Receipt Number EAC XXXXXXXXX. We mailed you a notice describing how we are processing your case. Please follow the instructions in the notice. If you move, go to http://www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address.

    Thanks in advance

  29. Hi Raghu,
    I have applied h1b visa and it’s got picked in lottery.But now status is showing as rejected due to insufficient funds.But my employer is asking that it will be updated again with positive note in next week.
    Is there any chance to update the status after the status is showing as rejected?

  30. Hi,

    My name was selected in lottery. I am in regular case, not premium. I can see that my case is still in received status. Did others get their result (approved/rejected) already ? When can I expect to know the approval notice ?

    1. Hi,

      My employer is not sharing the receipt number. But claims that they have applied h1b for me, they said my case is not selected.

      is there any way to search is my application was submitted there ?

      1. No way,

        Only way is to ask your employer only who has submitted your case…

        Not picked means( Either your case not submitted or your case not picked)

  31. Hi ,

    I am working for employer A and I applied for my stem opt extension and received an RFE to submit the new I 20 by completing the I 983 form by 08/15/2016. My current OPT period was going to expire by 06/30/2016

    Employer B has sponsored my H1B and currently it was under processing and received an RFE .

    Can you please provide a suggestion for the below questions

    1) If I apply my stem OPT extension with employer A and my H1B RFE with my employer B will there be any effect for the stem extension & H1B process ? Because both are different employers

    2) I will respond to my H1B RFE by this week , if it gets approved do I need to change my employer to employer B ? or else can I continue working with my employer A with CAP GAP or Stem OPT approval untill october 1st 2016 ?

    3) Can I continue my H1B process with my employer B and Stem extension process with employer A ?

    4) Can I apply for Cap Gap once my H1B gets approved and with draw my current stem Opt application ?

  32. IBM’ers
    Sorry but we are done processing CAP receipts, but you are officially not selected when we receive your petition back and then I assume, like last year, you’ll be informed.
    Better Luck Nex Time

  33. Need some good suggestion for below question.
    My petition got picked in random selection. Now i want to add my spouse name in my passport and also update my new address. If i apply now, i will get new passport with new number. But when i gave the details to my employer i gave the old passport number. will it create any issue if i get new passport now? Please suggest

    1. I think you will not have any problem. It’s pretty common for people who would get new passport ( due to renewal, etc).

    2. Hi Praphu,

      I am in the same situation. I have checked with employer as well as attorney. You can change you passport in middle but need to have both old and new passport at time of visa interview. Passport office will cancel your old passport and return to you and you will get your new passport in month after submitting your document.

      Fill you DS 160 as per your new passport as stamping will happen on your updated passport.

  34. I wanted to know if is not recommended call the 1-800 number to get an update from the representative. I had called them on 16th and then on today. But of-course the status was nothing different than the one in the site.

    I also got a notion that they did not like people calling them. I wanted to know if there is any effect in processing of the H1 if we called them to check on the status.

  35. My employer is not sharing the receipt number. But claims that they have applied h1b for me. My company is applying through fakhourly law firm. Iam not sure it comes under which service center(EAC OR WAC??).can someone predict how will the case number look like..

    for eg if my petition is filled this April 2016, WAC16??????

    1. Hi Rams,

      Same as your case, my employer is not sharing anything with me, as per my employer, they’ve applied H1B, just wondering, should i wait for more or the game is over?

      Just to add here more, one my friend got H1B in 2014, he got his receipt number somewhere in AUGUST 2014.

  36. Hi, I applied for the H-1B Cap(lottery) this year April 2016. I am pretty excited about the result. On uscis official website it shows me following message. Please have a look and let me know. thanks

    On May 18, 2016, we transferred your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, Receipt Number EAC********, to another office for processing and sent you a transfer notice. The notice explains why we transferred your case. Please follow the instructions in the notice. If you do not receive your notice by June 17, 2016, please go to http://www.uscis.gov/e-request to request a copy of the notice. If you move, go to http://www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address.

  37. Hi,

    I have applied for regular processing this year under Regular category (Not Masters). I did not receive any information regarding my status till now. Does this mean that my petition hasn’t gone thru lottery? or is there any chance later…

    Why are the notifications slower if the random lottery process has already been completed.


  38. Hi,

    i have been applied for H1B via Consulant,awaiting for lottery results any one can guide me when we shall get the results

  39. Hi Raghu,

    Multiple time above in the questionnaire you have mentioned to get access to ‘H1B Visa 101 course’.
    Could you please provide the link for same.

    Warm Regards

  40. Just found out that there is a petition which will get us some more clarity on how the lottery is done. I secured my h1 two years ago, but it has been a frustrating journey for my husband to get his h1b (and the journey continues)

    The system is flawed beyond words!

    The first flaw that USCIS needs to remediate is rejecting applicants who submit multiple applications even before the lottery selection is made since a lot of people submit multiple applications to get picked in the lottery. This could be as simple as doing a search by passport number and making sure no more than one application is associated to a passport number.

    The second is a lot of applicants apply for H1B, get approved and never really start working. USCIS should work on cancelling such H1Bs and adding it back to the application pool for the next year, OR do another lottery the same year without taking more applications. This will make sure that all the H1B spots are filled.

    1. Lol, I mean this is highly illogical. If its a lottery and money game, why would USCIS will reject multiple applications.
      And rejection of non working H1B is highly foolish as one can get project in later stage too.

      just because of your husband is not getting it you wanna change the world 🙂

      1. Good one Rajiv.. No offense meant to anyone but H1 B is really a luck game with no one to blame and its going to get tougher every year now..

    2. Hello Dear,

      This is not a flaw. Just think of an example wherein you are looking for a job change.
      Once you got a job offer, that doesn’t mean that you will stop your search and hence will look for more opportunity. At the end if you may have multiple offers in your hand, you have an option to choose best one.
      Now company never says if you already have a job offer then we cannot consider you.
      Also just because you earned multiple offer doesn’t mean that you stole someone else’s chance/opportunity.

      Similarly USCIS will never discard those application which are filed by multiple Companies. Its job is to grant VISA based on requirement. If a candidate has a potential to be got selected ny multple company, USCIS cant do anything about that.

      Hope you understood.

  41. Raghu, I am seeing AD/PP have started getting approvals. I am Non-AD/RP/VT. When should i expect to get approval of my petition?


      1. Hi Raghu,

        As per your response to Neha..Can you please explain what does 3 to 5 means..she is NON AD/RP/VT

  42. My petition state is mentioned as following , what exactly this means

    Document Was Mailed
    We mailed your document for your Form I-129, Petition for a Non immigrant Worker, Receipt Number XXXXXXXX

  43. I got RFE for Premium Processing , so if attorney produce the necessary documents , how many days approximately take to get approval

  44. I got the below Change of status in USCIS

    On May 20, 2016, we transferred your Form I129, PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER, Receipt Number EACXXXXXXXX, to another USCIS office. That office now has jurisdiction over your case.

    May i know why they have change the center?

    1. To balance the work load from Vermont center. California center may have less petition selected….

  45. my organization applied for 52 and 17 names picked in the lottery; they knew it as 17 peoples amount deducted from the account. How would I know, the 17 names.

  46. If I have not received any intimation about my visa application, is it safe to assume that story is more or less over for this year?

  47. Hi raghu,

    i am a silent follower here .my question is ,my cheque got en cashed on 4th may .but till yet i did not receive my receipt number.what is it mean can i wait for receipt number.how long it will take?

    my H1B is NON-AD/RP/VT .Please reply

  48. Hi Raghu,

    My Employer said that he haven’t received any receipt/rejection yet from USCIS as of today (May 17th), he also confirmed that the check was not cleared either. is it end of the road for this year? or still can i count on my luck for few more days?

    #FirstTime, #NON AD RP
    Thanks in Advance!

      1. Hey. I thought you said that sometimes receipts can trickle in towards end of May as well so it might not necessarily be ‘end of the road’ for that person that asked you right? As you mentioned there could be some outliers so some people should not completely give up hope.

  49. Hi,

    Finally my case has been picked in the Lottery. I got the status as “Case Was Received” in USCIS site.

    What will be the maximum time of Case approval and and stamping if not RFE for H1B – 2017.

  50. HI ,
    This is prakash and my employer said that you got picked in H1 B lottery…What information do i need to collect from my employer …

  51. Hi,

    My employer said my case picked in lottery and he gave case number also and he said check in uscis website but there its not showing name or any other details. How we can confirm that EAC number belongs to us or not?.

      1. You can ask your Employer to send “Receipt notice” which he got from USCIS via mail.
        In “Receipt notice” there will be your name and other details.

    1. @ Lakshman : For which City you got selected? And where r u from .
      I am also Non Adv/Reg/VT… w


  52. I am waiting for Non-AD/RP lottery.,. Anybody still receiving lottery selection notification from USCIS for this category?

