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12 Reasons why my Son wants to Study in the USA

Easwaran is one of the prolific commenters we had for the last few weeks, now explains why his son wants to study in the U.S.

Reasons to Study in the US

  1. The reputation of American universities coupled with the comprehensive curriculum offered at these institutions is valued and recognized the world over by industries and employers alike.
  2. The array of courses offered is extensive; including highly academic programmes which can guide any passionate student to be creative, to put it simply, creativity will be fully explored
  3. For graduate students, probably the number one factor in choosing a U.S. university is the amount of funds spent on research. The U.S. tops the list of money spent on research, the government and industry are focused on research and they are willing to spend money on this most essential part.


  1. The students are given a lot of freedom to pursue his or her chosen subject with lots of support from the professors.
  2. The student will have to strive at every moment to excel in order to be at the top of the world.
  3. Very competitive education due to many students from different part of the worlds who come to study.


  1. Freedom to change your university at any time of your study provided one scores well.
  2. Students are eligible to earn while learning, which makes this kind of life wonderful.
  3. Getting exposure to the latest scientific advancement is an utmost key.


  1. Career opportunities and jobs right throughout the world is an added advantage. Entrepreneurship is the utmost key, since in the USA, education has many business-oriented activities, where growth is possible, one can freely chose to be an entrepreneur or grow better in a career.
  2. The lifestyle, too. How to be an Entrepreneur.
  3. Most importantly will be, an exposure to U.S. education will lead him to a pathfinder place, where he has to do everything by himself,
    there will not be any assistance from any one right from meeting his basic needs and organizing studies, time schedule, etc.
    No pampering from the parents or loved ones, all of which will help make him a self made man. The sheer joy of doing everything on his own.

Do you have any more reasons to add? If so, please leave a comment below.

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  1. Pau on July 4, 2012 at 6:59 AM

    Thanks for this article! Studying anywhere in abroad is really a life changing experience, but as for the “lifestyle” factor, I do not agree to an extent. For the other side of the coin, I also did a post, “Why I Never Considered USA for Graduate Study” here:

    Hope you could also share your insights 🙂

  2. sagar on May 19, 2010 at 9:12 PM

    US education systems provides kind of flexibility in terms course, student can choose subject from variety.

  3. db on October 7, 2009 at 10:26 PM

    1. Reputation is subjective. You get crappy universities in the US as well. What’s wrong with IIT? Nothing.

    2. Creativity is not a result of courses. Courses don’t make one creative.

    3. Money is more here in the US, but it is not an infinite resource. Not all students are funded. Funding is lower now with the recent economic problems.

    4. This statement “The student are given lot of freedom to pursue his chosen subject with lots of support from the professors.” is so flawed. Unless a student obtains a fellowship, there’s no freedom. Many of profesors’ funding come from sources that require specific deliverables – a student got to work in that specific area.

    5. Top of the world? Whatever man. Apply and get admissions first.

    6. Competitive? It is competitive everywhere dude.

    7. Freedom to change? Sure, you’ll get your funding cut, and you will have to spend more money changing visas, etc.

    8 to 12 – May or may not be true.

    In summary, stop thinking too highly about something you don’t know.

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