Estimate Your Admission Chances Based on your GRE Score (4 Examples)

I’m responding to a reader’s question about Statement of Purpose (SOP) and its importance in getting admitted to graduate schools in the U.S.

Bindhu – I read your Happy Schools blog and it’s very great work and thank you for helping us. I have some doubts regarding the Statement of Purpose, whether the graduate school admission committee will give equal importance to Statement of Purpose and the scores from GRE or TOEFL or academic scores or it’s just part of everything.

That’s a good question and I’m sure many students will have the same question in mind.

I have discussed about the Graduate School application process in detail in here: after sending graduate school application to university.

Let’s now look into the details involved in an application review under an admission committee.

If your graduate school application has reached the department level, this implies that you have satisfied some of the minimum requirements set by that graduate school. However, the entire process is not yet over.

Case 1:

  • Minimum GRE for admission: 300
  • Applicant’s score: 290
  • Likely admission chances:  Low.

Case 2:

  • Minimum GRE for admission: 300
  • Applicant’s score: 298
  • Likely admission chances:  Medium.

Now, the SOP, recommendation letters, resume, and academic percentage will come into the picture. Suppose you have some 10 backlogs, then your admission chances are very slim (<10%).

Suppose you have a very good recommendation letter and a very good academic percentage (distinction, university rank, class topper, etc.), then you might get conditional admission.

Just to make sure, when you are on the bubble, tips and strategies from the post, double you admission chances with low GRE, will be very useful.

Case 3:

  • Minimum GRE for admission: 300
  • Applicant’s score: 305
  • Likely admission chances:  High.

Unless your academic performance is very poor, you shouldn’t have any problems in getting admission. There are situations when one’s admission is influenced by the profile of the other applicants vying for admission during the same semester.

Case 4:

  • Minimum GRE for admission: 300
  • Applicant’s score: 315
  • Likely admission chances:  Very High.

If the GRE, academic percentage, and recommendation letter are good and more than the expected minimum requirements, then there is very good chance to get admitted with Tuition Waiver or Scholarship.

To really increase your chances of getting scholarship, the simple tips discussed in the post, secret of getting admission with scholarship, will come in handy.

The above four cases must have given you an overall idea on how each and every document will be helpful to get admission. Overall, it is a balanced mix of all the requirements that contributes to the decision made by the graduate school admission committee.

Cases 1-4:

If your TOEFL score is below the minimum requirement set by the graduate school, then you might get conditional admission, and you will be asked to take the Test of Spoken English either offered by ETS or by the graduate schools itself.

If I have questions about the other different possible scenarios (not discussed here), please let me know. I will be more than happy to discuss them with you.