    1. HI,

      I am also waiting for lottery result.can we wait still?

      Till which date can we expect for lottery results?

  53. Hello,

    I had been informed by my employer on April 29th that my check has been en-cashed by USCIS and I got my receipt today. I am very happy as this was my third attempt. Thank you Raghu. Your blog has helped me a lot.


  54. Hi Raghu,

    I have a valid H1 B with my current employer in India, is it possible to get it transferred to any of the US employer, even if i am in India ? or do i need to be in US for the transfer.
    What are my chances ?

  55. Hi,

    I am MS candidate have filed for H1B first time.
    I have still not heard anything about my case from my attorney, my employer says that money is still not deducted from the account. Do I still have hopes of being picked in the lottery? Is anyone in the same situation ?


    1. Ask you college DSO to check if your SEVIS has been updated, it is has not been updated then your case was not selected in the lottery

  56. If RFE is generated in PP case than also they generate the receipt and intimate the employer / attorney (as in regular case) that this case has been selected in lottery? Or they inform the employer / attorney after all PP and RP are completely dispatched? i.e. after 12th May.

    1. From last year’s experience you may get to know it anytime, maybe on or before or after May12th.
      However, as it is a PP application whether it is RFE or Approval, you will know it latest by the end of 15 day SLA which starts on May 12th so 12+15 = May 27th.

  57. My son is a master candidate and his name is picked. He was employed for last 9 months and now the project will be over this month. He is looking for some other job/project. Will it affect his h1b processing?

    1. He needs to make sure his status is valid. Having him consult with an attorney ASAP to look for options.

      1. Hi Raghu. Thanks. How to reach out to attorney Murali. Any contact details? Please provide.

      2. His OPT visa is still valid till December 2016. However as advised he need to consult with consultant.

  58. Hi everyone,

    I am still awaiting some sort of feedback from my attorneys about my this year´s lottery.

    Does anyone know a plausible time frame for notices of selected application to be mailed out?

    I am afraid is getting too late and hence should sadly give up on my hopes.

    thanks everyone and good luck to all

    1. Hi,

      Even I have not heard anything about my case from my attorney yet. My employer says that money is not yet been deducted from the account so even I am in dilemma about my chance for being selected in lottery.
      Has anyone faced same ?


  59. Question regarding RFE. I had not provided for any documents of full time CPT and research assistance job (part time) in my college in my petition of H1 b. Though I had availed the required permission (nothing was illegal) but have not attached the same. Today when I checked the soft copies of documents provided for H1 b I realize the same. I am AD/PP and still not have heard anything from my attorney. Is it likely that my case would have become RFE? In case of RFE does the same comes late after all PP are completed? ADMIN – PLEASE PROVIDE INFORMATION. THANKS.

  60. My case status changed from case recieved directly to Document was mailed. What does this mean?

    Document Was Mailed
    We mailed your document for your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, Receipt Number WAC1614152XXX. If you do not receive your document by June 3, 2016, please go to http://www.uscis.gov/e-request to request that we resend the document to you. If you move, go to http://www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address.

  61. As per the discussions , I could understand that the petitions whose data entry was completed last day(considering May 2nd), they might have chances to receiving petitions thru next week as postal delivery may take 7-10 days..

  62. First time applicant, Non-AD/RP/VT. Checked with DSO on Sevis update recently and there was no update. Attorney refused to share details of whether check was encashed. Received notice from attorney now. I-797C says received date is April 11 and notice date as April 27. Others in my company received their notices early last week. Hope this information helps. Good luck to all applicants!

  63. Hai

    I Applied through 2 consultancy both got picked so what should i do now please suggest me any one.

    1. What should you do?? I will suggest something. Do a cloning and create a same person like you. so that both can travel.

      Do you even think that you are robbing a chance of someone & their dream.

  64. Hi Raghu,
    I was silent follower of your blog for 2 years. I missed in lottery for 2 years.
    Today I received my Receipt number from my employer EAC16145509XX
    what is exact date of 145th day?


  65. Thanks Raghu for making a blog .
    Finally i got a call “select in lottery” .I was waiting for this call from last 3 years .I have been following this blog for years now 🙂 .

    Still waiting for my husband results.
    I have approved i140 Can he work on H4 our visa expires in July.
    and can we reenter US again before October 1.

  66. Hope everyone is aware of the official update today on USCIS website.

    Source: https://www.uscis.gov/news/alerts/uscis-completes-data-entry-fiscal-year-2017-h-1b-cap-subject-petitions

    USCIS Completes Data Entry of Fiscal Year 2017 H-1B Cap-Subject Petitions
    USCIS announced on May 2, 2016, that it has completed data entry of all fiscal year 2017 H-1B cap-subject petitions selected in our computer-generated random process. USCIS will now begin returning all H-1B cap-subject petitions that were not selected. Due to the high volume of filings, USCIS is unable to provide a definite time frame for returning these petitions. USCIS asks petitioners not to inquire about the status of submitted cap-subject petitions until they receive a receipt notice or an unselected petition is returned. USCIS will issue an announcement once all the unselected petitions have been returned.

    Additionally, USCIS is transferring some Form I-129 H-1B cap subject petitions from the Vermont Service Center to the California Service Center to balance the distribution of cap cases. If your case is transferred, you will receive notification in the mail. After receiving the notification, please send all future correspondence to the center processing your petition. If you are filing a Form I-907, Request for Premium Processing, to upgrade your Form I-129 H-1B petition to premium processing, send the completed Form I-907 with the appropriate fee to the center processing your petition.


  67. I did my masters in computer science. i filed H1b in master cap premium processing . I still did not get any answer on it. I called my employer couple of times, he said he also have no update. Is there any other way to find out what happend to your case?

  68. Hi,
    does anyone know when lottery ‘results’ likely to come out this year?

    Is there any way a person can check his/her selection is done OR only his/her company can check/receive that information?

    How can one confirm that the employer has really filled application to USCIS?


  69. Hi Raghu,

    Thanks to making this portal for H1b awareness .I need one information like USCIS had completed receipt sending to employer. Because my employer is telling still we didn’t received any update from USCIS they are telling it would be in mid of May.
    Please give information on that.

  70. Hi Raghu,

    I have been a silent follower of your blog all these years..My husband has made it through the H1B lottery and now I’m really worried if I hold a chance to get work permit as a qualified dependent.

    1. Congrats! But, you would have to struggle bit to get a job. Check the H4 Visa to Job Guide.

  71. Hi Raghu,

    As per the trend that you observed for last three years what could be the last date that USCIS completes sending receipt numbers for all petitions selected in lottery?. This is my second time under non AD – RP category and eagerly waiting for result.

    Thanks in Advance.

    1. Dear Raghu,

      First of all big thanks to you for valuable help.

      I would like to inform that mine(General-Cap & Regular Processing) is picked and received receipt number as well.

      I have one question – Currently I am in H4 and I can only work from 1st October onwards.Now can I travel to India before October.

      Please let me know.

      Many thanks


      1. You can travel but expect two possibilities you need to deal with. You can talk to attorney Murali.



  73. Any updates on Non-AD/RP/CA. Please update if any info. I think its very slow this week only few got receipts/Cash enchased. May be it will be huge next week.

  74. Hi Raghu,

    I applied for Non-AD/RP/VT, only 1 petition. No updates yet. And some forum stated that majority of selected candidates can know the selection status if check getting encashed by USCIS by tomorrow or max by 2nd-May. I am not sure if this info correct or not.

    So I wanted to know till when i can have hope. This is my last chance

  75. Hi Raghu,

    I have applied for H1B CAP under regular category and didnt get any updates from my employer so far. Does it mean I am not selected in lottery?If not what is the deadline to hear from them?


  76. My opt ends in JULY 2016 and I haven’t received anything from USCIS. Mine is AD/PP. I am planning to leave country after OPT. I believe I have 60 days grace period though. Last year I received my rejection letter in July. My question is, If don’t receive anything till may 12th, should I assume, that mine is not picked up or should I wait in my grace period till I receive rejection letter ?

  77. I have applied for my h1b in AD/PP are there still chances of getting a news of getting picked? I haven’t received a mail from my attorney saying i haven’t got picked.

  78. My friend residing in Oregon State has received E-mail on 25-01-2016 i.e. on Monday. So AD/PP game not over yet. This is 100 % trustworthy news. Be hopeful.

  79. Hi,

    I have applied for premium processing this year under Regular category (Not Masters). I did not receive any information regarding my status till now. Does this mean that my petition hasn’t gone thru lottery? or is there any chance later…

    Why are the notifications slower if the random lottery process has already been completed.


    1. Hi Pallavi,

      USCIS in its recent news update informed that they would start processing premium application after May 12 2016. They can still send out notices for premium applications. Game is not over for anyone yet! Please wait until the rejection package is received before deciding the next step. USCIS would send the rejection package in later weeks of June for Premium and Normal if the application did not go through the lottery.

