Uncle as Sponsor for USA Education

Hello Sir, I am in 3rd year of Engineering Under VTU, Karnataka, India

I am having problem in my family. So, Funding my MS in US may not be possible from my Family.
Can I get the Money from my Uncle(Brother of my Mother) and He is ready to Sponsor me.

And will it be a problem, as my Uncle Works as Senior Civil Engineer in a Construction Company in BAHRAIN(Gulf)?

Should I say that The Sponsor is my Uncle in Visa Interview?

If Ok, what are the documents to get from my Uncle?

And I also have an Uncle working in CISCO in US who is Brother of my Aunt’s Husband. He is also ready to Sponsor me.

Who do you think is the best Sponsor to choose?

And when to send the Bank Statement and Affidavits to University?

Uncle as Sponsor – F1 Visa

Yes, your Uncle can be your sponsor. They have to provide Affidavit of support and bank statements.

Uncle working in CISCO in USA can also sponsor you.

When to send bank statement

Learn more about when to send bank statement and affidavit to universities.