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Dream to Study in USA – Broken

Hey Admin,
I am in deep trouble. I applied for spring 11. I applied to USC, ASU, UTA, UNCC, NJIT, CU BOULDER, RIT,GMU, UML.
I have been rejected by ASU, UNCC, RIT and NJIT.
My profile is GRE:- 1250 (Q-720)
TOEFL :- 93
GPA:- 6.43/10

Man I have no hopes now. My dream to study in USA has broken. I know if NJIT can give me reject then there is no hope of getting any admit from other universities that i have applied to.
I don’t know what should i do now.Feels like ending my life here only 🙁

Each university is unique, you cannot associate admission decision from NJIT with others universities or form a trend. You did the mistake of applying to schools that many students choose to apply. Based on number of similar application they receive, you stand less chances to get admission.

You have good GRE score and TOEFL score. Wait for admission results from other universities. You just need one admit to get visa (sometimes, that may not be from the dream school).

Keep you hopes high and think positive.  If you don’t get admit from any of the schools, then you can select other schools and apply for Fall 2011 semester. This is not end of the world or end of colleges that can give you admission.

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  1. srujana

    i have admit in NYIT and NPU.i have appiled for visa on NYIT and i got rejected thrice there.actual i have to start my masters in jan itself.but i didnt due to the cause of visa rejections.And now im taking PTE exam.My profile is:

    could plz suggest me an idea what to proceed my next step.

  2. Got into CU BOULDER……Now this is what I call "dream admit"….its true that GOD always has something better in store for us….

    CU Boulder has given importance to my SOP and LORs…otherwise I stand no where…

    They have recognized the true potential which was not evident in My Acads…

    Anyways..Its a dream ADMIT…. 🙂

    MS in Computer Engineering (Embedded Systems)- ECE Department.

    Got a life line when i got admit from GMU ..and NOW THIS!

    Thanks HSB and Others for their valuable support 🙂

  3. hello everyone im planning to give my gre on jan end of 2011 and i would like to go in spring of 2012 ………… Im interested in Telecommunication so i would like to know which universities are good in this proram and will be the deadline dates for those universities…..

    1. hi,

      me to planning to go for spring 2012….i m too not sure about it…if u cum to know pls cc to me as well…………….

      1. hi i am bharath,

        every university ill have telecommunication concentration, but in that we ill deal with a lot of communication techniqs, so my suggestion is that go for the university wich is providing more techniqs in that concentration.

        university of texas is good for "radar communications".

        my big suggestion is that go for the university wich is providing good scholarship and good sub-programes.moreover go to their websites and see the details of professors.

        in usa every university ill have their own frequency, so dont compare the universities in terms of ranking, bz these rankings are based on just surveys.

        my good and precious suggestion is that go for the university wich is giving good scholarship and good programmes.

  4. i know how you feel….but you have to understand that life is really hard… does not matter you are in india or america ….you will face some bigger problems in future ….and if you are giving up now …buddy you have to make you strong …handle pressure …there are no failures , but only lessons …… prepare yourself for life ……. and there is always another time ….u can acheive whatever you want . and have faith in god ……..believe me ….everything will be all right .

  5. hello everyone…suppose i have to go to abroad on 2011..then at minimum when should i take my gre planning to fly on 2011 to US..right now i didnt booked any slot to take my plzz let me know at what time i hav to take gre..or else did i crossed the time?kindly let me know..waiting for the reply

    1. you can register for gre even now. try to register a date atleast one month before the college application deadline. Now is a good time to write gre if your seeking admission for fall 2011. Some colleges have jan 2011 as their deadline.

  6. hii..

    im studying bioinformatics final year..i want to do ms bio informatics .Till now i havent taken any GRE regarding courses and seat booking..iam going to complete my education on march planning to go abroad in 2011 plzz kindly help me whether i hav to prefer GRE or IELTS for my course..if i write GRE then it wont be possible to go abroad in 2011 itself..kindly inform me what should i opt(GRE orIELTS) and what others should i hav..kindly looking forward to ur reply very soon..if GRE is better..then what score should i get and kindly suggest me the average student in my studies..!!

  7. hi…don’t get depressed…you had a tough luck but according to the last years trends, you will surely get an admit from USC, UTA(if it is Arlington one).