      I hope this helps.

  80. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing your views, Raghu and all applicants.

    My application is filed as Non-AD/RP/ at WAC center. Are there any applicants who have received notice from attorney/USCIS about their case?

    Please share your application status! Thanks

  81. Just received from my employer that My H1B has been picked up in the lottery. California center Non-AD/RP. Trying for the Second time, got picked up. Lot of tensions both personally and professionally, bit relaxed. I hope all the genuine and deserved ones get their turn this time. Guys pls be patient and take it easy, I know it was not easy …but your hard work will pay for you.

    Thanks Raghu for all your support and ample information.

  82. Hi Raghu,

    My H1B was approved under AD/PP. I have not heard anything regarding my approval yet. My current stem opt expires on Nov 1st 2016. I have a time gap of May 10th(Actually May 13th since that’s when my DSO said he will be able to generate an I-20) to June 1st to apply for the additional 7 month extension.

    Can I apply for the 7 month extension when a H1B is pending? I just want to be on the safe side and since I have such a short time frame to apply for the 7 months am thinking I should.

    What do you suggest?

  83. Hi,
    Information here is quite good and really helping me and other people who are waiting for result.
    My company has filled my H1 visa (regular) and I am not sure till what time I have to wait to check if my petition is selected or rejected. Last year, I was notified on September end.
    By reading comments, I presume, that premium processing is completed which means that lottery is already conducted for all applicants (i.e. premium + regular) and till now all premium applicants are notified. By which date they will start releasing notification (i.e. accepting check) for regular visa applicant?

    I got a mail from my company saying that they will notify us within next 8 weeks from the day lottery is conducted (which means that 3 weeks are almost completed). Is it correct?

  84. NonAD/RP. Vermont
    on 22nd attorney got receipt details. . . 25th my employer sent me a copy of confirmation PDF received from USCIS.

  85. Are startups or small businesses with less than 50-100 employees exempt from H1B cap?
    Other than jobs at government and non-profit organizations what are cap exempt opportunities to look for?

  86. NON AD/RP – Just received Receipt EACXXXXXXXXX from my consultant, many thanks to happyschools for voluntarily updating seasons’s progress to help anxious people like me!

    The status says “On April 11, 2016, we received your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, Receipt Number EACXXXXXXXXX, and sent you the receipt notice that describes how we will process your case. Please follow the instructions in the notice. If you do not receive your receipt notice by May 11, 2016, please call Customer”

    Good Luck to all of you folks!!

  87. Hi Raghu,

    I have two offers from two different employer one which I am currently working and other was a new company which is direct hire both are not related to each other and none of them are consultancies, Now my H1b got picked for both companies !!! What should I do? Should I wait till applications got approved and choose one company after approval? When should I revoke 1 application which I am not choosing and what are the chances to get RFE? Please Advice, I am confused .

    PS :- I applied for last two years with single application but didn’t got through lottery due to my experience I got the direct hire from different employers and thought of taking chance of both in my last attempt.
    Both are different lawyers.

  88. I have filed my petition under AD/RP. I am still waiting for hear back from my employer that whether my check has been en-cashed or not. I believe its been 4 days (19th April) since people have started receiving notices through employer that checks have been en-cashed.

    Is there any deadline for getting a notification ? Should I assume that my visa didn’t get pick. ( Assumption would be wrong). If anyone knows here let me know.

    1. Hi Sukumar,
      Good morning. My name is Kiran. I have applied for H1b on Non-AD and Preminum Processing. Can you let me know when I can expect the results for Non-Ad/PR. I have been going throgh sleepless nights. Appreciate your help and expect your reply.

      1. Hi Kiran,

        Non AD, premium processing were already done and there are no receipts being sent out for AD & non-AD Premium Processing since April 20. That means they are done with Premium Processing results for this H1B FY-2017.

        Better luck next year.

        1. Hi Sree, my employer said my cheque was not encashed so for..
          Mine os nonpp non adv catagory do i still have chance?

    2. Hi,

      Is there still any hope for AD PP candidates? Or all the results for PP are out? kindly let me know.


  89. USCIS never said they will notify PP early in this lottery process than regular.They only promise that it will be processed in 15 days after May 15, 2016. I am not sure why we all assume that PP petitions are notified first. I think everyone has equal chance of getting notified until 12th May.

  90. I got selected in H1B lottery this year. My wife is back in India and wants to join me at the earliest. She has a B2 visitor’s visa. If she is to join me as a dependent, she will need to wait till October to get her H4 visa. I was thinking if she can join me right away on B2 visa and then stay within the U.S itself and get her status changed to H4. Is that possible? If yes, then is it necessary that this be done by my employer for my wife, or can I / my wife do this?

    1. Congrats on H1B selection. For your wife you have to consider few things. COS to H4 processing time or H4 stamping. It’s better if you can talk to an attorney.

    2. Hi Raghu

      Thanks for maintaining such a good blog. I needed some advice. I have been picked in this years lottery. I am currently on my 17-month OPT stem-ex which expires next year. Do you think I should apply for the 7 extra months as a safety net just in case my H1B application runs into trouble (this is not something I am expecting, just wanted to be 200% safe). Thank You.

  91. USCIS playing a very cruel game by keeping applicants waiting in anxiety and desperation. Why a list of selected candidates not disclosed on USCIS website. At least candidate not selected will start sleeping peacefully at night. This is a matter to be referred to Human Rights association.

      1. Dear, I am opining my view that some appropriate person to take up the fights against this cruel system.

        1. I understand. I have seen all the lottery for H1B. USCIS have improved the process from the first lottery. H1B is just the the start. Green Card is an 1000 lb stone hanging on top of you while you wait/work.

  92. I received the receipt number from my employer WAC… number, does this mean that my name is picked in the lottery.

    1. If the cheque that went out with your application has been encashed (ask your lawyer), or if there is a change in your SEVIS record (as your university’s international students office), you will know that you have been selected. Else, wait for USCIS to declare officially. Many, including myself, have already received notification from lawyer that cheques have been deposited meaning selected in lottery.

  93. I just received an email from my employer that USCIS has deposited the check for my petition. I am AD/RP. Hopefully this means that my petition has been picked in lottery.

    1. Hello Luv have you received the mail copy from USCIS thru your Employer? If yes please share when you received it after your check get en cashed.


  94. Hi ,
    I have applied for H1 in Premium processing . Has Anyone got confirmation in non AD/PP ? Is there still hope ?

  95. Hello,

    I guess USCIS California center has started approving Premium Processing I129 applications. Since USCIS sent out receipt notices for premium processing on April 11,with 15 days SLA they should be starting to approve the cases. Below are 2 examples I came across.


    This doesnt mean its an end to PP/RP. They are doing in batches so it will take time. I request DO NOT lose hope. Stay calm and good luck to everyone.

  96. Hi Raghu,

    I just came to know from my employer that my H1B is picked up in lottery. I have a few questions now.

    1) I will graduate in June. I won’t get OPT as it is my second MS in the USA. So, my 60 days grace period will end in August. I know, H1B starts from October. Will I need to be enrolled to another program for these 2 months for staying legal in the USA ? Or I am legal because my H1B is in processing ?

    2) My employer is a consultant company. Should I solely depend on my employer to find a placement for me ? Or it is wise to look for a placement by myself too instead of depending on their marketing ?

    Please let me know.

  97. Hi Raghu,

    I got a call from my employer today morning stating that USCIS has en cashed the check for my petition. I am RP and non PP. My employer said that the attorney hasn’t received receipt number yet. How long does it take for USCIS to send the receipt numbers? Does attorney gets any email communication from USCIS as well? Should i believe my employer as I do not have any email confirmation from USCIS yet. Please advice.


    1. Hi Neha,

      Congrats. If the check is cashed it means you have been selected in the lottery. Since RP gets notices by mail (emails are sent only for PP) please expect the mail in 7-10 days from the date of receipt. You should be getting the notices by end of next week.

      Stay calm and good luck to everyone.

  98. Hi Raghu,
    Till what date can we hope Non-AD PP receipts to come out? If we not picked will be get rejection also soon or rejections will be sent only by june-july?

    1. AD RP / NON AD RP checks are being cashed, few employers informed their employees. Even non-AD RP receipts are coming up.
      Few PP are coming by mail (no email updates don’t know why?)

    1. I see AD PP coming up but very less.. non-AD PP coming up on Monday.. RP happened to see on some blogs rarely.. As of today still PP both AD and non-AD are showing up
      I think RP will come to know starting tomorrow as they come by post which often takes 3-5 days and a day ore more to get notified by the attorney, i.e. post April 19
      (April 13 + 5 + 1 = April 19 ).

