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STEM 17 Months OPT Extension – First Employer Not Reported

experienceI received following question from a reader about his 17 months STEM OPT Extension on Feb 6, 2013.

I figured, this STEM OPT Extension experience will help others, if you haven’t reported your first employment to your school DSO.

Update 1 ( Feb 6, 2013)

As my initial OPT completes on May 2013 I applied for 17 months OPT EXTENSION and mailed the reporting details to my school as change in my employer.

And they gave me a shock that I never reported my 1st employer details to school and it shows them that I was unemployed more than 90 days.

Even though I reported them and have even said the particular date when I submitted the reporting. They say same old – they don’t have.

And now they have issued an extension I-20 under my 2nd employer and asked me to mail the documents to USCIS, if they ask for more information to prove my employment under my 1st employer.

One side if I get the extension I am lucky and if not on the other side the OPT extension rejects I think I will lose my F-1 status and if I apply for H-1B in april, can I stay in USA till Oct? Now I am in a stuck and don’t know what to do kindly please suggest.

Update 2 ( Feb 6, 2013)

I tried to update the situation to SEVIS immediately and they gave a reply

Thank you for your inquiry.  We advise you to go ahead and send an explanation along with your STEM application to USCIS regarding your first employer.  We also advise you to speak to your DSO so that they may contact the SEVIS Help Desk to have the information added to your SEVIS record.

Update 3 ( April 1, 2013)

Here’s some good news for me, I got my OPT Extension approved.
Lesson Learned
  • Report your employment to you school DSO on time
  • Keep a record of your email communications with DSO
  • Call and confirm if they received your email
  • Have them reply to your email.
  • Keep copy of your employment record
  • Read – F1 Visa – OPT Guide


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  1. I am in same situation.My DSO did not update my employment details even though i updated to them through an email.later I again checked with the school they said they will add my employment details with start date as i provided earlier(details were updated after 90 days but my employment started after 7 days from my opt start date ). My question here is does it will be problem when i apply for my stem extension since my sevis was updated late but my start date mentioned is just 7 days from my opt start date.

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