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These 17 Photos from Monaco and Nice, France Are Mind Blowing

Here’s some photos from one of the Most Expensive Countries in the World – Monte Carlo ( also called Monaco). It’s famous for street Formula 1 Race, Expensive Cars, World Famous Casino, High End Fashion shops and beautiful location. I spend about 4 hours in Monaco. It takes about 30 minutes drive from Nice to…

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Trip Report from Geneva, Bern, Swiss Alps (Day 1 and 2)

bern, switzerland

Ok. I wrote this article last week while in France. I’m editing and publishing this from Brussels, Belgium. I hope you are following me on Instagram for my travel photos. It’s been a s mind-blowing experience with travel around Europe ( total 24 days trip + work in between).   Overview of this Trip Days…

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Our Europe Trip Planning – Travel, Staying, Seeing and Expenses

cabin zero backpack

Alright Ya’all. I’m back (kind of) after being part of History in Italy and witnessing efficiency in Switzerland. I’m writing this from Madhura’s (wife) home  in France. I was anxious about this nine-day trip to two countries. This trip was originally planned for March 2014 and postponed to October, since Madhura  could be studying in…

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Trip Report – Banff to Whistler, Vancouver and Seattle

Hello Fans.  I’m writing this post from small, beautiful town called Cranbrook, British Columbia.   We spent total of 9 days on this trip. At end of this article, you will know how go to fly for free and stay for free in hotels. We drove to Washington, DC from our home. Then flew from Washington…

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Get Free Flights Using This Credit Card Hack

I’m going to show how my system I’m setting-up to earn credit card points from daily purchases. More Travel Points = Free or low-cost Travel With Travel Hacking, you have to maximize the ways to earn points from your daily spending and purchases. I’m setting-up an advanced travel hacking system to earn travel point from everyday…

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Travel Hacking : How to Get Free Hotel Stays

Today I’m going to show to book free hotel nights as part of Travel Hacking series. You are going on a 3 night trip with your friends to enjoy this coming long weekend. You start looking for good, cheap hotels via, or Priceline You can find decent hotels less than $50 depending on the…

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