      Last year PP got email till April 22 and the last they say is on April 28. There are even cases picked later but the chances slim after April 22 …

      All the best guys.

  99. Hello Raghu,

    Until when we can expect NON AD/PP receipts ?last year it was around April 27th 2015 .. So we will expect this month end for premium processing?

    1. Your chances go down as time. Final confirmation is when you get package back. But have May 16 as deadline.

  100. Hi Raghu,
    I’m currently on my OPT extension that expires July 2017. My employer has filed my H1B in regular processing but I’m not sure if it has been picked up yet. I’ll be laid of by end of April. What should I do if my H1B is picked up/ approved after my last date of employment?

    1. You should talk to an attorney for options. Status in trouble then hire an Attorney. Blogs and forums will not help you.

    LAST YEAR pending h1 b approval how long it will take to approve. my son got picked up in the lottery last year april 22and rfe submitted thisyear jan. waiting for the approval.
    do u have any idea.

    1. H1B petition are case by case basics. Only USCI can give an answer. Your son’s situation is a rare instance, but I have seen few more people in same scenario. Good luck. Ask your son to check with attorney and convert to premium processing.

  102. Hi..

    I applied through a consultancy,is there any receipt or anything that I can ask from the consultancy regarding my filing?

  103. Hi everyone,

    I am applying with Premium processing but haven’t heard back from USCIS yet, does that mean I am not selected for 2017 H1B lottery? When can I expect the result for premium processing?

  104. Hello Raghuram,

    Got selected in the H1B Lottery received receipt from California Service Center-Premium Processing. I have a question. If I want to change company before October 2016 What are my Options? Can I change before October? What is the Process for that? Will my Current Employer has right to revoke my H1B if I change company? I heard I need to go to India if I change before October for Stamping? Is that correct? Please advice. Thank you!

    1. I have seen the same question probably 100’s of times. People have given different opinions (some say yes, some say no). Some got H1 cancelled. So, talk to attorney and know the risks and then decide. Everyones situation is different ( job, location, family, etc).


  105. Is the lottery for normal 65000 processing is also done?
    But the results are currently sent only for advanced and premium processing category?

  106. I have applied h1b from a consultancy and I got opportunity to travel UAE for different company so I changed the company. My address and company and region is changed and is there anyway I can change my petition now? Will it be a concern upon my interview, provided my petition is selected. Please advice. Thanks

  107. AD/RP- I went to my school and checked my sevis, There is no change. Does that mean I have no hopes.left at all? Or normally does it take some time for sevis to update if it’s picked on April 9? Please answer this question

          1. It can take several more days. If you want exact timeline ( based on previous years data), get access to H1b Visa 2017 Video Guide.

  108. I got mail from my employer with FexEx Number, Cud you please let me know it means whether I selected in Lottery or means applied for H1-B

      1. Hi Raghu,

        I’m here in US for around 2 years on H1B Visa. After the Visa extension denial(after April 20) from USCIS, please suggest what are the options to work here without leaving USA.
        1. Am I eligible and can I apply for Cap-Exempt now ?
        2. If yes, can my same Employer file ?
        3. If not, can I apply for new Job/new Employer.
        4. Do I need to leave USA now ?
        5. If I resign my current Employer,how long can I stay here and apply for the new Job/Employer.

        Request you to please guide. I’m not sure where to post, so mailing here also. Sorry for this.

          1. Thanks a lot, Raghu will talk to Attorney as suggested.

            My i-94 expired on 30-Sep-2015. My Employer applied extension so I was able to stay for 240 days.

            Just 1 Q please…, –> How many days I can stay in in USA after H1-B visa denial this week ? Wanted to know so that I can decide to stay here and talk to Attorney(Murli), or should I rush back to India.

  109. Hi,
    normal processing once it is picked up in lottery process? when can they send the mail how many days it will take? let me know the time frame?

  110. My Consultancy filed 3 petitions out of which 2 of them filed on april 1st and the other on 5th april and delivered to same service center.But in the fedex tracking the first 2 ppl have thier name as shipper reference but for me there is no shipper refernece and also terms is third party. So i am having doubt whether it is our file or not.How to check,

    1. Same postal service? I guess if it is UPS the names would appear. If it is USPS, you cant see your name I guess.

  111. Hi,
    My employer send my h1b application package on 6th april but it is delivered on 8th April. Do they consider my application for lottery or not. Please help me?

      1. they sent my application through fedex(overnight) shipping on 6th april at 4:20 pm est(but they sent from California pacific timing) but there is a problem in the delivery. and also i want to know they accepted my application at vermont location, if they rejected my application they need to send my application return. but till know i did not get any response from USCIS. so i want to know is there any chance for acceptance.

        1. They will send it slowly, not right away. Sorry you had delivery issues. Your attorney should have know better.

  112. There are 4 categories in order of results:
    1. Masters premium
    2. Masters regular
    3. General Premium
    4. General regular

    Which of these are out?
    Looking at the early results, it seems that probability of low filing this year.

  113. Hi,

    Reg: Premium processing.

    I was told by my employer that I can apply for premium processing after the lottery is completed, is this true?

    His explanation was, one can find out whether their application is picked up in the lottery or not by checking the bank account, if the application is picked then the money gets withdrawn from the account and I can apply for premium processing after this.

    The reason I wanted go through this is because I want to travel to India during August 2016.

    Let me know if you have answered this before.

    1. There’s link to a video guide. It has answers for most questions you are going to have till you get H1 approval.

      1. Hi Sree153

        Congratulations on the good news. Can you please find out if your SEVIS status is changed as a result of our lottery selection ? I think your school DSO can you help you with that information. Other, like me, who are still waiting to hear can probably try to know of the lottery through the SEVIS route.


        1. Really? Hard to believe.. RP receipt notices are sent by USPS mail. If lottery was conducted yesterday or today, receipt will be dispatched today or tomorrow plus 4 days atleast… Numbers don’t up.

        1. Hi Yunus

          Thank you for the reply man. Can you please find out if your SEVIS status is changed as a result of our lottery selection ? I think your school DSO can you help you with that information. Other, like me, who are still waiting to hear can probably try to know of the lottery through the SEVIS route.


    1. Results are out? Did you just get the receipt number or the actual acceptance/rejection of H1 B? Please clarify.

      1. Hi Aatif, Results are out and I got a confirmation from USCIS that my case has been selected in the lottery, so yes it’s an acceptance and rejections would only come after the general cap lottery.

    2. Congrats Yunus !! Just to be clarify, you mean, receipt number is out or the result of lottery is out for premium processing ? It looks, USCIS website still did not update.

      1. I confirmed with 2 other sources. Lottery is done for Advanced degree cap and receipts have started coming from yesterday.

        1. Hello Raghu,
          I have applied in Masters quota with 2 different employers. How will I know if my application was picked up in the Masters quota? Especially if there are duplicate filings. Is there any way to know, or is it going to be a very long wait…?
          Or may be wait for the regular quota to be done before I start to worry?
          Thanks for your response.

  114. There are many factors affecting total number of H1B application filed. for example, increased fee, low LCAs this year from infy, cts, tcs and many more (considering they contribute a good chunk of the applications) also timing of STEM opt rule arrival, this year total count would be around 140K +- 20K and it will not cross 2,33,000 for SURE.

    1. Shouldn’t this comment be “Revised H1B Visa 2017 Prediction”, because as soon as I saw this I was thinking that USCIS has increased cap count to more than 85,000

    2. Secondly we are not contesting for 65000 cap but rather 58500 (the rest 6,500 is reserved for Singapore and Chile people due to free trade agreement ).

      1. Unused H1B1 from previous years gets added to this years cap. So, most of H1B1 gets added to this year cap.

      1. on 8th april USCIS said that its has reached H1B CAP so this means that by 8th april it had only 85000 applicants for H1B.Correct me If I am wrong,

    1. Yes.. You are crazy ?. I am sure it won’t touch 2,00,000 with H4 EAD, STEM extension and increased H1 fee.

      1. @sravs, you are not taking into consideration many other facts. For big companies increase in H1 fee is not a big deal . They can charge the client.

        Stem extension created such a big mess many people panicked. At some point people thought that they have to leave in feb which made sure we apply H1’s any way ( opt extension or not). I am one among them. Also this new 7 month extension does not apply to all of us who are in OPT 17th month. I will have 140 days left on my EAD card which is < 150 as per rule. because of 10 days i will be loosing the 7 more month extension and there are quite a few like me.

        Also with the new political campaign stating that American should get employed, there is lot of tension in the air. So any one who wants peace of mind because we don know what is going to happen in future, will try to push his employees to apply for H1B.

        H4 EAD's . yeah i agree.

  115. Last year lottery date was Apr 13th 2015.

    If this year lottery date is same, then when would I know whether my application is rejected or selected ?

