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[Video] Pritam Bannerjee Talks About Student Life at UT Tyler

One on One with Pritam Bannerjee from University Texas at Tyler

About Pritam

  • MS in Computer Science
  • Graduate Assistant at Graduate School

Overview of the conversation

  • Graduate School Admission process at University of Texas at Tyler
  • GRE Score requirements
  • Percentage of students who get Financial Aid
  • Cost of Living
  • Job Opportunities

Q&A with Dr.Kulkarani (UT Tyler CS Department)

Note – UT Tyler is a sponsor of Happy Schools Blog. Pritam expressed his person views about the school and life.

What did you thin about this interview? Do you like to see more such interview with students from various universities?

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  1. I checked his profile on linkedin and it looks like he started as a consultant and still not working with Nike full time. He is contracting. Correct me if I am. I immediately knew that he is not working with Nike full time becaue Nike mostly hires GC holder.

  2. We would like to see more videos from the top-notch research universities… UT Austin, UW-Madison, UCLA, UCB, UCSD, UCSB, Caltech, GeogiaTech…etc


  3. nice video about UTTyler admissions process,financial assistanceship…Good work Raghu we would like to see more videos from other universities also…

  4. It was a nice video explaining all the opportunities available at UTTyler. HSB, Please continue conducting such useful interviews. Meanwhile, did Pritam have work experience before applying to UTTyler? If yes, how many years did he work before applying to UTTyler?

  5. Mr. Pritam said that i wont get admission with 290/340 gre score..?? so i am rewritting gre….so with what gre score and profile i can get 70% funding or scholarship ??

  6. Hi
    Helpful video. It was a bit difficult to understand but i got it.
    Some questions though: You speak about financing yourself by working or assistanceship. But to get a F1 Visa one should show that one has the finances before starting school.
    Can somebody get a loan in USA as an interantional student? What if you don’t have a co-signer?

  7. Thank you very much Raghu, I was looking forward to some information regarding UT Tyler.
    You helped a lot.
    Keep up the good job

  8. The video was really great!
    Such kind of interaction create a different impact from just reading the web pages.
    Thanks a lot!

  9. Thank you Raghu for all your help.
    I think such types of videos would be very much useful for all. If you don’t mind, there were some sound problem in the video that is needed to improve in the new coming videos and I know you’ll definitely do that.

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