Nur Mohammad Ranak

How to Approach A Professor for Funding – Interview with Nur Mohammad from Bangladesh (UT Tyler)

I would have never assume that banks in Bangladesh don’t give loans for students to Study Abroad. Along with that, I learned several new things about Nur Mohammad.

About Nur:

  • Graduate Student at The University of Texas at Tyler
  • Degree: Masters in Electrical Engineering
  • Scholarship: New Graduate Fellowship
  • Part-Time Jobs: Two Jobs (19.5 Hours per Week)
  • What Else: Watch the Interview to Learn More

Interview With Nur: Video

Interview with Nur: Audio


Summary of the Interview:

  • How students from Bangladesh Apply to study abroad – His Journey to the USA
  • How to pay for expenses without bank loans
  • Admission – the USA vs Malaysia ( was admitted with funding)
  • List of Universities Applied – Admitted – Rejections
  • How to get New Graduate Fellowship
  • Graduate Student schedule with two part-time jobs ( Graduate Assistant and Teaching Assistant with Thesis Research)
  • F1 Visa Interview – It was a long interview  (several questions)
  • Tips and Advice for future students
  • How to approach professors for Financial Aid (and Research Assistant Position)
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Note:  This interview is sponsored by UT Tyler. But, the experiences shared by the students (Nur) are real, genuine conversation about their journey to Study in America.