  116. Eligibility for Advance Masters Quota for H1B?

    I found, person will eligible if he/she had studied from govt. accredit university in US.
    Where can i get the list of univ. ?

    1. JM,
      You can find that information on university website. All state universities and most of private institutes are govt accredited.

  117. Hi,

    When lottery starts for regular H1B visa. When will the exact date to know the results for regular. What is count for this year for H1B visa . Please tell total no.of applicants for H1B-visa increased or decreased.

  118. Finally, USCIS releases an update that they have reached cap for 2017. Good luck everyone for the lottery

    1. Hello Everyone,

      Could anyone please tell me where to check how many applications received by USCIS till now.


    2. Wait until an official number comes out. You can follow the official site for accurate and official number.

      1. Hi Raghu,

        Lot of people are posting questions on duplicate filings from same employer well it’s official on USCIS website that USCIS will reject such applications . Please see details on USICS website :
        below is taken from USCIS site
        “Multiple or Duplicative Filings

        According to an interim rule announced on March 19, 2008, employers may not file multiple or duplicative H-1B petitions for the same employee. To ensure fair and orderly distribution of available H-1B visas, USCIS will deny or revoke multiple or duplicative petitions filed by an employer for the same H-1B worker and will not refund the filing fees.”

        1. Sandeep – USCIS never allowed multiple filings from the same employer. But, consulting companies are smart. They could be having 2- 3 companies and file as different employers.

  119. Hi All..!!

    Was trying to put in some numbers and tried studying patterns, I think the maximum number of applications this year could be around 200k. I think that would be maximum estimate. This is how I calculated.

    Total number of STEM OPE students as of Nov 2015 are 36,000 as per the USCIS register.

    Imagine 10,000 students passed out of universities this year and hoping 50% of them would file for H1 this year, It adds up to 41,000. There is a trend this year as most of the employers are not willing to file H1 for OPT students in the very first year. Some employers insisting that they would file H1 only if they are able to get placed before April. Imagining 5000 people would get placed and file for h1, The maximum number of H1 applications for MS quota would be around 45-50,000.

    As we all know Infosys has made an out of court settlement for visa terms violations and inquiry is now being set up against TCS and USCIS probing H1B violations, Increasing of H1 filing fees , some rules like more than 50 employers and 50% employers on H1b…when we put together all these, Its a clear picture indicating that US is now trying to restrict H1B from overseas. Especially from India and Indian outsourcing firms. Their target is 65,000 H1B which might take a hit this year. Doesn’t mean that quota would not be reached but number of people applying from India would come down a lot. I am expecting about 70,000 applications from India. The visa fee hike might not upset a billion dollar revenue company but imagine a firm filing 2000 h1b applications, the cost would incur to such a company and which might look out for cheaper labor here itself in USA. I have seen some companies like HCL America, Tech Mahindra, TCS etc offering billing rates of $40-45 on C2C. The billing rates have come down drastically. I know my friends who were eagerly waiting to file h1 from India but their employers were not as encouraging as they were until last year. As we all know, h1 from India is like a gold standard. So, Is H1B losing its sheen ?

    My personal experience when I was offered $39 C2C by HCL America for a senior data analyst position in bay area for a popular retail chain. I have seen few chaps who are working for even $35/hr C2C. Much cheaper than getting an experienced h1 guy from India and pay them 70k a year with benefits.

    Anyway, My point is that This year, We could see sharp fall in number of applications from India. I am pinning it at 70,000.

    Imagine 10,000 people would go for double applications and another 5000 people would go for three applications, It would be about 30,000. With OPT rule cleared and getting an extension of 24 months, Out of 36,000 active stem opt , we can expect about 10,000 might get benefited from getting one more chance for h1 in 2018 who might only apply for one h1 than double applications.

    Now, With h4 ead rule cleared, We can expect no more h4 dependents filing for h1. Even for the dependents who who are may be 1-2 years away from EAD, Its still wiser choice to wait for 1-2 years and directly move on to H4 EAD than file for h1…Its one less hassle and not so lucrative either. I think this number would be less than 10,000.

    Now adding them up all….about 45,000 for MS quota, 70,000 from India, 30,000 backlog/double/three applications, 10,000 for h4 dependents,….adds
    up to 155,000.

    With an error percentage of 10% for each group and considering I am stupid to think how can H1b application numbers ever down, adding another 45,000 to the number.

    That’s the maximum number : 200,000 although I personally opine that it could be about 170,000 to 180,000.

    Cheer up fellas, One in Two might be luckier this time ..

    As I am typing this response, Its already 7th April and fifth business day. Things should be clear in few hours now.

    Good Luck..!

    1. Positive analysis..i wish this should happen…i experienced bad luck last year..applied again…let see.

    2. I totally agree. Because companies like TCS, infy etc are not filing many visas because of fees situation.

  120. I don’t mean to burst anyone’s bubble
    The lottery is pure luck, you might be best qualified one
    But the lottery goes to some dude who just faked a shit load on his/ her resume…. It’s just effing awesome.
    Believe me there will be a lot of disappointed and deserving guys/gals out there.
    XLRI,IIT,Harvard, BITS Pilani will be in the same line for lottery as the
    Some university graduate in remote villages in india. There will be a lot of tears eyes. Get ready.

  121. Hi,

    My potential employer filed H1B application this year. I provided all supporting documents including my current I-20s and my employer already sent the packet. Now, I applied for OPT too. So, I am going to receive a new I-20 soon. Do I need to update my potential employer with the new i-20 and does my employer need to update USCIS about my new I-20 for my H1B application ? Please let me know.

    1. If USCIS need additional documents, they will issue RFE. You can check with your employer’s attorney.

  122. Hi Raghuram,

    Just for my knowledge, may I know last time when USCIS did not conduct lottery, I mean they received applications within the required quota only? And since when this trend of lottery started?

    Thank you,
    H1B Aspirant

    1. I think during recession there were very less no. of applications. But I am not sure if they conduction lottery or not

  123. Has USCIS declared there will be a lottery this year?I heard that the number of applications are not too much this year

  124. Please let me know what can be done in below scenario (Please note- It is fresh H1B application):
    – On 1-Apr 2016, I am working in company X in india & company X has applied H1B for me.
    – On 1-June I come to know that my application is selected in lottery process.
    – On 15-June I am joining company Y in india & I have case number for my application so that I can track my application status directly.

    Now can you please let me know, what can be done in below scenarios:
    1) If my petition gets approved, can I ask company Y to get petition transferred with them ?
    2) If My application goes to RFE in month of July, then company X will not be responding to that RFE as I am not their employee. So can I take any action for same ? or my new employer Y can do anything to respond that RFE ?

    1. You are asking for trouble ( in some way).

      *1) If my petition gets approved, can I ask company Y to get petition transferred with them ?Maybe! What if Company X revokes (or withdraws)?2) If My application goes to RFE in month of July, then company X will not be responding to that RFE as I am not their employee. So can I take any action for same ? or my new employer Y can do anything to respond that RFE ?Nothing can be done by you. *

    2. Answer to question 1: Yes, you can transfer your petition if you know your case number (I797)

      Answer to question 2: New employer can not do anything since the actual petition was filed for employer X. If Employer X is not responding to your RFE in 90 days your petition will be rejected.

    3. If your petition is approved when you join Company Y, I am not sure if company Y can get petition transferred with them, just with the case number. They need approved I-797 to do transfer H1(technically its not a transfer, but a cap-exempt).
      But to be able to do this, you need to get approved I-797 from Company X. If Company X chooses not to give I-797 or revoke petition, there is nothing you can do to transfer ur H1-B to Company Y.

  125. HI All,

    I need to know one update,

    while filing my H1B in my company i have not updated my resume experience details as a current one(Currently i have 4 years and 11 months of experience) but in that resume i have updated as more than 3 years. I’m so scared now. Will it impact my H1B process if it got selected in lottery.

  126. By what time period you will be notified by the USCIS if you are picked up or not in H1 B lottery if you have applied with premium processing?

  127. Hi Raghuram,

    I am a US Univ Graduate(did my MS in 2009)…Got H1b approval in 2011. The validity was from Nov 2011 to Oct 2014. I worked for about a year and a half and then moved to UK…

    Now am planning to go back to the US on h1b..I just wanted to know if I can just move to the US and use my “Remainder” time (which is 4.5 years)on my H1B..

    1. You have to consult and attorney. I will reopen Ask an Attorney in few days. You can post the question.

    2. Hi Anvitha,

      My husband also falls under same category. We have filed his H1-B Visa under cap-exempt. You need to file the Visa again as the previous petition has expired. The benefit you would have is you wouldn’t fall under the General Quota of 65K of this year.

      1. Thanks for the Response, Aarathi..!!

        One last question to end this would be is there any certain time I should get the Visa or am Cap exempted for life..? Means I can use my expired H1B approval(petition) anytime I want to get into the states?