  8. Hi everyone, please help me choose univs, as my deadlines are nearing and this is urgent! 🙁
    I’ve got scores of,
    GRE : 1250(Q720,V530, AWA 3.0)
    ACADS:80.5%(anna university)

    Co-Curricular Avtivites:
    1. Have won a lot of prizes in local technical symposiums
    2. Active member of SAE,IshrAE(have won prizes in theses too)
    3. In plant training: Delphi-TVS for 3 weeks

    Extra Curricular: Public Speaking, Cultural Symps
    I wanna pursue, M.S Mechanical Engineering,no thoughts of PhD for now..

    1.Texas A&M (college Station)
    3.University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign(may just try)
    4.University of Illinois, Chicago
    5.University of Southern California
    6.Ohio State Univ
    7.SUNY, Buffalo
    8.Rutgers State, NJ
    9.Arizona State University(Fulton)
    10.Univ of Florida(Gainesville)
    11.Univ of Cincinatti

    Pls seniors leave your comments and advice me on any university that I can add to the list,ty.
    Please HSB please tell me if I should retake my GRE as my quants score is too low or can I just go ahead and apply.
    Also how much does the AWA score matter, as i got a score of only 3.0 and not sure if the univs listed above are critical of AWA
    …so guys pls help as my deadlines are really close!!

    1. university of illinois, chicago
      ohio state university
      are good to u r profile.
      i think u have selected wrong universities for ur best profile.
      but put one thing in mind doing masters in any unvty is same but go for university wich is willing to give u good scholarships.
      it ill help u a lot.
      all d best.

      1. Oh, thanks a lot Bharath, but in what way do you think the universities don't suit my profile? And btw how is my profile , do you think my quants score is sufficient to get into good universities?

  9. hey bro…

    relax dude..see GRE score is not the only deciding criteria towards your admission right?…

    see losing your confidence is what causes you to think that you failed!..if you stay focussed on the job at hand this wouldnt happen. first things first see what was the cause for your rejection. was it because of your SOP or LOR or any other cause?..first check that out!..

    then plan your second phase of applications with more care. talk to the admission co ordinator as to what is necessary for admission and what all documents you should furnish. talk to your lecturers and other friends who can help you out in filling out a stronger application this time. as you have failed once, you have an advantage of knowing what NOT to do!..which really is a boon!..:)

    be strong mate..that is worth more than a 1600 score in GRE

    dont think you failed anyone..if anything, this should be a motivation!


  10. Please don't get down on your self because some of these schools have rejected you. i dont know where you are from but I am from the Caribbean and I have had the very same dream. I have had a lot of experience dealing with applying to (and in some cases) getting rejected. It's all about 'selling yourself' in most cases. PLEASE DON'T GIVE UP! even though it may not seem so you have an advantage as an International student. The essays count a lot in the admissions process so stress on how as an international student you are different..try including a video submission that will highlight your culture may be?

    If i can give you two recommendations… first, try looking for schools in The US that are looking for international students…you'll know by the generous scholarships they offer.

    Secondly, why not try for a Canadian school???? Canada is beautiful and the tuition there is 50% – 75% less that what you'll pay in the US ..and best of all you have a very high chance of being accepted as long as you've met their requirements. Give it some thought ok?

    God Bless you in your search:)

  11. Reason for Rejection:-

    Second Class Degree

    My cgpa:- 6.43

    First class degree:-6.50

    .07 🙁 🙁

    Nyways my friend with cgpa 6.44 got into GMU,UTA,SJSU,UH-Main Campus…

    So I can hope for an admit from GMU ( I think they don't give importance to the degree but grades)…

  12. I too have applied to spring 2011(for pharmaceutical sciences) in ISU, NDSU and VCU and got rejection from all.
    gre : 1350(580+770); toefl : 96; %=75…but no use
    Yes, its very dissapointing to see a rejection letter . Not disappointing enough even to think abt dying…. maybe your sop and reco's were not good enough, just like mine was…
    Stop crying like a baby and apply for fall.
    Even i dont know wat to do now, bro

  13. hi,

    I am doing my final year and to pass out in may 2011. I had 5 backlogs in my 5th semester and it was due to my health conditions and during my 6th semester i cleared all except 1 and that i’ll clear this semester examinations to be held in dec. I have an aggregate of 70 and 5 research papers to my credit. I’m taking up gre in dec and plan to apply for univ that has deadlines before 31st of dec and jan 15. the transcripts i would apply for will reflect that standing arrear. What do i do about this? because, many universities that i’m aiming which is in top 50 close down by then. what do i do?

    your suggestions

    1. Dear HBS,

      If its your Dream i think we can do something for you. Just send me the following details I can arrange for admissions in some good universities for you.

