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6 Take Aways from 21 Days Internship Trip to the United States [Video]

For the first-year internship, Hitisha went to Malaysia for 42 days.

For the second year, she went to the University of Oklahoma for 21 days.

For the third year, she’s deciding between USA, Norway or Abu Dhabi for her internship.

I interviewed her over this weekend about her previous two experience and how got her third internship for this Summer (2016). She wanted to ask about J1 Visa two-year home residency rule, requirements and waiver based on her frist trip and second trip would impact her future travel plans to the USA for graduate schools.

What you will find in this article:

  • Few minutes of her 45 minutes long video interview
  • 6 Take away from her 21 days trip to the USA
  • Lessons learned from her trip to the USA

Video Interview with Hitisha

Takeaways from my Trip to America

1. Be punctual

I remember us coming late than all the professors on the very first orientation day and Dr. Rai getting angry on it. OU taught me that time will never wait for me it’s me who needs to be updated and walk with time to be successful and respectful.

2. Value of words

They made us learn that when we say we will complete our work by that date, it should be precisely done by that. For valuing others words we need first to understand the importance of our commitments. That’s what the learned scholars there made us realize.

3. Being updated

When professors asked about current SPE president and no one of us could answer it was a shame for us. I learnt to be updated at least about my industry because I met people there who were having knowledge about every existing domain in the universe.

4. Being attentive and cautious

While doing Lab experiment, this is the equality I  developed. Instead, there is predefined software running on themselves we need to be observant of what’s happening and be cautious about our safety first.

Caution is something that comes with experience and understanding the importance of data we get. Human errors can be avoided in critical experiments by just having these qualities.

5. Time management

Learning and Enjoying were two parts we saw these experienced people doing. Talking with them enlightened us about their travel stories and knowledge they gained in their industry. They managed time during their study period to enjoy, and that was shared with us. There used to load of quizzes, assignments, and lab work but above all they all encouraged us to visit concerts in universities, play pool table and go for swimming or eat on campus corner.

6. Being helpful and good to all

This was during our initial days there when we used to get lost on campus, and unknown people used to help us out and even every morning whoever we see we used to greet them good morning. That was something I learnt from there to be decent.

Lessons Learned 

The experience described here is largely briefed up as at times words aren’t enough to show your actual feelings.

This trip was exciting for me because of the technicality I learnt together with the ocean of knowledge I saw in 21 days.

The knowledge I just looked on in this 21 days was basic of each subject which I felt was more than two years of my learning in my engineering. So it made me see the wideness of the ocean of knowledge.

More than that it made me dream bigger and bigger.

Learning from people like us our seniors who made it big by going to the University of Oklahoma and are specialization in a zone of their interest. The exposure they described and we saw was not just amazement for us, but it was our future if we worked in that direction the way they did.

It made me realize that I have been in a very comforting zone till now and even thought to leave all this and go and study abroad was giving a chill in my stomach. But it was those seniors that made me understand that unless you walk yourself, you won’t learn things.

It is difficult, scary and costly but it is worth living to get the right amount of exposure towards my field and towards life. So I learnt “Unless your dreams scare you, they aren’t big enough”.

Topics Covered in Video Interview

  • Why she calls her as “Destiny Girl.”
  • New outlook towards life after her first trip
  • How she got her internship in Malaysia
  • How she got her internship in the USA
  • How she got her internship in USA, Norway and Abu Dhabi
  • Lessons learned from her Journey
  • Visa Challenges on Going to the USA on J1 Visa with two years Residency Requirements
  • Impact of future travel plans to the USA for Graduate School
  • Access to full report of her trip to the USA
  • Video of her Experience in Malaysia.

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  1. Congrats and very good points. It clarify. I don’t know the expression in English but in Portuguese Brazil like the way she was and topics we say: she has the feet on the floor.
    And I know each other has the difference style, but living abroad, respecting the life there, good friendship and be focused student, only it is the minimum for us get the success as a J1 or others visa.
    I’m very happy for her and wish more and more good experiences doing the right way.

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