          1. Hi Raghu…

            Thnx for catchin up..
            You mean to say I am cap exempt only upto 2017? I cannot use the xpired one say in 2018 or 2019?

          2. Yes. but, there can be some complications. You need to talk to an attorney with all your details.

          3. Yes. but, there can be some complications. You need to talk to an attorney with all your details.

          4. Once you are cap counted you can utilize your visa until you have used entire six years allocated for your stay.

            I had applied for visa in 2007 never used it . Applied under capexempt in 2015 and it got approved.


  128. Hi Raghu…

    Am a Canadian Citizen and living in Canada for past 10 years.. I have a Bachelors in Engineering and Computer Engineering Diploma from Canada and been working as a QA team lead for past 7 years..

    Which type of Visa would be better for me.. TN or H1?

      1. Thanks Raghu..

        I heard TN visa is a Non Immigrant Intent type. I’m Planning to stay in the US for longer term..Is there any possibility you can file for Green card on TN Visa Type…

        1. Then you will have to get H1B, which is not possible this year unless you applied for H1B by now. Or try for Cap-Exempt ( see the course on how to get cap-exempt). Use TN and stay for long as well.

    1. Refer to the Video Guide ( you can get answers for what to expect till October). You can have some peace of mind 🙂

  129. Hi Raghu,

    Is H1b lottery giving preference to first come first served?

    I mean if we file it on April 1st then the chances are high?

    1. It’s Random lottery. All application received from April 1 to 7 will have considered for selection.

  130. Hi,

    I have approved H1B Petition and during visa Interview I got 221g so I am waiting for my Employer to submit the required documents.
    Can in the meantime I can apply for B2, visitor visa as I need to meet my grilfriend who is in US.
    Will applying for B2 visa result in H1B cancelled?
    Please let me know.

  131. Is there a way that we can know howmany LCA’s approved for FY 2017?
    So that we can “guess” how many H1B petitions ….

  132. Hi Raghuram,

    Thank you for the information you provide on this website. It would be great if you could answer me.

    My employer is filing H1 for me this year. I am currently in US on H4 visa and the status is going to expire in August,2016 and my spouse’s employer has not yet posted his extension to USCIS (Internal document review is happening in his office now).

    Will it affect my H1 in any way? In case its selected in lottery and I get RFE I will have the extension by that time so it shouldn’t be a problem.I heard this year document verification would be done for all applications and lottery would be conducted on the proper applications.Not sure if that’s true but I am afraid what if its true.

    1. You have access to two attorneys who can answer.

      Right now take one problem at a time.

      All you have to worry about is your status when this is all done. Would you be on h1 or h4.

  133. Hi Raghu,

    Out of curiosity , i would like to ask how may applications may hit this time? and what is the impact of US elections on current H1B process and visa stamping?

    Thanks in advance

  134. Hi, I am a mechanical engineer with 8+ years experience in supply chain management….Can I file H1 B visa for 2017 on my own ….if picked up in lottery then go for finding job in US…is it possible?…plz guide….

  135. Hi,

    Is an MBA from a US B School will be eligible for STEM OPT or can he apply under Advance Masters Quota for H1B.

    1. Thanks for the response Raghu, also can you please let us know , is there any specific date that USCIS starts Random selection process or immediately after the cap is filled? i.e 7th of April?

  136. Hi Raghu,

    Thank you for maintaining such a great blog. My fiancé and I moved to the US for our MBAs in 2013. After graduating in 2015, we started working for 2 management consulting firms on OPT (we didn’t make it through the lottery last year). Our firms are applying for our H1Bs in the Masters cap this year, but here is the complication:

    Due to a family emergency, my fiancé had to suddenly fly back to India. There is a very slim chance that he’d be able to come back to the US before April 1.
    • How do you think this will affect the H1B process for him? Can his firm can still file his H1B while he is in India?
    • If he is picked in the lottery, when is the earliest that he can enter back into the US? (His OPT expires in July 2016)
    • If he does NOT get picked in the lottery, when is the earliest he can come back to the US to work on the remained of his OPT?

    I would really appreciate your guidance.

    Thank you.


    1. Hey – Please schedule 15 minutes consulting call. I would ask you to talk to attorney Murali, but Ask an Attorney is closed till April due to H1 season.

    2. Hi Mansi

      OPT is valid when F1 is valid or extended, I believe if the student has completed his course work , the reason for F1 is completed. Hence if he tries to reenter, unless he has a valid stamped visa on his passport, he would not be able to complete immigration formalities.

      Now, to your question, what happens to period of OPT which he has not used. He can enroll again in a college, following the i120->F1->OPT route. For STEM, it can be further extended to 17 month extension. Pls remember OPT is a part of the course, but Optional

      Also, since you have a h1 application, any other application for visa can abandon this petition. Clearly, consultation with an attorney is a good way to go.

  137. Hi Raghu, first of all thanks for maintaining such an informative site. Me and my husband are working for the same IT employer in India. I have H1B stamped and will be travelling to US in April 2016. Our company has started processing H1B for my husband as well in the H1B FY 2017 quota. Here is my question.

    If my husband stamps an H4 on 14th April 2016 (while his H1 might have completed lottery) and if he travels with me in April 2016, will that be a problem? Will USCIS reject his H1 application?

    Having a valid H4 at the time of H1 lottery (or after lottery) & traveling on H4 while H1 results are not yet announced, is that illegal? We do not want to create a trouble.

    Once again thanks so much for your time & response.

      1. Hi Raghu,
        Thanks for the response. I have referred similar qns & their responses. As per your suggestion, the only thing I see in traveling with H4 before getting H1 approved is the ‘chance of COS getting cancelled’. Is that the only problem? Because my husband will anyways travel back to India before October 2016 & stamp H1 from India only. So, we don’t plan to use COS.
        In that case, are we safe? Can we travel? Or are there any possibilities of H1 getting cancelled or getting RFE?

        Thanks once again.

        1. This is my understanding.
          It is still ok to travel on H4 visa in April while his H1 lottery results are unknown.
          Since he is in India while his H1 is being applied, it is applied as Consular Processing only there is no question of COS in his case.
          If he travels to US on H4 in April 2016 and if his H1 is picked in the lottery, it is still considered as H1 petition with Consular Processing just like he is out side US. I dont think USCIS takes H1 approval decision based on his location(either in US or India).
          If his H1 is approved, he will get I-797 as Consular Processing. If he is already in US by that time as H4, he could go back to India for H1 stamping, get H1 visa and re-enter on h1 visa after Oct 1,2016.

    1. hi

      I hope you would understand the following, If an individual applies for H1 on 1st April, and the same individual applies for H4 on 14th April, what would the officials at the embassy do?? you risk the abandonment of the first petition.In this case, I believe you are not being consulted by the same attorney.

      H1 is a petition by the employer, while H4 is only an endorsement by the spouse’s employer & H4 is a request deemed from the individual, hence you run this risk of abandonment. If the H4 is not stamped on the passport, while H1 is under processing, suggest not to go forward with H4 application.

      While on the other hand, if the H4 is stamped and it is only a question of immigration/ port of entry formalities, there is no issue. In this case “Change of status” COS may be an issue, which may lead to an RFE , requesting the reason for consular processing(embassy) while you where in the country(US)

      Since you have already filled an h1 for your husband, pls consult the “same” attorney before applying for H4

  138. Hi Raghu,

    Could you please explain the pros and cons of Consular Notification vs Change of status? I have been asked from my lawyer to select out of these two options for H1B current year.

    My lawyer stated, ” With consular notification, you can continue to work on OPT. However, you will need to travel your home country to apply for a visa in order to “activate” your H-1B visa. ”

    I believe, if go with Consular Notification route, my application could go in administrative processing. But, in other way, I can continue to utilize the OPT with approved H-1B.

    Please suggest asap. I will be appreciating for your feedback.


    1. I’m actually surprised to see they are giving that option. I would take Consular Processing. But, it depends on other factors, which I don’t know.

  139. Best of luck for new American Dream Aspirant. Do you maths correctly when you come to US on H1b. If you are thinking about green card, prepare to wait for eternity.

    This is excellent site for questions about h1b. Thanks to Raghu.

  140. Hi Sukumar,
    on this site i found this:
    If the H-1B is revoked before the beneficiary can be considered in H-1B status – i.e. before October 1 of the given year, or if they consular process, prior to the beneficiary using the petition to apply for a visa/admission, then they would not be considered counted under the cap.

    1. What if h1-B is revoked after Oct 1st? And H1-B is revoked by USCIS and not by employer withdrawing. Assume that employee did not go for stamping and hence not traveled to US. In this case, can H1B be transferred?

    2. If there is NOIR after Oct 1st, is it possible to transfer before USCIS takes decision?

  141. Hi,

    How to know whether consultancy filed H1B or not? Irrespective of the status (approved/rejected).