      1. Your Resume

      2. City or State of your choice

      3. Course Interested

      All this above will help me in assessing your Profile for the selection of Universities.

  14. EIU will offer scholarships too and it is a good university…it is located near chicago…if u want u can try for that…all the very best..

  15. Well, if you are not accepted, why not try again? I think that in master's level you will require an extensive communication with the college. Perhaps applying to many universities you most probably could not come up with it. However, never let your hope down! It is just one acceptance that you are waiting for?

  16. you can apply to Eastern Illinois University(EIU)…you will get admission definitely…dont worry about that…first apply to EIU and think about other things…EIU is a good university…u can go through the website if u want..

  17. i got 1220 in gre n 102 in toefl but i did not went for that much costly universities because doing masters in any university is same but the only things we have to put in mind is that how creative we are and how passionate we are at our course.

    choose universities which are willing to give you more scholarships,

    even i have applied for NJIT,GMU,WSU and i got i-20 too, but i went to their fee details it is very expensive, so finally i was realized and opted for GMU,UNH which are willing to give me good scholarships.

    so dont worry about which college it just pick a good and reasonable university which is willing to give you good scholarships.

    if not you ill suffer a lot in usa bz it is very difficult to pay that much sem fee and you cannot burden parents for that much tuition fee.

  18. Hey Bro,

    Did u ever tried jacskonville University, National University ? If u do ,u have the fair chances of getting admission…plz try…

  19. This is crap, I had a GRE of 1270, toefl 96. and gpa 6.7/10. pretty similar to yours. But had been rejected for MST and OSU stilwtrs. These are the colleges where acceptance rate go as high as 90 to 99 percent. I couldn't believe that at first. Then I got a call from Uof A, tucson, a shocker. It was the 2nd best univ in my applied list.

    So univ selection criteria's r differ. Plus its more of an end of life to be in a univ without scholarship and getting kicked out of it after 2 semester spending 10 lakhs for nothing just because you couldn't perform well (min req 3 GPA in my case). So thanks God for watevr happens, all tht happens is for good. MS is not an easy job plus we have a lot of money at stakes. Think wise

  20. Hi HSB,

    First of all, thanks a lot for maintaining such a wonderful GRE resource. My doubts really end at HSB but one question is bugging me up.

    I'm in a dual situation, I gave GRE in Oct and got 1050 (Q710), I have a good experience of 2 years in Research and I was topper for 2 years in my college. My aim is USC Fall 2011. The deadline of USC is in March and I have already taken Jan date to retake my GRE.

    Here is my confusion, If I apply now (Dec) they might reject my application due to low GRE score, if I apply in (Feb) with my higher GRE scores, they might still reject my application due to seats full or application reaching late.

    Kindly advice.

    1. it depends on whether USC has rolling applications or not.. rollin applns in the sense – they open the appln packets as soon as they receive them and send i20s… this may cause a problem.. some univs open the packets only after they receive all the applns..

  21. Oye R U Mad?
    From your post it seems that you born just to study in USA and if you can’t get a chance to study in USA then you will end your life.
    Mitra, there are many other options. Your GRE and TOEFL score is well above the average. Your GPA is confusing because it must be out of 4.0 . But still I am sure you will get atleast one admission out of these. And as admin told you, only one admit is enough to appear for Visa interview. In case if you dont get any admission letter from above universities then try for university like UNA (university of north alabama – it has admission center in Pune) or ITU ( , which has 60 % Desi employee). I am sure you will get I-20 for Spring semester from either of these university. Then apply for Visa interview. If you are lucky enough to get Visa on bases of these university I-20 then you can take transfer to any of the other universities with your all credits will be transfered from current your current universities.

  22. for international student its tough to get admission in spring. try for fall. i think in fall international intake is more so you will have more chance.

    all the best


  24. Hi Team,
    I m planning to take my GRE in the month of march,i m interested in University of Minneosta,i m very keen about dis univ as my next to kin stay there,so if i need to apply Fall 2011,what would be the avg GRE n TOEFL score to get into the university,but i m planning for Spring 2012.It would be helpful if u give me avg score fr applying fr both.

