Dream to Study in USA – Broken

Hey Admin,
I am in deep trouble. I applied for spring 11. I applied to USC, ASU, UTA, UNCC, NJIT, CU BOULDER, RIT,GMU, UML.
I have been rejected by ASU, UNCC, RIT and NJIT.
My profile is GRE:- 1250 (Q-720)
TOEFL :- 93
GPA:- 6.43/10

Man I have no hopes now. My dream to study in USA has broken. I know if NJIT can give me reject then there is no hope of getting any admit from other universities that i have applied to.
I don’t know what should i do now.Feels like ending my life here only 🙁

Each university is unique, you cannot associate admission decision from NJIT with others universities or form a trend. You did the mistake of applying to schools that many students choose to apply. Based on number of similar application they receive, you stand less chances to get admission.

You have good GRE score and TOEFL score. Wait for admission results from other universities. You just need one admit to get visa (sometimes, that may not be from the dream school).

Keep you hopes high and think positive.  If you don’t get admit from any of the schools, then you can select other schools and apply for Fall 2011 semester. This is not end of the world or end of colleges that can give you admission.