    Does USCIS gives any reference number for my application? Can I cross check the reference number in offical website?

    Thanks in advance.

  142. Hello Raghuram,

    I have couple of questions in H1 Visa process applying from US with L1 visa.

    1) How do we get confirmation that the employer filed H1 petition. Other then receipt number or receipt number with applicant name?

    2) I am currently in USA on L1 visa and my wife with EAD (L2) status. Can you please let me know the difference of COS and CP?

    3) We don’t want to change our statuses immediately if my H1 approved, so what the alternative?

  143. I don’t know why my yesterday comment never made it to the board. But my query is as a first time H1 B applicant. My company is ready to process H1 B for me. But it seems like as I had J1 visa once before I came on a F1 I am subjected to the 2 year home residence rule still though the visa is expired long ago and I then returned on Masters. It seems like a waiver is needed to bypass that rule which requires No objection letters from Indian government this process takes months and would lead to me missing out my chance for H1 B application this year. I would be only left with last chance next year currently I am on OPT extension. Please can you help with some advice if I can somehow still apply H1B this year or if there is a process to get waiver soon so as to still be able to file petition.


    1. Hello Harsha – J1 waiver and no objection letter process is beyond my expertise. You should consult an attorney. Ask An Attorney is closed till April first week. Sorry, couldn’t help you here.

  144. Hi Raghu,

    With the increase in the H1 fee, what is the range of applications can USCIS can get this year(2017).

      1. I think the number of applicants may decrease because of this. as informed by most of my friends from MNC’s , the head count has decreased considerably in most of the companies.

  145. Hi Raghuram, request you to please help mw with reliable consultancies who can do my H1 B. I am from IT background.

  146. Hi Raghu,

    Thank you for the detailed information. If you get a chance to give me some suggestion, it will be very helpful.
    I am a Finance professional with 6 years of Big 4 experience in India. I am currently on H4 in California and am searching for sponsors for H1B.
    However, I am not getting anyone who can file my application in Finance profile. They want me to show IT profile which I am not confident about.
    Can you suggest my next move?
    Thanks in advance.

  147. Raghu,

    My 17 month STEM OPT is expiring on June 2016. With the new 150 days rule, I am thinking that I will not be eligible for additional 7 months. Am I correct?

    I have another question that is, I have applied for H1 and I got an RFE. Will I be on status after June 2016 with an RFE on my H1?

    1. Questions affecting your status can only be answered by an an Attorney. But, 150 days condition is a bummer, but they did for a reason. That’s betetr then not having STEM OPT at all right?

  148. Will there be a drop in number of applicants this year, considering the hike on the price and lots of companies playing safe ??

  149. Hi Raghu,

    Can we file multiple H1B’s from different employers as part of April 2017 H1B process. I heard that USICS is going to tag passport to each petition & generate a unique key , with this they will be identifying the multiple filings. Any help on this would be much appreciated

      1. Hi,

        I don’t think it is relevant question for this forum but I did not know where else to post it. Hope you can give me some advice I am tensed.

        So I came to the US on a J1 visa in 2011 Sept and then went back April 2012. My visa said I was subject to the 2 year foreign residence rule but info I had from few friends was that if I go back and come on a F1 the 2 year rule doesn’t apply it applies only for changing J1 to H, K or L visa. So I went back in April 2012 and came as F1 student around December 2012. There was no problem any where till date and never anyone told me anything else regarding the 2 year home country residence rule anymore so I believed that changing to F1 negates it. Till yesterday when my attorney filing my H1 from my workplace asked me if I had a waiver for the rule since I was on a J1 once. I said I never was told to take a waiver since I thought changing to F1 doesn’t need a waiver for the rule anymore. I was then informed by him that the 2 year rule never gets out of your life n stays forever until you either go back finish 2 years in your country or you get a waiver. So I thought okay lets see how to take a waiver. I came on J1 sponsoring myself without any government help. When I checked looks like the process is tedious as it requires getting no objection letters from Indian government offices and lot of legal paperwork. All this takes upto almost a year to get the waiver. Now I am on OPT extension untill next June 2017 and my attorney says that in that case if you get the waiver before next year April we can file H1 for next year but looks like not possible this year. It makes me feel so bad that I would be missing a great chance to apply to H1 this year when my company is ready. Next year would be my last and only chance decreasing my chances to be selected any further.

        Do you have any idea how I can bypass the waiver issue or if I have to how I can speed up in any case getting this waiver. I just cant think straight n don’t know where to be angry as the school should have told me – that even if I change to F1 I would be still subjected to the 2 year rule. That info might have led to a decision of not coming here and putting money in doing another masters. Please advise. All my paperwork for H1 filing is ready and is started processing but until I get that waiver I am stuck.


        1. Interesting Scenario. I don’t think I or other forums members could help you here, unless there’s someone in exact same situation. your solution would be consult another immigration attorney (second and third opinion) to sort this out.

    1. You are Right. They are going to track down all multiple petitions and deport them with in 30 days.During 30 days they will be tracking those persons with Criminal Ankle Bracelet.

  150. Hi Raghu,

    I am currently holding L1b visa from my current company.

    Can this be converted to h1b visa?


  151. Hi , I am on H4 in US and want to apply for H1 B Visa this year, but considering the fact that due to expected birth of My child in Sep / Oct 2016 , wanted to check if it is fine If I want to start working between Feb – March 2017 ? Is there any issue the sponsor would face due to this (Payroll / update to USCIS ) ? What would be the best scenario in that case, since I do not want to wait till the Next Oct 2017 and loose on this chance of lottery ?

    1. Neha – I have first hand experience with exact same scenario. If you like to avoid issues please schedule a call. I can suggest you options.

  152. First time H1-B Filer. A couple of questions.
    1. How long does it usually take to prep all the paperwork for an H1-B Visa? Does it take a month or longer to work with my lawyer?
    2. If I choose to take premium processing, when should I find out if I made it in the lottery? April 15-30?
    3. Currently under OPT STEM. The extension should last me until December 2016. If the 24 Month OPT rule goes into effect, will I have another shot at the H1-B? When will this rule take effect? If I choose premium processing and do not get selected, I assume my firm will let me go. What if the 24 month rule goes into effect after the H1-B lottery decision has been made? Is it worth doing premium processing at all?

    1. 1. How long does it usually take to prep all the paperwork for an H1-B Visa? Does it take a month or longer to work with my lawyer?
      – Depends on the employer and attorney and how fast they work. It can be done in 2 weeks time or longer.

      2. If I choose to take premium processing, when should I find out if I made it in the lottery? April 15-30?
      – Little later than that.

      3. Currently under OPT STEM. The extension should last me until December 2016. If the 24 Month OPT rule goes into effect, will I have another shot at the H1-B? When will this rule take effect? If I choose premium processing and do not get selected, I assume my firm will let me go. What if the 24 month rule goes into effect after the H1-B lottery decision has been made? Is it worth doing premium processing at all?

      I will post a link shortly to an hour long webinar I did on H1B Visa – What to expect and several other FAQ’s. Watch that to learn in detail with timeline of events from Now till end of this year.

  153. Hi Raghu,

    I am currently in US with H4 status. I would like to know if it is too late to try for an H1 through consultacny. If not can you provide me with some reliable consultancy contacts.


  154. Hi Raghu, I am on a H4 visa. I am from engineering background. I want to get into a job in IT field and transfer to H1B. Is it true that I can apply for H1B only in between april 1st week? Can’t H4s transfer into H1B on any month of the year?
    Hoping for a reply as soon as possible!
    Thank you in advance!

  155. Hi Raghu!
    I am currently in H4 visa. I want to work on IT field since I am from engineering background. Can you suggest some reliable consultancies/sources for me ? That would be so much helpful!!
    Thank you!!

  156. Hi Raghu,

    I have 2 questions as follows

    1) Did you complete your research about the expected number of applications this year ?

    2) I am looking for potential H1 sponsoring consulting companies. I am currently in US on my OPT. Can you please help me with the same ? I recently graduated with MBA from an Ivy League university.

    Looking forward to hear from you.

  157. Hi Raghu,

    My wife is in US on H1-B and I have H4 . She will be applying for GC in EB-2. Since I have a H4. Will I be able to work in US once I140 is Approved.

    We are not getting clear information on this .Can you please let me know what is the best way i.e apply for H1B or get I140 Approved and work in US.

    Please help.

    1. Once you get I-140, wife can apply for EAD for H4. Then she can work. Refer to EAD for H4 blog posts for more details on the blog.

  158. Hi Raghu,

    Wonderful information, thanks Raghu for your informative answer. I have H4 and I have already applied for H1b this year. But as we all know, its pure luck to get picked in the lottery.

    I would like to understand here if I can get the Cap Exempt H1B. If yes, how can we proceed for this? Any link or help provided by you on this.

