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Italian Student Goes to Study in India as Part of MAIB Program [Video]

I have interviewed Indian Students studying in America and Canada. But, this is my first interview with an Italian Student who went to Study in India as part of MAIB Program. she’s currently in third semester in Toronto, Canada.

Watch the Interview

MAIB Program:

We spoke about following topics in  this video interview

  • Academic Experiences in Italy, India and Toronto
  • Lessons learned from studying in 3 countries
  • Impact on personal life
  • Pros and Cons of Living and Studying in India, Canada and Italy
  • Advise for students applying for MAIB Program via Centennial College
  • Undergraduate Degree in Italy
  • Application Process for MAIB
  • Influence of Parents on student’s study abroad.

Next – Interview with Aby from MAIB Program


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  1. Hi ,

    I HAD H-1B VISA SEP-2006 TO SEP-08 AND change another company sep-08 to sep-11 but i came from USA JULY 2009. And i am still in india. now, i’m thinking to going USA and i’ve few company to hiring me . but i’m confused bcoz of too much rush. So my Que. is to apply for h-1b visa via lottery or my new employer can apply any time. pls. give me reply.
    No need to h1-b visa via lottery.

    1. Can you re-read your question. Do you know how hard it’s to actually understand what you have written?

      If you have held H1B in past 6 years, then you don’t need to apply for lottery again.

    2. Seriously you had a H1b before ? Who hired you in the first place ? How do you even communicate at work with that English ? Nonsense

      Its because of you morons many highly talented people are struggling to get a H1.

      1. And why are you even posting about H1 in this article. This proves that you are nothing but *********

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