  25. Don't worry my friend, as god looks for each & every person at right time.
    If u want an i20 thn u can follow Dr. Shah……… i tooo heard abt ITU.. u can get i20 with ease…. thn u can transfer either in 1st or 2nd semester or continue there.
    Don't try or think of those hasty decisions. My advice is before thinking those just remember ur parents(mom,dad,sister, brother) thy need u bro…

  26. Hey dude…u r denial is No way related to ur scores .
    i gt I20 frm spring 2011 with GRE-870 and Toefl-82 .but i sent ma doc's on oct 9th itself althgh deadline is nov 14th. so applications might have flooded.
    have patience u hav gud GRE score. u will get admits from any university for sure. and as already sed ..appply to ITU..

      1. i gt it frm arkansas state university as my doc reached them on oct 12th itself althgh deadline is nov 14th.

  27. dude dont worry….. HSB is right each univ has different norms….ASU, UNCC, RIT and NJIT rejected RIT,UNCC needs more GPA. NJIT dont worry if rejected also its costly and newark not is a gud place to live….ithink u will get through in rest UTA pakka…all the best

  28. Hi! I'm applyin for some of those schools on your list too and have about the same GRE score as yours. I'd recommend applying for the Fall Semester. That's when they admit lots of international students and when aids in the form of RA's and TA's are available. Apply to some other schools that are lesser ranked like StonyBrooke, Vermont, Iowa or less popular like Florida or the universities in Missouri and Washington where not many people apply. Don't lose hope 🙂

  29. HEY CHAMP, What are you talking about ? do not get dejected by a reject from could get admit from a much better university with that profile.please be informed that in the end it's all about your visa approval.i have been rejected twice for the visa.i had a pretty good case than some people who got through..well that's the way life is ! moreover universities gives lesser admits for the spring session[so that could be the case with you i assume]don't be disheartened pal . this is not the end . . . stay strong !
    hey dear HSB ? how's it going mate ?

    1. hey.. i got a very low score in GRE- 940 (V-280, Q-660) … and i scored 90 in really dejected about my gre score… and i planned to go in the Fall of 2011… am confused whether to apply for universities with the existing score or retake the GRE test again for a better score and go in the spring of 2012,…pls help me out

      1. if you r taking ur masters in computers and ur having a good percentage in UG,this score is enough.apply as early as possible bz they ill give more importance for first applicants, so chance of getting a seat in ur dream school ill be more possible.

  30. Hey! Listen, who you may be have no right of your own to even think of such dirty thoughts of ending…. When some doors are closed, definitely the almighty will open up several other doors, which you will find much better than what you had been aspiring. Have Devotion to whom you repose faith in and be Patience ..
    This life doesn't belongs to only you, Your parents have first right.

    How and what they will feel if they read this message of your's?

    All successful people in India did not go to USA and see India, how fast it is developing..I am sure you will soon get lot of oppurtunities..Share your thoughts openly to your parents, you will feel better.

    God Bless You

    1. it is still developing and in future also it is in developing stage only, moreover we ill never call india as a developed country that is for sure.

  31. and try out UTD also man.. 🙂 it may work.. oh.. youve also applied to George Mason i see.. you can get thru it also.. thrs still time.. dnt wry.. 🙂

  32. Hey,

    I have a similar profile like 6.4 gpa , TOEFL 103 but my GRE is much lower 1100 and I got NJIT this Fall n I must say its really good for academics anyway although NJIT was a schoker don't worry u still have GMU so I am sure u will get in.

    Take care



  33. Dude u've got very good GRE score. . Did you check with the GPA requirement? I read in one post from HSB dat it counts too. . But still ur GRE score will efface it. U should not be worrying about rejection i feel. Gd luck. 🙂

  34. If you couldn't get admission in NJIT with those GRS scores – then something must be basically wrong with you application somewhere. Just make sure all the unis have received your scores, transcripts, recommendation letter etc. Have your SOP re looked too. Good luck

  35. Dont worry man ,its not about GRE score,they must have been overflooded with admissions from people above your GPA… thats why your application was rejected.Dont lose hope,there are many other universities you can apply to.Visit a counsellor if you need to,they will delineate this matter more accurately.

  36. Dont worry man.. with your gre score u still stand a chance in UTA and CU Boulder. Keep your aspirations high and Hopes even higher.

    Good luck

    Peace and Cheers.. 🙂

    1. I think that GPA should be out of 4.0

      you have written that u have 6.43/10 that is not GPA.

      your GPA is around 2.7/4.


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