    Thanks & Regards
    Sumit K. Gupta

    1. Sumit – I have a video interview on the same topic with someone who got her H1B via Cap Exempt. I’m changing the payment checkout page, so link is broken now. Should be backup in next 2 days.

  159. Hi Raghu,

    I am on H4 and I am seeking for H1 visa,could you please let me know some reliable consultancies.


  160. Hi Raghu,
    I just got my h4 ead last month and started applying for jobs.My brother who has 5 yrs experience in IT came here in tourist visa and he is planning to apply for H1b visa this year.I already told him that it is really hard to get a visa sponsorship in tourist visa.For the past 1 month,he was talking to so many consultants about his change of visa status.can u please tell me that it is possible to get a job in tourist visa?Please help me..

  161. I have attended a visa interview for H1b in Ireland in Feb2016. The VO said that visa is approved. After 1 week he sent me email asking the project details and location of work. I have shared the documents on Feb 05 2016.

    My issue now is that I can’t stay in Ireland for long and would like to go to India.

    So if i ask for my passport would the VO in Ireland transfer my case to India. Could you tell me how does this process work?

  162. I have attended a visa interview for H1b in Ireland in Feb2016. The VO said that visa is approved. After 1 week i got an email asking the project details and location of work. I have shared the documents on Feb 05 2016.
    I have received any update yet.

    My issue now is that I can’t stay in Ireland for long and would like to go to India.

    So if i ask for my passport would the VO in Ireland transfer my case to India. Could you tell me how does this process work?

  163. Hi RaghuRam,

    First,Thanks for the excellent videos.

    I have a question:
    I have 8+ years of IT experience and 2+ JAVA/J2EE experience and i have 15L/year gross salary in India.

    Is it good idea to apply for H1B.
    Can you please tell me the avg salary i will be getting in hand (after deduction of tax and 30% employer cut off).

    I unable to decide whether to apply for H1B or not.

  164. Hi Raghu,

    I am in my OPT which expires in June, 2016. I am planning to apply for H1B this year through my Employer,but my Employer is in market since 9 months and he has not filed any H1B visas till now. How safe is to apply for a H1B with my current employer who is filing the H1B visas for the first time?

    Or do you want me to go with new employer who is established in the market from long time and who has done H1B filings before?

    Please suggest me the best way to file H1B visa.


    1. Sreekanth – I can advise on processing times, approval times, etc. Not on if H1B would be approved or not 🙂

      Post the same question via Ask a Attorney.

  165. Hi Raghu,

    Am currently in F1 visa status pursuing masters 2nd semester and planning to take CPT for this semester….my question here is, if i take CPT now and work while i was studying and after completion of masters i ll apply for apply for h1b for next 3 attempts if i didn’t get it,, can i be eligible to take CPT again while doing my 2nd masters. Thanks in Advance.


  166. hey sir Raghuram..
    i come to know about a consultancy of hyderabad dealing with USA H1B …but I am scared of getting fraud.. can u plz help me to tell about genuine consultancy working on H1B….I am waiting for ur answer … thanks sir

    1. If you plan to apply via consultancy, get access to H1B Visa 101 course.
      It’s listed under Courses Menu.

  167. Hey,
    Same query like lot of others above – need a reliable consultancy for wife, H4 to H1.
    But she is non-IT background.
    Cost & Management Accountant in India and she can get the same certification in USA due to the MoU between the organisations. So any finance consultants around who can help in this case?
    Else looking for Business Analyst – Finance role for her.

  168. I am on H1 and have approved 140. My wife has a full time job(F1 OPT), she is eligible for H4 EAD. Is it better to apply for H1B or do H1B Extension/H4/H4EAD in parallel to avoid employment gap. Not sure If H4 and H4 EAD gets approved in parallel.

  169. Hello Raghu,
    Loved the video blogs. Here is my question:
    I have an H4, but I’m still in India. I am applying for my H1 through a consultant this year. Do you think I should do it from India or go to USA to do that?


      1. Thanks. Will there be any advantage in applying from US, in terms of better chance in lottery, other than receiving the I-797 (if approved) few days earlier (saving some courier time) ?


        1. I don’t think your immigration attorney would be located outside US. USCIS would mail the package to your employer’s attorney. But, other than that, there is no advantage that someone can get because they are applying from US.

  170. Hi Raghu,

    I work as a full time employee (CPT) for a American product based company which has about 150 employees. They are asking me for the attorney fees. Is this legal ?

    Also looking for h-1 sponsorship for my wife who has 5 years experience for Indian IT company tech mahindra.

    Thank you

  171. Hello Raghu,

    I have an H4 visa and I want H1B to work In USA. how to convert that? what are other ways if my current IT company is not applying for H1B? can we do it by self or consultancies are must?
    Kindly suggest.

    Thank you,

  172. Hi Raghu,

    Need Epert advice!

    Looking few H1B visa sponsors in Greenbay, WI for my wife who is on H4 currently and have 6 years of IT experience in Oracle.

    We are really having a hard luck for H1B, mine was picked in third attempt and for my wife 2 attempts were done earlier by her employer in India.

    Also want to know if she can get enrolled in a masters degree(low cost) here and can do some part time work.

    You are doing an amazing job with this blog.! Thanks!

      1. Hi Raghu,

        I am also looking for H1B Sponsorship for my wife. She is currently on H4 status. Can you please guide? What are other work options for her in USA.

        Girish Pol

    1. Basically all the fees paid to USCIS, including premium processing fees and excluding attorney fees, will be in form of a cheque which is part of the envelope/packet sent to USCIS.

      Only when your case is picked in lottery do the USCIS people open the envelope/packet and deposit the cheque. So if not picked, your cheque will be returned to you along with rest of the docs.

      1. Hi Raguram,

        thanks for your prompt reply. My employer is filing my H1 in premium processing. If picked in lottery, will it be approved by the first week of May.
        If it is pending and change of status is cancelled, what is the course of action.

        Your help is deeply appreciated.

        1. Approval by First Week of May – I can’t say for sure. Depends on what USCIS decides to do this year.
          COS Abandoned – You have to travel, get stamping to get H1B.

      2. I have the similar question. I’m planning to travel on my H4 in the month of May. However I’m applying for my H1B this year. Will there be any issues with that?

        1. Let your attorney know about your travel plans. I don’t recommend travelling without H1B approval via Premium.

  173. Hi Raghu,
    I am currently on my 17 month STEM OPT extension, which expires in June 2016. This is also my last attempt at applying for H1-B. Could you let me know what would be my alternatives, in the worst case that I dont manage to get through the lottery?
    I think you mentioned something about a plan B for H1-B visa above. Could you shed some more light on that?


    1. Hey Ankit, Good luck for this H1 lottery. Refer to H1B Plan B course. But, wait for lottery results then you can buy the course.

  174. I am on H4 and seeking guidance to apply for H1B. Can you please suggest reliable consultancies who can do that.
    Could you please email me details… Thank you very much

  175. Is the anyway I could apply for green card after my H1B visa gets approved. If yes how soon I could apply for a green card? 2 nd question I have is. I am in United States on F1 visa and currently studying. But I have a trucking company which has 6 trucks is willing to hire me and get me H1B visa approved. The question is, If you are in the US and want to apply for a H1B visa which follows to green card, which form should we file I -129 or I -140 ?thank u so much for all your reply in advance.


  177. I am on H4 and seeking guidance to apply for H1B. Can you please suggest reliable consultancies who can do that. Thank you.

      1. Hi Friend,

        My Spouse is on H4 and seeking guidance to apply for H1B.
        Can you please suggest reliable consultancies who can do that.

        Any const. location in LA region please (if possible)..

        Thank you.

      2. Hi Raghu,

        I am in the same situation as Ethi, Can you please share some consultancies who can apply for my COS to H1b this Year.


      3. Raghu

        I am in same boat. Got some consultancies to file H1B this year but I am scared of going through them. If you have reliable consultancies, please email.

  178. my son is on OPT this time it is valid upto 16 july 2016.previously he applied for h1b visa in 2014 and 2015 but his name was not in the lottery. now he is going to apply in april 2016 if this time the same situation remains as in the previous years then can he apply for h1b next year .his opt is valid for 17 months which will expire on 16 th july 2016 . whether opt can be extened further.or he will have to leave the u.s.a he has done his m.s from u.s.a pl throw light
    warm regards,

    1. When is your son completing (or completed) MS?

      Since, OPT is valid till July 2016, he can apply for H!B this year and next year April. I have a course called H1B Visa Plan B for those who can’t get H1B Visa. Good Luck to your son.

    1. Depends on employer, current status. Since your son is on OPT, he would need an employer to apply for H1B.

        1. Arun – I don’t have contacts who can help you apply for H1B from India. If in case you fond one, make sure you know the risks and financial implications and fraud. You can alos learn all that from H1B Visa 101 course.