Nur Mohammad Ranak

I would have never assume that banks in Bangladesh don’t give loans for students to Study Abroad. Along with that, I learned several new things about Nur Mohammad.

About Nur:

  • Graduate Student at The University of Texas at Tyler
  • Degree: Masters in Electrical Engineering
  • Scholarship: New Graduate Fellowship
  • Part-Time Jobs: Two Jobs (19.5 Hours per Week)
  • What Else: Watch the Interview to Learn More

Interview With Nur: Video

Interview with Nur: Audio


Summary of the Interview:

  • How students from Bangladesh Apply to study abroad – His Journey to the USA
  • How to pay for expenses without bank loans
  • Admission – the USA vs Malaysia ( was admitted with funding)
  • List of Universities Applied – Admitted – Rejections
  • How to get New Graduate Fellowship
  • Graduate Student schedule with two part-time jobs ( Graduate Assistant and Teaching Assistant with Thesis Research)
  • F1 Visa Interview – It was a long interview  (several questions)
  • Tips and Advice for future students
  • How to approach professors for Financial Aid (and Research Assistant Position)
  • Click Here to learn more about UT Tyler and Watch other interviews.

Note:  This interview is sponsored by UT Tyler. But, the experiences shared by the students (Nur) are real, genuine conversation about their journey to Study in America.


  1. Ikyas Hussain on January 16, 2017 at 5:55 AM

    Sohail Ilyas is a big fan of your blog upload . He joined UT Tyler for Spring 2017 can you please upload his clip on your blog.

    Request from a father.

  2. Masuk on March 29, 2016 at 5:37 PM

    Glad to see you are bringing cases like this from Bangladesh… You will not get support their if you want to grow or want to something better.

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